Thursday, May 31, 2012

FBI labeling "Occupy Movement" as "Domestic Terrorists". But the FBI themselves are the ones inside it, that planned all 'foiled bombings'

The FBI is labeling the "Occupy Movement" as domestic terrorists now. They are doing this due to "foiled bombing" plots. But get this..... all those plots of bombing.... were by inside under cover FBI agents. So it was all a set up to stop the Occupy Movement.

One thing I would like to make clear. I believe all the misinformation of who is involved and behind the Occupy movement is ALL disinfo. This way people do not join en-mass. This way people stay away from coming together against the fraud of Wall Street. The amount of disinfo is amazing. The Occupy movement is by "The People" who are trying to stand up to the Fraud of Wall Street, especially since the SEC and Government will not.

Now the government will really keep people from joining together against Wall Street fraud, because if people do they then will be "Terrorists."

Is this another way they take away our Freedom of Speech (what little is left) as you are labeled a Terrorist if you stand up to the Fraud?

I just posted about how Matt Taibbi said the SEC is part of covering up Wall Street Fraud  this morning.


Video - Matt Taibbi on Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer "SEC hiding and covering up the evidence of Fraud and ignoring Whistleblowers"

Short interview video but still powerful in information. Matt Taibbi blows the SEC out, saying they are hiding all the evidence of the fraud of Wall Street from the public and they ignore whistleblowers. They only go after small companies and they let the big companies go.

 Eliot Spitzer had him on "Viewpoint." Matt Taibbi revealed how Goldman Sachs accidentally released damning information about the illegal activities of Wall Street, 2 weeks ago. I wrote about it and said JP Morgan is part of the covering it up.

 Have you noticed how not one word has been mentioned about the information released by Goldman Sachs? Have you heard the SEC or FBI saying they are going to go after them? The answer is NO!

That shows the SEC does cover up the REAL Wall Street Fraud! The article he mentions he wrote in the video about the SEC being part of the cover up of Wall Street crimes is here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WOW - What will be a Legendary Rant From illinois Representative on Congressional Floor! Awesome!

This is so completely Awesome! What will be a legendary Rant from an Illinois Representative on the Congressional Floor! 

All of our Elected Officials Should stand UP this Way for The People!  I am not sure who it is that is in the video at this time, but when I find out I will put it here. 

Update***It is Mike Bost, a Republican member of the Illinois general assembly*** He reminds me of the "Network" movie "I am MAD AS HELL and I am not going to take it anymore" rant.
I would like to know who that woman is behind him with that smirk on her face. All her constituents need to see what she thinks of them and the Constitution. 

I found his information - We should all contact him and say THANK YOU!  *

Springfield Office:
202-N Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-0387
(217) 557-7213 FAX

District Office:
300 E. Main
Carbondale, IL 62901
(618) 457-5787
(618) 457-2990 FAX
Jackson County
Email: Anna, IL - (618) 833-3247

Years served: 1995 - Present

Committee assignments: Committee of the Whole; Higher Education (Republican Spokesperson); Consumer Protection; Veterans Affairs; Telecommunications; Transportation & Motor Vehicles; Energy Management, Subcommittee.

Biography: Full-time state legislator and business owner; born Dec. 30, 1960, in Murphysboro; graduated, Murphysboro High School; attended University of Illinois Certified Firefighter II Academy; served in U.S. Marine Corps (1979-82); married (wife, Tracy), has three children.

UPDATE - I emailed him and said THANK YOU!

Class Action Suit Against Citibank for not Responding to RESPA Letters sent by Homeowners.

I have a tab/page that is strictly a RESPA letter to send to your mortgage lender.

By sending the RESPA letter the banks are required to answer all the questions you have to your lender regarding your loan.   Of course they can not answer all of them due to the Fraud they commit with mortgages.

Many times people get back letters from the banks with some of the information but then a note saying "other information is privileged information."

There is a Class Action Suit that has now been started against Citibank for them not responding to the RESPA letters. 

Law Offices of Rosario Sicuranza
This Is An Class Action Already Filed
Defendant Type Mortgage Company
Defendant Company Citimortgage
Scope of Investigation
Court Having Jurisdiction United States District Court of NY Eastern District
Cause of Action The case alleges that CitiMortgage Inc. routinely violates section 6 of RESPA by not responding to QWR\\\'s, or responding inappropriately with form letters that are completely unresponsive to th
Who would Qualify Any homeowner with a CitiMortgage, INC serviced mortgage who sent in a QWR to Citi and received nothing in return, received a form letter response or a non-responsive response from Citi. Here is the text of the complaint...
When you see the above "QWR" here is what it is:

What is a QWR?

A qualified written request is a legally crafted letter written pursuant to Section 6 of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures act of 1974 to your lender requesting that an issue related to a real estate based loan or a mortgage be cured -AND- that the lender send you documents related to such loan be forwarded to you. The QWR does two things for the homeowner. First is sets off 2 timers. The bank MUST acknowledge the receipt of the QWR with 20 days of its receipt. Secondly, the bank must resolve the issue within 60 days. The bank is PREVENTED BY LAW from reporting the homeowner as late on payments during this 60 day period and most of the banks continue to halt late credit reporting after this 60 day period. Further, the lender MUST forward with their answer to your QWR, a phone number and name of an individual employee of the bank who is assigned to handle your issue. This is a much better situation than being one of the millions of blind sheep that call in on the customer service number for help to be rebuffed, ignored, put off or denied by an $8.00/hour bank employee with no ability to effect a change for you.
 I can not impress enough that people need to send out the RESPA letter that I have on the page no matter where you are with your mortgage, behind or not.

We all have to hold the banks accountable to their fraud.  The more that people stand up the more the people will win.  The banks have committed fraud and we the people are having to pay for their fraud over and over again.

It is time for all of us to help stop the fraud, we do this by working collectively to expose the fraud over and over again, until all judges rule correctly with contract laws and not ignore them for the  banks.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ted Butler "CFTC Has Lied and Complicit with the Silver Manipulation." Also, U.S. Govt. will directly prop metal manipulation - no middleman?

If you have been a reader of Ted Butler for the last few years, you would know, he has believed that the CFTC would eventually do the right thing regarding the Silver manipulation of the price.

Ted Butler gave up yesterday on May 25th, 2012.  He wrote an article saying all the CFTC members need to resign and have accused them of lying and being complicit with the silver manipulation. 

He has pushed people to write the CFTC members over the last few years, asking them to do the right thing.  He was part of the reason why they were investigating the Silver manipulation.  He would write how he believed Chilton on the CFTC board would be part of the solution in getting things fixed and the manipulation stopped.

Last month I wrote about how Bix Weir has accused the CFTC of being formed, just to hide the manipulation and part of making sure it keeps going.

Yesterday an article came out on GATA, about how Obama is bailing out the COMEX and London Exchange directly in the future as the U.S. has labeled them "Too Big to Fail."  As I see it, they did this in part due to JP Morgan's problems and they will now simply and directly manipulate the metals with the exchanges.  They also are propping up the exchanges so all the banks can still gamble with the derivatives and in essence it will be a back door to bailing out the banks and all their bets.   This way the banks can keep making their Trillions of bets on derivatives and when they fail the government gives money to the exchanges and that then is letting the bank off the hook.   Also, is this part of cutting out the middleman of the manipulation and the U.S. government will do it directly with the exchanges?

One thing about that.  Entities can manipulate the paper markets many times over as they print money, but they can not stop the physical metals from being depleted.  I have noticed this last week there were many MSM financial articles trashing Gold, saying investors know not to buy into the gold as it is a bad investment.  To me they are more afraid than ever that more people will invest in metals dues to the currency problems of the world happening.  They have to do all they can to make people afraid of metals, so they keep writing how bad it is.

Here is the Ted Butler article, calling for the CFTC board resignations and accusing them of lying.

Ted Butlers article:

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has been negligent in failing to terminate the obvious manipulation ongoing in silver. Furthermore, the agency may be complicit in this manipulation. Worse, it has lied to the public and elected officials. This all goes back to the time when Bear Stearns was taken over by JPMorgan in March of 2008. It is well known that Bear Stearns went under as a result of a sudden loss of liquidity amidst a run by creditors and customers. What is not well known is that those problems were greatly exacerbated by a $2 billion margin call on silver and gold short positions from the end of December 2007 to March 2008. I believe the silver and gold margin calls were at the heart of Bear Stearns’ failure.

We know now (from CFTC correspondence to lawmakers in 2008) that JPMorgan took over Bear Stearns’ giant silver and gold short positions on the COMEX. Up until that time, we did not know that Bear Stearns was the concentrated silver and gold short. Using Commitment of Traders Report (COT) data, Bear Stearns had a COMEX silver short position of no less than 35,000 net contracts and a COMEX gold short position of no less than 60,000 net contracts from the end of December 2007 to their takeover by JPMorgan two and a half months later. From December 31, 2007 to mid-March 2008, the price of silver rose by $6 (from $15 to $21) and the price of gold rose from $850 to over $1000. Based upon the number of contracts held short by Bear Stearns and the price movement at that time, that resulted in margin calls of $2 billion. I would contend that was the real reason for Bear Stearns’ demise. 

So where do I get off claiming that the CFTC is complicit in the silver manipulation and lied about it to the public and to lawmakers? This is easy to prove. On May 13, 2008, the CFTC published a 16 page public response to my allegations of an ongoing manipulation in silver by means of a concentrated short position. The response was based upon silver market activity through the end of 2007, thereby conveniently sidestepping the drama that occurred through March 2008 when the biggest silver short in the market, Bear Stearns, failed and needed to be rescued with taxpayer assistance (Federal guarantees given to JPMorgan). The May 13, 2008 report from the CFTC went into great lengths in explaining there was nothing amiss on the short side of silver, even though the Commission knew that two months before the report was issued, the biggest concentrated short had failed and needed to be rescued by taxpayers. A lie by omission is no less of a lie. 

Why am I bringing this up now? Because I’ve had enough of the CFTC’s lies and its refusal to do its job. As a result of the transfer of Bear Stearns’ concentrated short position becoming visible in the August 2008 Bank Participation Report the Commission initiated another formal investigation of the silver market, this time by the Enforcement Division. This investigation is now 3 years and 9 months old, the longest-running investigation in U.S. Government history. It has lasted longer than most wars. Just as with the two prior investigations by the Division of Market Oversight, the current investigation is a phony investigation. I say this because there has been no attempt by the Enforcement Division to contact me or anyone claiming that silver has been manipulated. It’s clear that the agency does not want to get to the truth. The agency keeps initiating investigations which involve time and taxpayer money, but they never check with the person who has caused them to investigate in the first place. 

Only two of the five commissioners currently serving at the agency were at the Commission when JPMorgan took over Bear Stearns or when the Enforcement Division began its current investigation. But all have received vastly more public complaints about silver than for any other commodity. None of them can claim ignorance of the issue. Chairman Gensler preaches about the need for transparency in our markets. How about some transparency for the Commission? The Commission lied in its May 13, 2008 report (by omission) and is lying now when it claims to be conscientiously investigating silver. See my article from 2009.

The stalled investigation has only served as cover for the crooks at JPMorgan and the CME to manipulate the price of silver more egregiously than ever before. I think it’s time to press for the removal of all current commissioners, including Gensler and Commissioner Chilton. Who wants to hear platitudes when a serious crime is in progress? Clearly, the Division of Market Oversight lied in its 2008 letter and the Enforcement Division is lying now. Who needs public servants like these?

Please send this article to your Congressman or Senator and ask them to investigate. Also please e-mail the Commodity Futures Trading Commission with your comments. Chairman Gensler Commissioner Chilton Commissioner Sommers Commissioner O’Malia Commissioner Wetjen Director Meister

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised - Video: Wall Street and Ron Paul

A Video I created with a Poem/Music by Gil-Scott Heron "THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED" Wall Street and Ron Paul are NOT Televised. 

Though the words may seem slanted in one way - the pictures show for ALL People and the words are correct in saying "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised."  As it is not televised. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Did you catch what Jamie Dimon said yesterday 5/21/12 in an Investment Conference? Big Slip Up!

Okay, here is the "trick" question...

Did you catch what Jamie Dimon said yesterday 5/21/12 during an Investment Conference?

This is So Good!  Wow, he sure did slip up.... but will people notice the slip?

Please read this article:

Portions - first few paragraphs from the Bloomberg article:

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)’s biggest U.S. competitors say their corporate investment offices avoid the use of derivatives that led to the bank’s $2 billion loss and buy fewer bonds exposed to credit risk.

Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc. (C) and Wells Fargo & Co. say the offices don’t trade credit-default swaps on indexes linked to the health of companies. JPMorgan is said to have amassed positions in such indexes that were so large they drove price moves in the $10 trillion market.

The loss has prompted shareholders to join regulators in scrutinizing how banks use their investment offices to hedge risks and manage deposits they aren’t using for loans. JPMorgan’s competitors confine corporate-level trading mostly to interest-rate and currency swaps -- the most common derivatives -- and put a greater percentage of funds into U.S. government- backed securities such as Treasury bonds.

“Traditionally, banks use government bonds, because they’re safer,” said Ray Soifer, a former Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. bank analyst who’s now chairman of Green Valley, Arizona-based Soifer Consulting LLC, which advises banks and investors on strategy and risk management. “JPMorgan is going down the credit spectrum from U.S. Treasuries, because they’re reaching for yield.”

Seeking Returns

The concentration of assets that carry the risk a borrower might default reflects JPMorgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon’s push over the past five years to seek higher returns at the New York-based bank’s chief investment office, as reported by Bloomberg News April 13. Dimon said at an investment conference yesterday that the bank has more of such assets than competitors, while asserting it isn’t taking undue risks.

“We have more credit exposure than other people, and we think when we put that credit exposure on, it was actually very good,” said Dimon, 56. “We bought some triple-A securities that we think are as good as gold.”

About half of the $381.7 billion in JPMorgan’s chief investment office portfolio is in company bonds, asset-backed securities and mortgage debt not backed by the U.S. government, according to a March 31 filing. That compares with 7.7 percent at the end of 2007. The amount, $188.1 billion, is more than the holdings of such securities by its three biggest competitors combined. It exceeds the total assets of Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks Inc., the 10th-biggest U.S. lender.

Okay... did you see what I read and the "slip up?"


I believe if people paid attention they would realize all the talk against Gold and all the "Elite" coming out and saying "Civilized people don't buy Gold." B.S

The Elite/bankers then slip up and say what they really think of Gold,  in their discussions. 

Above is a perfect example from Jamie Dimon, out of his own mouth.

If you didn't get what I am talking about the first time, here is the key wording.

“We have more credit exposure than other people, and we think when we put that credit exposure on, it was actually very good,” said Dimon, 56. “We bought some triple-A securities that we think are as good as gold.

Don't cha just love these slip ups of how much bankers actually think of Gold, though publicly they trash it?

Thanks Jamie for letting us know how much you Value Gold now and it being the "Top" Investment! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bill Murphy of GATA and LeMetropoleCafe, Rare Sunday Commentary "CFTC may be Forced to Do Something soon about the Silver Shorts."






 Bill Murphy the Founder of GATA (Gold Anti Trust Action Committee) and who has a Gold subscription Newsletter at , wrote a special Sunday Report.  Bill has been kind enough to give me permission to reproduce it here in full.  

(Update 5/22/12 at bottom)

Some of it is about JP Morgan and the information regarding their 2 Billion (ever increasing day by day - now 5 billion) losses through their "hedging" trade desk.  

It is extremely interesting information especially the part about the CFTC and their being at the edge of having to take some action, regarding JPM's metal shorts.  

Since the newsletter is being reproduced in full, you will see Bill's other comments/information on various other financial events, like the FB (Facepalm) IPO. 

Thank you Bill for allowing me to reproduce the information you sent out to your subscribers! 

Here is Bill Murphy's extra newsletter information sent out on May 20th 2012: 


May 20 - Gold $1591.60 -  Silver - $28.70

JPM, Facebook, Gold … And The Potential of A Titanic Financial Market Event

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." … Dolly Parton


The reason for this rare, extra commentary over a weekend is to focus on a couple of points which really stand out in their particular significance and are worth pondering in terms of what is coming down the road for financial markets.

The first is what we jumped all over on PLANET GATA from the get-go about the JP Morgan hedge trade flap gone wrong. It made NO sense from the very beginning to any of us that such a commotion was made over a $2 billion loss on a trade, for whatever reason, when they had just reported yearly gains of $18 billion. Clearly, Mr. Dimon’s public pronouncement, that caught the attention of the entire investment world, was only paving the way for future announcements that will be much more dramatic. All he was doing when he inferred the losses MIGHT get worse was protecting himself, as best he could, by going on the record.

The latest news on JPM…

14:31 JPM JP Morgan Chase struggling to unwind ill-placed bets - WSJ
While breaking no real news, this story notes that the bank's losses could eventually prove to be even bigger than the $5B some people familiar with the matter have been predicting (see linked comment). The losses could potentially deepen if the company sells its positions into a market that has turned against said positions.
The article notes that while the bank has said that it will take its time unwinding the positions, this does not necessarily guarantee smaller final losses than trying to close out the trades sooner, as the market could turn sharply against the bank in the near term.
Reference Link: Wall Street Journal
* * * *

14:50 JPM CFTC latest federal agency to begin investigating JPMorgan Chase - NYT DealBook
NYT Dealbook reports, citing people briefed on the matter, that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission opened an enforcement case on Friday examining the bank's trading loss. The CFTC joins the SEC and FBI in investigating possible wrongdoing at the bank. Gary Gensler, the agency's chairman, is expected to disclose the investigation when he testifies on Tuesday before the Senate Banking Committee.
Dealbook says that the CFTC will potentially examine whether the bank’s trading affected the market for credit derivatives, for which it has jurisdiction.
Reference Link: NY Times -
* * * * *

This latest investigation into JP Morgan might be a big deal for the GATA camp. This is actually quite complicated, but very intriguing. The CFTC has been investigating JPM’s role in the silver market manipulation scheme for what will be four years soon. FOUR YEARS! Good friends, like Dave from Denver, have nothing but loathsome talk about the CFTC, for good reason. GATA’s rationale (speaking for myself) about this ridiculous investigation is that the CFTC really has uncovered the scam, but because it is backed by the US Government, they are flabbergasted about what to do, so they do nothing.

The reason they have not closed the case is because they are petrified the silver market might blow up down the road. Think about if you were them. They want this to go away, but if the silver market does blow up, and there is some kind of "Force Majeure" declared in silver by JPM, the CFTC would not only look like fools, but, perhaps it might be said they were more than negligent. Thus, they have done nothing.

Well, all of a sudden, Lo and Behold a new factor enters the silver scam investigation, which directly affects Morgan’s constant claims to the CFTC that their huge silver short position is hedged. Ya mean like hedged in an economic sense as per their claims re the latest credit derivatives market trade was a hedge? This just might force the CFTC to demand JP Morgan prove their claims their silver short position is really a hedged one. This is what I suspect might occur due to the growing scrutiny over Morgan’s trading activities. The CFTC people, except for Bart "Elliot Ness" Chilton, are sycophants and have toed the company line … but there is a point when FEAR makes that no longer viable. They are not going to go to jail for taking one for the team. My guess is we are getting close to that Tipping Point.

As the JP Morgan hedged losses mount and become "official," the heat on them is going to mount. They will be scrutinized every way imaginable. How can all the class action lawsuits against them, and blatant evidence against them via just what Andrew Maquire has sent to the CFTC via their role in the silver scam, be ignored?

We have already been informed, as of a week ago, that the Morgan losses on their "hedge trade" fiasco could be as high as $15 billion, or more. Already, even the WSJ is alluding that their losses are higher than $5 billion. This is MEGA! As we have discussed on PLANET GATA, this is not just about Morgan, but confidence in the entire financial system. If the $70 trillion derivatives book at Morgan goes NUCLEAR, we could have a financial market TITANIC event which might be right around the corner.


Now, for the weekend edition, number two re the understandable, but nauseating, commotion over the Facebook IPO on Friday, which was heralded by CNBC all week.
First, the background…

*The Dow is going down day after day, not with any fanfare, but all rallies are sold. In very quiet and subdued selling, general investors inherently know something is wrong and are acting upon that instinct.

*Europe is falling apart we know, but little is being said about how the US financial system is in parallel with Europe. How bad is this? Just the state of California budget deficit goes from something like $8 billion to a staggering $16 billion and it creates almost no commotion. Huh?

Getting back into the GATA aspect of this is that the US financial markets are all about market manipulation. You need to go nowhere further on what the real deal about US financial markets than this headline…

Banks spend big to prop up Facebook shares on first day of trading

Last Updated: 8:15 AM, May 19, 2012
Posted: 11:34 PM, May 18, 2012

It was another Wall Street bailout — but this time the banks had to cough up the cash. Facebook’s underwriters propped up the social-network’s trading debut yesterday, as the shares threatened to crash through the initial public offering price of $38. The banks working on the massive $16 billion IPO, including Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, did their duty by buying up large blocks of Facebook stock toward the end of the day to support the price. 

Facebook shares opened up 11 percent at $42.05, and traded as high as $45, before running out of steam, disappointing investors hoping for a big first-day pop. The shares closed up just 0.6 percent at $38.23.
Without the bank bailout, Facebook’s IPO would have been a loser on the day, Wall Street insiders said.
The heavy buying, however, cut into the banks’ already meager fees on the deal. The underwriters agreed to accept a smaller cut — just 1.1 percent of the $16 billion Facebook raised in the IPO — in order to land the high-profile assignment.

After splitting $176 million in fees, the firms likely spent more than they made in fees by buying the swooning stock. Sam Hamadeh, CEO of research firm Privco, believes the banks spent around $380 million on Facebook stock. 

"On the heels of JPMorgan’s $2 billion ‘hedging’ trading loss, tThe underwriters have used up all the fees they made on the Facebook deal just to buy and prop up the stock to prevent a busted IPO," said Hamadeh.

Another source said that the banks took a substantial hit yesterday, which started strong despite glitches that delayed Nasdaq trading in Facebook shares by 30 minutes past their 11 a.m. scheduled debut.
While there was plenty of finger-pointing yesterday, many blamed the bankers for setting the price too high to allow for upside. The IPO share priced at the high end of the $34 to $38 range, which had been raised from an initial range of $28 to $35. 

The bankers were wary of pricing the shares too low, leaving money on the table and leading to an outrageous first-day pop. They were shooting for a modest first-day gain in the range of 5 percent to 10 percent. 

Still, some observers heaped scorn on Facebook insiders who dumped their shares, saying it was a red flag that weighed on the stock. 

Facebook had increased the number of shares being sold in the IPO by 25 percent, to 425 million, with most of the additional float coming from early investors looking to cash out. 

The company’s sky-high valuation also made some investors queasy. At $38 a share, Facebook is valued at $104 billion — even though it only made $3.7 billion last year.

Facebook’s big day was a drag on other tech stocks. Trading in shares of Zynga was halted yesterday after a sharp drop, and the stock closed down 13.4 percent at $7.16. China’s social network RenRen was also down more than 20 percent, to $4.93.


My take on this, from my Behavioral Finance background on how our financial system really operates, is the effort to hold up the Facebook IPO was an effort to hold up the stock market as a whole. For the BF folks, perception is everything. That is why they do what they do. The Counterparty Risk Management Policy Group (do a Google if new to you), led by the same firms that held up the Facebook share price, does not exist for no reason. One of their mandates is to promote market stability and that is what they just did. That Group works closed with the Plunge Protection Team (Working Group on Capital Markets) to support the US stock market at various times.

What we saw in the price rises of gold and silver at the end of the week was stunning and totally out of the natural order of the gold/silver price manipulation scheme. It was a wowser! My smeller tells me, because the dramatic rally was so pronounced, that we are headed for some serious fireworks in the financial arena.

The Gold Cartel could be in deep trouble now because their honcho, JP Morgan, is in deepening trouble. This is no minor event in terms of the gold/silver market manipulation scandal.

All hands on deck to prepare for the financial market commotion that seems to be right around the corner!

Bill Murphy

Karzai "Thank You, U.S. Taxpayers for Supporting Us and the War in Afghanistan."

Did he really seriously say that?

I would like our elected officials to respond to this! 

What has the war in Afghanistan gotten us?  Besides the military making billions by smuggling in and keeping the heroin pipeline going!  

Oh, besides Afghanistan has major minerals in the country that could transform it into being one of the most important mining countries in the world.

The previously unknown deposits — including huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium — are so big and include so many minerals that are essential to modern industry that Afghanistan could eventually be transformed into one of the most important mining centers in the world, the United States officials believe.

An internal Pentagon memo, for example, states that Afghanistan could become the “Saudi Arabia of lithium,” a key raw material in the manufacture of batteries for laptops and BlackBerrys.

The vast scale of Afghanistan’s mineral wealth was discovered by a small team of Pentagon officials and American geologists. The Afghan government and President Hamid Karzai were recently briefed, American officials said.

 So is it any wonder that the U.S. will continue the "War on Terror" in Afghanistan so they can give all the big corporations control over the mining of the countries resources, besides continuing to protect the Poppy fields for heroin export?

Yet We the Tax Payers of the United States are suffering within the U.S. and 'supporting' Afghanistan at the same time.  We are losing our most valuable resources too.... the death of our soldiers due to the fake war there.

Wars are all about taking over resources of another country with made up excuses.


Karzai - You are NOT Welcome for our Tax Payer money supporting you and your country and the war that is costing us our citizen's lives and Trillions of our money!  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20th - Maps and Info for the Ring of Fire Eclipse includes Freedom Energy Aspects of the day too. Video/Songs of Freedom.

Today May 20th, is a very special day in Energies streaming the Earth.  That may sound odd to some and "out there."

 UPDATE - 7:53 pm est - This live feed just started  - from U.S.  
This feed is EXCELLENT - You can see it from California - Grand Canyon and New Mexico!  You can switch between them at the top.  

UPDATE - 7:20 pm - Video from Japan at bottom of the "Ring of Fire" Eclipse

There is the "Ring of Fire" eclipse that will be able to be seen in the Western U.S, across the Pacific to Asia.   A "Ring of Fire" eclipse is where 95% of the sun is covered by the moon.  The moon is farther from the Earth during the time of passing in front of the sun and that is why only 95% of it is covered. 

This picture is from the last "Ring of Fire" eclipse we had in 1994 - this is what it will look like:

Here is a link where you can click on your state to see what the times will be in your area of starting and finishing and what it will look like.

Here is the map and times of where it will be and when:

 This is the map of where it will be seen across the Pacific and into Asia:

There is also the New Moon today.    What we put our energy and thoughts into are part of the manifesting that happens for ourselves, mankind and the Earth for the next month, during the New Moon times.  The New Moon influence is 3 days before and after it for our "Intent" of energy for manifesting. 

Besides the fact there is a Ring of Fire Eclipse and there is a New Moon, today is special in another way also.  Today the 20th of May, the Sun, Earth and Moon will be aligned in a once in 26000 year alignment with the Center of the Galaxy (the Pleiades). 

Here is information about that from the International Metaphysical University


On May 20, 2012, for the first time in 26,000 years, the Sun and Moon, and the constellation responsible for our spiritual evolution and ascension, the mystic Pleiades, will align in a spectacular, full Annular Solar Eclipse and a rare solar eclipse alignment will happen between the Earth, the Sun and, our central Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation.

Now, there was a very intricate crop circle from 2005, which had May 20th 2012 with the eclipse being shown.  This video below shows the crop circle and it discusses May 20th and no clue in why the crop circle pin points May 20th 2012.  This video was made in 2007.

I am getting into the metaphysical aspects of today.  What convinced me to do so, is the fact when I went to  this morning I saw the following information:

INTERPLANETARY SHOCK WAVE: An interpanetary shock wave possibly associated with the M5-class solar flare of May 17th swept past Earth on May 20th around 0200 UT. The shock's arrival caused geomagnetic activity around the poles, but so far no reports of high-latitude auroras.

Now, if you are familiar with CME's and flares, when they hit the Earth they cause Auroras to happen at the poles of the Earth and elsewhere, depending on how strong the flare and hit is on the Magnetosphere.   But, notice the above says there were no Auroras with the Energy that hit the Earth earlier this morning.    That is what convinced me to go ahead and put out information about the Energies today and how people should align with them and use them to the fullest advantage for themselves, mankind and the Earth.

I believe, we can use the extra powerful energies of today - May 20th 2012 for Truth, Freedom and Release from those that bind us and the Earth to their Matrix.  I am asking people to please keep their Intent today in Love, Light, Harmony and Truth for themselves.  Imagine and see to create absolute prosperity for yourself and all others.  Imagine and see Truth and the Light of All/God, streaming unto all on Earth and lighting the "fire within" every single person.  See the healing of Earth.  I believe our consciousness does have an affect upon the world. 

I want to give you an example of what I noticed and felt, when our world had an absolute streaming of Love all at one time.  March 11, 2011 the quake and tsunami hit Japan.  The world reacted in Love and sympathy and strong emotions those hours and days afterwards.  Those who fully know how the Universe works and our collective consciousness works, knew we were "changing the world through Love."  They changed the story within 3 days of the quake.  I noticed they changed the story dramatically in fact.  There was information about Fukushima but there were more stories about "world hate and division" of people, it went back to Islam versus Christian type stories.   I knew they changed it, because all of us were seriously affecting our Earth in creating Love and Harmony compared to Hate and Division.   We are kept with the stream of constant hate and division for one group of people or country.  That is the way they control us and keep the Collective consciousness of the Earth where they want it, so they have full control.  We are much more powerful than the few that "control" us, they know that so they keep us divided on purpose. 

But you see we can change that!  Today is a day that we have the most powerful energies streaming unto the Earth in 26000 years!  We CAN create our Harmony, Love and Light for each other and the Earth Today!  We can change our future and create the Freedom in Truth of Who we really are, to the I AM.

Please know today is a Very Special Day!  It does not take every single person of the world to put their intent into Love and Light today for the world to change.  It only takes about 1% of the World's population to have an affect on the world, positive or negative.  We all can be that 1% Today!  We are not part of the 99% today - We can proclaim ourselves as the most influential and powerful 1% Today and always onward!  

There are different sites that have meditations for people to do today at exact times for various parts of the world.  There are also ley lines throughout the U.S and world.  You may want to find a ley line area and go there for connecting with the "Power grid of the Earth."

  Here is a map of the U.S. ley lines.

To get you into the Energy of FREEDOM - Enjoy the following Songs!  They are Awesome, in my opinion and perfect way to feel that Energy of FREEDOM in starting the Day!  

Turn UP your speakers and Enjoy getting into the Energy of Freedom !

Paul McCartney's Song - FREEDOM:  I seriously Love this Song!

The words of it can be found here

Song by Bobby Darin - It is titled "The Simple Song of Freedom"
Listen all the way to the end - it really gets "energy" towards the end
 The words to it can be found here.

Daryl Hall - LOVE REVELATION(from 1994) "Freedom is What I want, Freedom What I need"

Last but not least song about Freedom I am inserting


I believe we can use the Energies of Today to be the Revolution of Freedom from those that have bound us!

I am not at a place in the country to view the "Ring of Fire" eclipse but I look forward to seeing videos and pictures of it by those that are.

I don't expect many people to read this post I put up, but those that do read it, I ask for you to seriously consider what I wrote and to Please Feel the LOVE for yourself, all others and the Earth.  Release the anger, hate and division that others try to make you feel.  Know in Truth We are All One and We Live on Our One Precious Earth! 

Today is a Special Day -  my Intent and Energy for You and the World is:
 Freedom - Love - Truth - Light - Harmony - Prosperity and the Knowing fully the I AM !

A video of the Eclipse from Today.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What the Heck is Happening with the Metals? I interviewed David Morgan about the Smashing of Metals and People's Emotional Investment of it.

I questioned/interviewed David Morgan of and The Morgan Report on May 15th 2012.

This is not your "normal" metals interview - it is about the emotional value people put into the investments of metals and how the bankers are working on the psychological part to stop people from investing in metals.

 Metals have been an emotional investment to people over the last few years and the bankers are playing the game like the show Survivor, in how it is "Outlast, Outplay, Outwit" against investors of the metals.


Sherrie:                       This is Sherrie Questioning All, and right now I am questioning what the heck is happening with the metals in the way of them being smashed.  And I have the pleasure and honor of having David Morgan of, and author of the Morgan Report with me to answer some of these questions.  Hi David, you there?

                                    I want to tell you thank you so much for talking to me about what’s going on in the metals and what you think is happening right now.

David Morgan:           Well it’s my pleasure, and we’ll state the facts first.  One, a lot of my contemporaries have been pretty bullish here the last few months, and I’ve been somewhat bearish.  I’ve been telling our members and also the public domain, because I do a lot of interviews as you know, that I felt that the metals had some more work to do probably sideways to down.  And I was telling the members that I thought the $28.00 level would be about it.  I also thought that the $1550 level for gold would probably be about it. 

                                    And that’s basically where we are today.  We’re under the $28.00 level.  I also cautioned everybody that the worst case I could see so far would be this “$26 and change” I call it “and change” because it’s not $26.00 on silver; it’s had spiked lows down there twice, and in both cases it’s been very strong buying for a very short period of time and the metal shot right back up. 

Sherrie:                       Yeah but today I saw silver did touch $26.68 briefly, and now it’s back up above $27.00.  It’s at $27.15 right now, so what do you – you think we’re really at the bottom here?

David Morgan:           I think we are within a month or so.  I’ve been calling a June bottom.  What normally happens in these major bull markets is the shares lead the metal, and I know I’m going to get some flak for making that statement.  And I use the word “usually,” but what takes place is the mining equities usually bottom before the metals bottom.  And then they also usually peak before the metals peak.  That’s not always the case.  We are getting really creamed in the mining shares.  I mean it’s the worst it’s been in 31 years, so the shares are very underpriced relative to what their true value is, and again the metals are getting hit. 

                                    So I think the shares are really very close to a bottom here.  Almost every indicator you want to use indicates that they are at a bottom or very close to a bottom.  So very safe to buy in this range.  And the metals, of course, maybe have some more work to do.  But as you outlined we’ve already been at $26.68 and it’s bounced back up.  And what happens in those levels is that you see strong buying at that low; it’s all computer paper buying for the most part.  And then the price shoots back up.  So I’ll stick my neck out and say I think this is probably as close to the bottom as we’re going to get.  It could go lower; we probably have another month perhaps.  But with all that’s going on geo politically it’s really counterintuitive to see these kind of sell offs in the metals.

Sherrie:                       Well that’s what – okay you know what I really love about – I’m a subscriber to your report.  And I really love about it is that I am not – I don’t have a degree in finance, and basically 99 percent of the people are like me.  And so I like how you write the plain, simple where I can understand what’s going on.  But here’s my questions to you right now, to me it almost – when you were talking about counterintuitive, it just doesn’t make sense.  And the understanding of what’s happening, especially with the fact that the first quarter even the Japanese retirement fund, which has never bought gold before, has been buying gold.  Soros, Pimco, a Texas teacher retirement fund.  I mean the list goes on about the acquiring of gold in the first quarter. 

                                    Yet gold has been going down, and it’s almost – and tell me if I’m right, and again it’s that simple mind that I kind of equate it to the show Survivor, outwit, outlast and outplay.  And that seems like the psychological thing that’s going on that the banks are doing right now with metals.  I mean is that kind of a good analogy?

David Morgan:           I agree.  I might say it slightly different, but you’re right.  The fundamental facts are that there’s probably more interest in the gold now than there’s been in a very long time.  And so it would appear that the price should be going higher from all the fundamental facts and the tensions in the economic environment.  I mean with the Euro basically blowing apart or very close to that.  All the stress that’s going on with the debt loads and everything else we talk about constantly and yet here they are.  Well I, as you know Sherrie, was at the money show in Las Vegas; it’s actually going on today as we’re doing this interview.  I was there for two days not the entire four, and Bill Murphy was speaking at that event as well as myself.

                                    And Bill pointed out how often gold does the opposite of what you’d expect, and this is a very big case in point.  His idea, and I tend to agree with it, is that were gold to reflect all that’s going on in the economic environment, the political system and making new highs right now as logic would dictate it would.  It would feed on itself.  In other words, the psychology is the most important thing that can be controlled by the paper markets.  And the psychology right now is “Why isn’t gold going up?”  So massive amounts of paper gold and silver are being sold through the systems in the futures markets to keep the psychology puzzled. 

                                    Because the Johnny come lately on the street that may be following the gold market in a very cursory way, a very small way, pays attention every once in a while is looking at the Euro perhaps and what’s going on in the mainstream press and saying to himself or herself “Why in the heck isn’t gold going up?  It’s been going down like 11 days in a row or 10 out of the last 12.”  And so that fortifies their belief system that “Oh well gold can’t be a good investment.  Gold should be going up right now and it’s not.  Oh I’m not going to buy gold.”  And this is exactly the manipulation, not only in the price structure but in the mindset.  And this is something –

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           That I commend you on Sherrie, because really this is an area that quite honestly I don’t remember ever being interviewed on.  But that’s the idea.  I’m going to drill on a little bit longer if you allow me, but I was in this movie called “The Four Horsemen”.  And they had 23 thinkers across the globe that talked basically about all the economic/political problems that the world faces and solutions to those problems.  And I forget the lady’s name, but she was in my view quite intelligent, and she talked about the control mechanism and she called it the “cognitive map.”  In other words how we think, and she said “That’s what it’s based on, the cognitive map.”  It’s how the controllers, the media if you will as a word that covers the whole basis.  “If the media controls your thinking they’ve got ya.”  And again, this is what I think is going on.

Sherrie:                       Well see that’s – from my talking to people, and that’s why I did want to do this interview with you.  There’s so many people over the last three years that have believed in the metals.  And what I find interesting is that even last year I believe about mid-point, Citigroup even came out and said “Oh by the end of 2011 gold will be at $2,000.00.”  We were hearing gold’s going to be at $2,000.00 at the end of 2011.  And it’s almost as if a setup for people to buy in it, buy in to it at $1,600.00 or $1,700.00 and then it just gets smashed.  And psychologically those that have believed in gold and silver are now almost giving up on it.  I mean are you finding that, that they’re really getting in to the psyche of people and is that the purpose of it?

David Morgan:           Well I think it is the purpose of it, and I also think yes, they are certainly getting in to some people.  I mean this money show I just returned from I was with one of the pretty large size retail bullion dealer.  And they’re selling quite a bit at these low levels, but they’re also getting sell backs.  There’s a fair amount of people that are – you know they’ve had it.  And some are selling at a loss and some are selling at a profit.  All markets go up and down; the metals are no exception.  But the problem with the metals is this, what we’re talking about, this psychological aspect because people think in terms of dollars regardless of what they should be thinking in, and I’ll explain that.

                                    By definition if real money, gold and silver are true wealth, and they are and they have been for thousands of years.  And you accumulate more coins in any given year, by definition you are wealthier.  But that’s not how people think.  The way they think is “I bought it at $35.00 and now it’s at $28.00 and I’ve lost money.”  Well I won’t lie and say you haven’t lost “money” if you need to cash out and pay a bill or make a purchase of some type. 

                                    But in reality if you have more silver, more gold or more of both over any time frame you are, again by definition wealthier.  So that’s something that most people can’t even grasp thinking wise.  They might think about it intellectually and say “Oh that makes sense.”  But when it comes to the reality of “What is the price on a given day?” and especially when you have these long consolidations like we’re witnessing where it’s been hitting highs.  I mean it’s a year and a couple of weeks.  I mean you go back in to last year, silver was hitting the $48.00 level at the very end of April; now we’re in mid-May 2012.  I’ll bet if you did a survey from the time silver hit $35.00 and moved all the way up to $48.00 with ever silver bug you could find and ask them “Do you think you’ll see silver under $30.00 in the next year or two?”  And I’ll bet you 98 percent of them would say “No, will never happen.”  Well –

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           Here we are.

Sherrie:                       Right, right, yeah.  I mean silver was last year towards the end of last year, it was – of the futures reports, of the charts that I would look at it was highest increase of any commodity of value.  And now this year if you’re looking at the chart, in one years’ time it’s minus 20 percent in the way of value from it was a year ago.  And it just seems like – yet am I correct in saying the actual – I mean there’s enough information out there about silver, and there’s a great article saying it’s the most important metal in the world. 

                                    Silver is used in almost every electronic product, in our light switches; it’s a very important metal.  And let’s see, in the Patriot missiles it’s 16 pounds of it.  Silver’s not recycled like gold.  And I mean and from all that I’ve read, and correct me – we’ve used almost all the above ground in U.S. and Canada and yet we have China and India which are upcoming economies that estimated to use twice as much.  So the supplies – am I correct in saying the supplies really aren’t out there?  And this whole manipulation of prices even may be causing the supplies to go faster?

David Morgan:           Well a couple corrections.  One is silver is recycled; there’s a lot of applications where it cannot be recycled or it’s uneconomic to recycle it.  But the round numbers, depending on which study you look at, there’s probably 200,000,000 ounces of silver recycled in any given year.

Sherrie:                       Okay.

David Morgan:           I don’t know if I believe that totally or not, but there is a great deal.  I mean for example the public is, in my view is dumbed down generally speaking.  And there’s a lot of these “Cash for Gold” places all over the place.

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           And so what people don’t really realize in this cash for gold is a lot of people are turning in the gold they don’t want, the mismatched earrings, or the necklace, or the bracelet or the ring or whatever.  But they’ve never stopped to consider that 14 karat, 16 karat, 18 karat; 22 karat gold is always mixed with silver.  And so there’s a lot of silver that comes through this gold buying apparatus.  That’s one thing.

Sherrie:                       Ah.

David Morgan:           The other thing is there is still some –

Sherrie:                       And they’re not getting paid on that silver; they’re only getting paid on the gold part.

David Morgan:           Right, but they do that – they do it to their advantage.

Sherrie:                       Hmm.

David Morgan:           I mean basically most of those places you’re lucky to get 30 percent on a dollar.

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           I mean if you melted it down yourself and weighed it at a coin dealer, you would be getting substantially more money.  So you could say yeah, they’re not getting paid for the silver.  But they’re not getting a fair price in any event.

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           The other thing was supply.  Supply was in a deficit from 1990 through, and including 2006.  And around 2006 or ’07, depending again which study, either CPM Group or the Silver Institute’s study, said and I tend to agree, that the overall mining supply of silver was greater than total demand.  And I think that’s borne out by the facts.  The facts are that the above ground bullion supply at probably 2003, ’04, ’05 was around 500 million ounces, maybe even less.  And today we know we have a billion ounces. 

                                    So it’s doubled over the last 5 years, and the reason being is mine production has increased substantially over the last 10 years.  There’s been a huge increase in the commodities boom.  It’s not just the metals, it’s the base metals, it’s energy, it’s food, it’s lumber, you name it.  China’s been on this huge build out program for the last decade; they have demanded all kinds of raw materials, which means commodities.  And there’s been this big push to increase production of all commodities.  Well silver’s a byproduct of base metal mining primarily; only about 25-30 percent of the silver is mined out of primary silver mines.

                                    So copper, for example, provides 25 percent of the world’s silver supply.  Lead and zinc combined allow for 35 percent of the silver supply.  So just those two alone are 60 percent of the silver supply.  Actually about 13 percent of the silver supply comes as a result of gold mining.  So all these commodities that have been sought after so strongly has increased the amount of silver. 

                                    So because of that there has been a increase, not only in the amount of silver coming above ground, but the amount that is actually needed or demanded by the markets.  So there’s been enough silver to fill total demand, which means investment and industrial demands.  But the stockpiles, if you want to call them that, have actually increased over the last five years or so.

Sherrie:                       Okay well then that I did not realize.  I thought the supply and demand that the demand was almost outstripping all the supply over the last few years.  Huh, okay.  Well what do you think –

David Morgan:           Well let me interject there for a minute ‘cause first of all everything I said, I hope I was very clear.  Supply and demand always meet every year regardless of what anyone tells you.  Now the reason that you get a higher price is because someone’s willing to pay more for something that they have a higher demand for.  Gold has got a great amount of supply above ground, but the price keeps going up because – well it’s down now.  But it was generally up over the last 11 years because there is higher and higher demand at a given price. 

                                    So all I’m trying to state is that it’s not like there’s this big surplus of silver sitting there; there’s silver supplies very tightly held.  Roughly half and half; half investment and half industrial applications.  You got to factor in jewelry and silverware and that stuff as well.  But the supply above ground that’s excess, in other words it’s no one wants for either investment or industrial purposes, is very, very, very small, if any.  I mean basically for my work there isn’t any.  So the above ground supply isn’t something to focus on too much.  I just want to be very factual about the silver market.

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           But it’s the demand, and now the reason you’re able to buy junk bags and bars and all the stuff is people are giving up.  The psychology –

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           What this interview’s mainly about goes something like… “Oh boy I wish I never bought silver.  I bought it at $35.00; it’s $28.00.  I don’t want to lose any more money.  I’m going to sell it.”  Or another very good example is someone that bought it early, that bought it at $15.00 and watched it go to $48.00.  “Oh my goodness, I bought it at $15.00; I could have tripled my money.  I could have sold it at $45.00 and then I could have sold it at $30.00 and doubled my money.  And now it’s under that.  I’m sick of silver; I’m selling it now.”  So you’ve got those basic two, there’s of course a plethora of different case studies.  But those are the two main ones.

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           So you get supply into the market based on, as we’re talking, psychology only.

Sherrie:                       Right and what do you think – I mean especially with the political, with Greece possibly – you know that whole back and forth of leaving the Euro, not leaving Euro, the whole Euro dropping.  The new __________ in France who’s talking about joining the _________, being a partner with them.  The whole political scene that’s happening around the world, besides the _______ currencies I would like to know – I mean to me, and I know there’s strength actually in the metals.  It is the game, the outwit, outlast, outplay right now in my opinion that they’re playing.  Where do you think this year with everything happening, even with them playing their games, where do you think silver is going in value of price by the end of the year?

David Morgan:           Great question.  Earlier in the year – to be consistent ‘cause there’s people that follow almost every interview I do, and that’s their right to do so.  Earlier in the year I thought we could probably see $60.00 silver by the end of the year.  I have since modified that based on more current events.  I still think $40.00 is possible, and I want to give a caveat about $40.00.  Once we get above $40.00 if it’s on big volume, in other words the market’s extremely strong going through $40.00 and it stays there for oh 3 days minimum, and a week or 2 is more what I like to see. 

                                    It could launch from $40.00 to $50.00 to $60.00 quite rapidly.  And the reason for that is technical work but it’s very simple to understand.  It’s just silver above the $40 level basically has no overhead resistance.  In other words, there’s nothing more bullish for any market than a new high.  Now I realize $40.00 isn’t a new high, but it’s close enough that there’ll be a lot of strong hands by that time holding whatever silver’s available.  And any new buying people get excited on price moving up.  They don’t get excited when price is moving down.  They do the opposite, again with the psychology that you should; you should be looking at today’s prices as an opportunity or a gift to either add to your position or start a position. 

                                    But unfortunately a lot of people will say “Well I’ll wait till it goes lower.”  Well what if today is the low?  You waited too long, but then it’ll start back up and they won’t get on board.  Again, that’s a psychological game that you just have to overcome.  I mean most things in life that you do well in require discipline, and the discipline of a good investor is that you don’t really care about an exact price.  What you care about is “Am I buying relatively in the weakness and am I selling relatively in the strength?”  It’s that short term, intermediate term or even long term.  That’s the attitude you have to have.  To have the “I’ll pick the low” or “I’ll sell the highs,” an amateur’s attitude is not a professionals’.

Sherrie:                       Well with selling – all right with buying the low, and one thing I have noticed which is interesting, not that the silver bugs, the gold bugs per se that have been watching it very closely for the last few years.  But one thing that recently I’ve noticed is those that have stayed outside of it, have not believed in it interesting enough I’ve had some people recently that are close to me that are saying, you know that are in that group saying “Hey, I want to get in to silver now; when do you think the low is going to be?”  It seems to me that it’s almost like a new group might be those that have been frustrated that are giving up, but then those that have never participated before are now saying “Hmm it’s low and I wanna get in to it.”  Are you finding that, that there’s a kind of a new group coming up, coming in to it?

David Morgan:           You’re spot on as they say in London.  You’re exactly right.  Any market that’s what happens is there are some that are stalwarts.  In other words, they bought low like myself and they’re gonna ride this thing out to the very – not to the very, very top but for the – or hopefully for the duration of the entire bull move.  I’m very convinced that we have a few more years at least left, probably five or so if you want a number.  But as you said Sherrie, very correctly, is that the stale longs with people that are selling for whatever reason get out of the market and new buyers come in.  And that takes place in all markets. 

                                    So there’ll probably be more people buying silver above $40.00 than ever bought it below $40.00 believe it or not.  Because the way markets move is price movement causes action, and the people that are looking at it today and saying “Well it’s gonna go lower than $28.00 or $27.00 and change, I’m gonna wait” never really get around to buying it.  Once it gets above $40.00 they’ll catch silver fever, they’ll buy it and it’ll keep pushing the price up and up and up and up. 

                                    And with what’s going on in the world, and I didn’t really – I apologize, I didn’t answer your last question very directly.  Is you’re right, metals are strength.  I mean this is money for 5,000 years; always been there, always done that for multiple societies.  And yet we’re in this global economic fiat game where we’re supposed to think one currency’s stronger than another when the whole thing’s a giant lie.  And so the metals are strength and that’s why we’re seeing what you started the interview with.  China’s increased its gold take by 600 percent in the first quarter. 

                                    You’ve got funds that have never bought gold before buying gold now; Japanese buying gold; people that have never bought gold.  Friends of yours that you’re acquainted with that kind of gave the soft show to the idea of buying precious metals.  They’re now interested in them.  And this is what takes place.  So the new buyers will be there and they’ll be there in great numbers, and that will force the price much higher.  And that’s where I think we’re gonna go.  Now is it gonna happen this year?  I think it could begin by the end of this year, but I really think you’re gonna see the biggest movement in metals probably between 2013 and 2016.

Sherrie:                       Okay I have a question, and it’s a little bit of a trick question here.  If we actually had a free market of metal pricing compared to a manipulated market of metal pricing, what do you think silver would be at?

David Morgan:           I think we’d be probably anywhere between $70.00 and $100.00 at a very minimum.   I mean I base that mostly on gold.  I mean gold should be making new highs here.  I mean gold is more well known, and certainly much more widely held by institutions, hedge funds, rich people, countries, nation states, etc.  So gold to clear all the junk paper and all the bad debt and everything else that’s out there, being extremely conservative would probably be between $3,000.00 and $5,000.00.  So if we just take the $3,000.00 mark and look at what silver’s ratio would be to gold –

Sherrie:                       And right now the ratio is 76 points – I’m sorry, 56.73 –

David Morgan:           Yes.

Sherrie:                       Which is not the norm; should be actually around the 15th, from historical?

David Morgan:           Yeah, the historic mean price is around the 15 to 1 mark, or I call it the “monetary ratio” or the “classic ratio”.  But even if you used 100 to 1, if you had $3,000.00 ounce gold you would have $30.00 silver.  So you’d have $60.00 silver to 50 to 1 price.  So I think that’s conservative.  When gold really moves, silver goes faster.  So again, I think $70.00 to $100.00 as a minimum.  But I want to give the idea not the the price – I don’t want people to focus on the price too much, ‘because it’s more important to get the concepts. 

                                    Because people get fixated, again, on the price rather than thinking about “How much metal do I have?”  Or if they have more metal now than a year ago. They think about the price rather than thinking about silver will outpace gold, and that it’s got a lot longer to go to clear the market.  They think, again, about price.  So I don’t want to make price the main issue, but it’d be far, far higher, I’d say probably double what it is now as a minimum to be where – if we were in a true free market.

Sherrie:                       Gotcha, well I very much appreciate your time and I would like to thank you and also we’ve talked a lot and we’ve talked about the price.  But basically I know what you’re saying and it’s boiling down to is that even though the psychological what’s been happening of the depressed pricing, yet we’re hearing about all the political and the countries and the currencies going down and all these funds are buying.  And yet the price is going down, and I know it’s affecting people emotionally.  Because even though it is an investment, and we’re supposed to be non-emotional about investments, the metals – the people that have really believed in metals have been very emotionally involved in them over the past few years.  And so the emotional portion of it – of what you were saying, people are selling it, even losing money at this time.  It’s almost like trying to stress that they need to hold on, right?

David Morgan:           Yeah, I mean this is maybe a corny analogy but you know me, I love to use them.  And it’s like a life preserver.  If you had abandoned ship and I threw you a life preserver that was only 60 percent full, it had air in it, it’s probably – it will still save your life.  And that’s where the gold market is right now.  But if that life preserver was blown up fully and it was at a new high, $1,960.00 gold, you’d feel like “Oh gold’s doing its job.  It’s at this price and it’s saving me, saving my financial future.”  Well even if a lot of the air’s been let out a life preserver is still doing its job. 

                                    I think that’s the best analogy I can give you off the top of my head.  Because yeah, it may not be the pristine, wonderful life preserver that you wanted but you know what, it’s still going to do its job.  Same thing with silver, and all I can do is encourage people to try to, I don’t want to say fight their emotions, just acknowledge their emotions but use some logic to balance it out.  Nothing has changed fundamentally that makes it the right thing to sell your metals here; in fact the opposite is true.  The fundamental facts that are taking place in the global economic system and the political – I don’t even know what to call it, that’s such a joke as far as what’s going on.  There are no real leaders anymore; there’s no one telling the truth anymore.  The political system on a global basis is so corrupt.  That there’s more reasons than ever to buy the metal. 

                                    So if you – unless you really have to, I mean I can’t see in everybody’s particular situation and there are probably some cases that they’re using that life preserver.  That was their savings; something important has come up in their lives, that’s all they have.  And if you really think about it, at least they had that.  You know what I mean?

Sherrie:                       Right.

David Morgan:           But if you don’t need to sell, then certainly rethink it before you do.

Sherrie:                       Well especially when people, in the way of thinking back to like Ron Paul said, and I believe what it was when he held up the silver circle coin to Ben Bernanke.  I believe it was 2008, he said that it bought 4 gallons of gasoline; and now today at that time, which was a little over $30.00, it would buy 11 gallons of gasoline.  And so I guess it’s almost where people need to look at that portion and the way of the purchasing power of what it was to what it is.  And that can help their emotional part of it.  But it is, and it’s actually – which is why I really appreciate you talking to me about this, is it – really is an emotional investment to many people who have gotten in to and have watched it closely; and are very disheartened right now with it going down.  But we know the strength and as you said, the strength is there and it’s just outlasting.

David Morgan:           Yes, that’s right.  Just keep your conviction.  Well Sherrie thank you so                                much  offering me the opportunity to do this interview with you.