Saturday, November 14, 2015

U.S. declaring War on Syria due to Paris Attack, Says All need to join the Fight and get Assad out at same time. Transcript of Speech now embedded

John Kerry is on TV right now on France24 declaring war on Syria and the terrorist inside.  Saying everyone needs to join the fight inside Syria and get Assad (he calls dictator) out at same time.

He is saying due to the Paris Attack the U.S. now needs to go to war inside Syria and giving it 6 months to get Assad out.

We now know why the Paris Attack happened.  Saying there needs to be a cease fire immediately.
In other words Russia has to stop bombing the terrorist, that is who they are calling for a cease fire.

Saying UN needs to take over Syria right away and monitor all going on.  

Says UN is going to accelerate the cease fire. 

Seems to me he was threatening Russia at the same time.

War is being declared now.  Is this the start of a World War?

This is just a short post to get the information out.

UPDATE:  Here is the transcript of what Kerry said and declaring War.

Added Nov. 15 - I noticed glaring oddities of the picture from inside Bataclan theater of victims after the shooting. WARNING: Graphic Image.

Picture inside Paris Bataclan Theater of Victims after shooting. Glaring Oddities about it. Video start of shooting inside Bataclan


  1. Assad is fighting ISIS, ISIS kills civilians, so let's blame Assad. Only to a professional politician does this make sense,

    1. Bang. If people really dead in Paris they are victims of a CIA+Mossad joint op. The public at large are victims of state sponsored false flag rubbish, whether or not Parisians died. Next stop - invade Syria using jarheads and grunts. Those losers should just resign from their posts and refuse to pick up weapons for these psychopaths.

    2. That is the thing ..... MAKE the CHICKENHAWKS fight the war

    3. Declaration of War, well there we have it just as the PNAC document elaborated as described by Gen. Westly Ckark stated was/is the plan. Assad if fighting ISIS (US) to preserve Serian sovereignty and we've now orchestrated the events to bring sbout the war we wanted. The US wants to carve up Syria and control its resources. It's all to disgusting.

      So send your kids to die but don't expect mine to fight these staged terror murderous wars, they won't. And they won't pledge allegiance to the cabal of international bankers who've over run our country waving the US flag spouting patriot jingo bullshit as though they reflect Americans They don't, they're usurper's and if more people don't wake up to this cabal and take action to stop it, we won't need to be concerned with our children's future becsuse they won't have onem

  2. Ain't going to fly. These people are raising on a busted flush as their asses are all now exposed for the world tosee.

  3. What the hell! Stumble wont stumble this site anyway.

  4. Desperation on the cusp of madness. 1st absolutely everybody sees the tragedy in Paris for the false flag that it is. 2nd the psychopaths in Washington have no argument for Russia to leave Syria. The Russians were invited into Syria by the legitimate government of Syria to fight the very same entity that Washington accuses of being responsible for the attack. So what kind of twisted logic now wants the very force wiping the floor with ISIS in Syria to leave while the US destroys the primary victim of said entity in Syria, thereby scattering the terrorists to the 4 winds so that they will be meaner than hornets and spread out all over the world. On one hand it's entertaining to watch all the kids who rode the short bus in Washington with their panties in such a bunch they are all squeaking like the rats that they are. On the other hand they can still do a lot of damage while they are flaming out.

  5. The 'reality' in Syria is on the ground. Blood and Steel. Same as it ever was.

  6. Oh Vey ! The next chapter of WW3 is about to be written !
    A Battle With No Front
    ".. Welcome to World War III – a global conflict with unlimited battlefronts. We, as people of the world, are all caught in the middle in this disaster. We see that our universe is crumbling, we want peace, yet we don’t even know who the enemy is.
    For some of us, this recent escalation is not a surprising development. We have been writing about it for years. We have been scrutinising the disastrous impact of the matrix of Ziocon immoral interventionist lobbies that have been relentlessly advocating more and more conflicts. The CRIF in Paris, CFI in London and AIPAC in Washington all push for escalation of the battle against Arabs and Muslims in accordance with the Israeli plan for a new Middle East."

  7. AHA! There we go, thats what the "attacks" in Paris were about! Russia must now agree that Syria governance must "go under UN control" whatevert that emeans and stop supporting Assad otherwise Russiw will be the "bad guy" again!
    What an amazing luck to USA/NATO that the "attacks" in Paris just happen to happen 1 day before the conference on Syria in Vienna.

  8. Kerry can get a REAL Purple Heart as he fights in the Front Lines with all the other Politicians that are so eager for war.

  9. KERRY HAS absolutely no power to "declare war" The investigation has hardly started...and...the whole world is aware its another False Flag by the New World Order and their asshat minions in high offices.
    Expect the French "Patriot Act" to be already written and waiting in the wings.......

  10. Endless wars for Israel, yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by banning books like “America Deceived III”.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by banning guns.
    Both parties are lawless.
    Last link of “America Deceived III” before it is completely banned:

  11. Sack (Fire) Kerry from all goverment ranks and dispatch him to heal in asylym with other mad crazy politicans,
    that only way to live in peace without ww3.

    McCain or Kerry no matter the ISIS is their dirty bloodthirsty job....

  13. Overall that's informative post.