Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bayou Corne Sinkhole, huge now. Today's flyover- Pipeline section fully part of it. Seismos show many constant EQs. Pictures of floating pipe

Here is today's (10/23/12) flyover of the sinkhole.


Here is the view in video showing how large it is from the ground point of view. It appears to be a large lake in the video. This was taken 3 days ago.

Here are the past two days of seismic activity from the area.

Here is the link to see the graphs and many others from the area.

Today's graph (10/23/12)

Continuation of the activity for the day:

This one is from the 20th, showing some large EQs from the Belle Rose site:

Here is yesterdays (10/22/12) graphs for Bayou Corne and the EQs.

One thing I would like to know, is why aren't they putting these EQs on the map?  

Also see how the pipeline is floating...... pictures from the 10th of October.

One other thing, look at this picture from today.  Is this another sinkhole that has started nearby or is it just accumulating water from the original sinkhole? 

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