Sunday, July 24, 2016

DNC Wikileaks Emails: I found Explosive Collusion between Press/Clinton/DNC and Push Back Against Sanders and Arranged Protests

Yes it has been a long time since I posted anything.  Life is happening for me along with College.

I don't harbor on the negative events and simply add energy to them.  But I LOVE truth and I LOVE Truth being revealed!

With Wikileaks releasing 20000 DNC emails, I have been busy reading through them for hours and doing searches in various ways to uncover the deception of the DNC and Clinton.

I have found many many emails proving collusion between the Press and the DNC for talking points.  I also found emails where they are the ones organizing the protest during Trump's events.

There are so many I have found, I can't insert all the images here but the links below go to the emails.  I have a brief description of them.

DNC organizing Protests against Trump

Hillary helped with article with DNC against Bernie

demands meeting with Griffin, head of NBC about Mika

talked to Griffin, head of NBC about Mika

dnc talking points for meeting with Griffin, head of NBC about Mika

off the record press meetings:

telling The Hill to add another perspective in their article

email to managing political editor about Chuck Todd's email

email to Chuck Todd after party list of dnc they want included as guests

meeting with head msnbc over mika

collusion with CNN state of the Union show - Donna Brazzile

washington post reporter - collusion with dnc

dnc going to pushback on sanders

all about Hillary and thanking for donations

dnc and Chuck Todd about getting Mika to stop regarding DWS

upset with sanders - pushing news to see it their way

pushback against sanders 

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