Friday, July 20, 2012

Colorado Mass "Dark Knight" shootings. Call for "Gun Control" already being started... Here are some questions about that.

UPDATE 7/22/12- Article about how we are being set up - Serious questions about Aurora and "Terrorist" Warnings regarding the Olympics.

What a horrendous tragedy that occurred overnight in Aurora Colorado during the Dark Knight midnight movie.  It is so sad and hard to comprehend that someone would do what they did.   James Holmes a 24 year old shot and killed multiple people.

Of course what do politicians do?   They exploit tragedies!~   So many of them are jumping on the bandwagon of calling for "Gun control" over this horrid tragedy.  Including Bloomberg who is a control freak and wants to make everything illegal and has made N.Y.C. a complete police state.

Mayor Bloomberg has come out today saying "Soothing words are not enough."  

“I mean, there’s so many murders with guns every day,” he continued. “It’s just gotta stop. And instead of these two people, President [Barack] Obama and Governor [Mitt] Romney talking in broad things about, they want to make the world a better place. OK. Tell us how. And this is a problem. No matter where you stand on the Second Amendment, no matter where you stand on guns, we have a right to hear from both of them, concretely, not just in generalities, specifically, what are they going to do about guns?”
Bloomberg went on to suggest most of the nation’s governors should also make their stances clear.

Well, lets think about this for one moment.   What if there had been someone in the theater watching the movie that had a concealed weapons permit?  Think about how that person could have shot the shooter that was randomly killing people.   That person would have been a Hero!  

It is not more gun control, but what is needed is more people get permits to carry and that would make our streets safer.

Yes, there are some insane people out there.  So if someone crashes a car into a building and hurts people.... do you outlaw all cars?   If someone takes a knife and stabs another.... do you outlaw all knives?   If someone takes a bat or blunt object and hits another person do you outlaw all bats?

All those things happen all the time.

Guns do not kill, people do.  People who are not right in their thinking will find one way or another to kill someone if that is what they want to do.

So...ask the politicians that want to take away our second amendment rights if they will take all knives and every other thing someone has used to kill another person away too?

OH.... timely incident considering the "Small Arms Treaty" that Obama is working on with the United Nations.

My prayers and thoughts are with all those impacted in Colorado.

If only there had been a person who had a gun in the theater, they could have taken out the shooter and less people may have been murdered.

Piers Morgan calling for Gun Control  
 Mr. Morgan, you are not even a citizen of the U.S..  You have NO right to try and call for anything that changes our rights in this country! 

UPDATE Here is a perfect example of people who have gun permits stopping violence. This just happened at an internet cafe in Florida. Video of a man that had a gun and stopped a robbery. The man in the video is a Hero!

UPDATE 7/21/12 - Must read article from Natural News "Aurora Shooting Staged"

They ask lots of questions and spot light the sophistication of the weapons, etc.


  1. The killer is a gov. agent, a provocateur, from the elite, which wants guns taken from the hands of the "peasants." Tptb want to turn public opinion AGAINST gun onwership!

    The elite want We, THE People back at the plow, like in the Dark/Middle Ages, living like animals, AGAIN!

  2. The elite make life horrible for many people, first through a disinformation system, then with drugs, invented chemical poisons which people get through big pharma, and probably suffering from malnutrition even though they probably eat plenty, this then forces them to act like a crazed animal with rabies.
    It is the environment genned up the elite to create vast inequality amongst people creating tension combined with disinformation, mental illness and malnutrition.
    In a free country, mass murdering events would be unheard of, but in our totally controlled economy the nature of man is disturbed.

    1. ..economic differences aside...we are all victims of cognitive dissonance...being forced to live through some scripted, presented "life" of "should be"...supported by lies, propaganda, indoctrination and force...when we know in our hearts that we are led by corrupt thieves and war-criminals...this violent agenda can only serve to separate already damaged souls from reality..
      ...and inflict their demented violence on a mostly-unarmed populace. the Constitution and pass open-carry laws...crime will drop quickly...


      RJ O'Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  3. Killers Kill.
    If gun is the weapon of choice, a killer will obtain one, legal or not.
    Our culture is spawning extreme sickos.
    Our elaborate security systems and militarized culture do not protect us.
    An armed, rational population is the best defense because they are immediately present at danger.
    Example, the recent foiled armed robbery in Florida.

  4. This is all more "Ammo" if you will for the gun grabbers to justify the removal of privately owned firearms in America. What amazes me is that the shooter actually lived which all by itself defies their logic because in virtually all the prior shootings, the killer has supposedly committed suicide to remove the possibility of the public learning that they were programmed to to these acts of violence. If the shooter ends up dead mysteriously, you know that he was programmed and had to be eliminated.

  5. This guy was studying neuroscience in a Ph.D. program and his father, is a manager of a software company... He has never been in trouble a day in his life.

    Manchurian Candidate.

  6. If someone had been in the audience with a weapon and had shot the perpetrator then he most likely would be either dead at the hands of police or arrested as a partner in the actual crime (failed murder/suicide pact).

  7. WRONG! Forensics would prove the fact of the Hero shooting the crazed person. It would show only the bullets from that person was used on the gunman. No, to try and say "If you stand up you can be implicated" in my opinion is wrong. If someone had a gun in that theater with them and used it on the shooter a lot less people may have gotten hurt and murdered. Is is easy enough to prove now a days with all the forensics. Besides the Hero wouldn't have been dressed all in the riot gear that the murder was.

  8. Your arguments are weak and you're stupid. Let me spell this out for you smug morons: the difference between knives, bats, etc., is that a gun is a machine designed to efficiently administer lethal force, not hit a baseball or cut up a steak.

    No one wants to outlaw guns, they just want some accountability and responsibility. This guy was so devious and meticulous, that he probably would have easily passed even the most stringent non-existent gun laws imaginable to perpetuate this act.

    There is no law in Colorado that would have prohibited some fairytale 'hero' that you idiots are rambling on about. And if there was, I'm sure the hero could have stopped the killer with a baseball bat or a knife.

    I think the main reason you gun lovers get so bent out of shape about the 2nd amendment and your right to bear arms is that you couldn't pass safety tests, gun knowledge tests, etc. If you could, you'd have no reason not to expect the same from anyone else.

    1. Oh, you missed a few derogatory names to call me and those who commented here.

      No outlawing of guns? I guess then that UN small arms treaty is nothing to worry about then? Just like all those Executive orders Obama has put into effect too - from taking over all communications, all assets of the American people, besides being able to detain us for the rest of our lives without rights. But.... nevermind those.... there is nothing the government is wanting to do to take our guns away... all just accountability.

      Sure, I will just "baaa" and believe you.

      OH, I go to the range and shoot and I have taught my teenage daughter how to shoot too at the range. Both her and I Love shooting at the range. I have even gotten other people who have never shot before to start shooting and learning how to handle a hand gun.

      Everyone should learn how to shoot a gun, in my opinion. You never know when it will come in use.

    2. There IS a law in Aurora Colorado that prevented any law abiding citizen from being armed. Get your facts straight Libtard. You probably write for ABC.

  9. A "permit" grants permission, with a "right" you do not need permission. So how do we have a "right" to bear arms, yet need a "permit" to carry?

  10. also after posting my previous comment, I was advised that my "comment will be visible after approval", sort of the same argument, I have freedom of speech, after approval, of course!

    1. That is correct. I moderate the comments. There are many who try and incite violence and spew hate about killing others. I will always moderate the comments as I don't want this blog taken down. I did not moderate comments in the beginning but I soon realized why there has to be moderation. The amount of violent and comments full of the foulest language about other groups of people is astounding at times.

      You go ahead and get a blog and post things and then you will find out in a short time that moderation has to be done for the comments.

  11. Why didn't someone in the crowed drawn their concealed weapon and shoot back at the killer?

    Oh. That's right. Cinemark has BANNED GUNS from their theaters! It's sort of hard to defend yourself when the movie theater insists that only the bad guys have guns! I'm sure Cinemark is stunned that the killer didn't follow the rules. Imagine that! I guess they'll have to ban him from the theater for failing to obey that rule!

    Think! The world is a dangeorus place, made more so by companies like Cinemark who insist that any advantage in weaponry goes to the bad guy.

    Boycott Cinemark until they change their policies on the lawfult carry of firearms! And vote against any politician who tries to sell you the lie of gun control.

  12. What this person who is so against guns doesn`t seem to realize is that the Second Ammendment was put their to protect US citizens from tyranny by anyone including their own government. In Israel there was a saying, "to every jew a twenty-two". That`s in calibre numb nuts.

  13. I wish more people had their heads on straight like you, Sherrie. You are exactly right about someone in the audience having a concealed weapon. It is sad to see how brainwashed or just plain stupid some of the people making comments are. This event is soooo obviously staged, the timing is a big red flag, plus so many other things too numerous to mention here. Keep up the good work.

    1. As someone pointed out that is not as easy as you think.

      What happens if there were two guys with concealed/carry? Now what happens if one of the guys shoots at the maniac and the other guy in the confusion and darkness shoots the guy shooting at the maniac, thinking he is the maniac.

      What happens if police come and see someone with a pistol and all the dead bodies and shoots the guy who killed the maniac during the confusion because the guy with gun cannot hear or see correctly with the noise and the smoke???

  14. Those rights that you claim are being taken away were enacted by George Bush and Dick Cheney. Where were you and your blog when the Patriot Act was passed?

  15. A strange time for this to happen right before the U.N. gun treaty next week, no? Are we supposed to believe that this strange shooting is a coincidence? On my blog I try to make sense of these events in the context of the larger Divine Plan where there are no coincidences. Thanks for this post Sherrie and for helping the people to awaken!

  16. The shooting was staged as said by Mike.

    But he left out two things that is more convincing.

    One, the fact it is staged is that he bought 6000 rounds of ammo. The stagers put that in to have everyone said, awww now we gotta quit selling ammo on line <- This of course is the "stager's" goal).

    Second, the stagers made sure the news reported that he bought multiple guns from various websites. The stagers put this in to have everyone say, awww, now we gotta close those durty gunselling websites down!<- The goal of the "stagers"

    Mike has already stated another critical "staging" element. This shooting occurs just a few days before the UN votes on American sovereignty of gun rights.

    This is all to clear. We are being setup folks.