Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rand Paul is a FRAUD and another Obama! He has committed Treason against his Father and Now U.S. Citizens. I have NO Respect for him at All!

First I believed in Rand Paul when he ran for the Senate in Kentucky.  I supported his run and win.

Then during the 2012 Presidential election when he committed Treason and was a traitor against his father by endorsing Romney, I never listened to another word he said until his epic filibuster..

He redeemed himself in my eyes when he accomplished the epic 13 hour filibuster which I actually watched more than half of.  I was thrilled he was standing up for all of us and the country. I became a Rand Paul supporter once more.

NOW.... he has committed treason against the U.S. people and he has nullified his epic filibuster by going directly against it.

Rand Paul says at 2:30 point of the video below "If someone is coming out of a liquor store with a gun and $50 dollars I don't care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him."

WTF???!!!!  REALLY???

You - Rand Paul..... Don't Care if a drone is JUDGE JURY AND EXECUTIONER of someone ROBBING a store?   So someone should be KILLED for robbing a Store?

How Dare you..... believe drones should KILL people during a crime instead of letting a jury of their peers convict them!!!!   Also, who is to say the real robber didn't toss the person out with the gun, no one knows what the real situation is, until evidence is completely provided in a COURT ROOM!

You are not a TRUE Constitutionalist and you are a traitor, Rand Paul!!

I hope the people of Kentucky Vote You OUT!  I will NEVER support you, We can not TRUST you!  You are a true politician.   Not trustworthy, a player of the game and I have NO respect for you!

It is sad that all politicians in Washington are against the U.S. citizens.  There is not one person there who is really for our freedoms and liberty now.   We have lost our country due to allowing the politicians to do as they have without people being more involved from decades ago in what they were doing.

They are all owned by corporations and big business.   They are all puppets on a string that are controlled by their masters.  None of them are there for us, they are there for money and power.

We need REAL people in D.C.!  We need to somehow get all those asleep that are willing to vote for the same old tired and controlled D.C. official to see the light.  We need everyone of them out and vote someone who is not controlled and won't be bought in!

It is so frustrating that we don't have any real representation in D.C. and people we thought were on the side of the Constitution and Bill of Rights were/are just pandering for votes and selling the people down the river to the slave masters.



  1. Sherrie, You seem like a very nice lady whose heart is in the right place. How in the world could you place trust in any of our elected officials? They all are incapeable of telling the truth. The only person who was worth while was Ron Paul. That is why the lame stream media destroyed him. Take a page from Gerald Celente's book and become a political atheist until we have a true reformer.

    1. the problem is sherrie, and those like her. there were MANY instances of Rand displaying his untrustworthineess long before this latest betrayal. the stupid americans insist on believing what they want to believe and seeing what they want to be there (and isnt). then when the obvious becomes overwhelming? they are irate. until the betrayer tosses them a few crumbs to win them back over (pre-election) and they fall for it again. once in office, he predictably "betrays" them and they are ?shocked!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    2. The current federal government is actively engaged in wholesale, worldwide fraud with Wall Street and the Central Banksters. The only way we will ever get true reformers is to dissolve the federal government ..... and a handful of state governments as well.

      This system cannot be salvaged. Unfortunately, they will refuse to acknowledge their crimes and incompetence and step down voluntarily.

    3. I do not believe the majority of our so-called "elected officials" were/are actually elected at all. I believe they were chosen by way of rigged, electronic voting utilizing manipulated software.

  2. Dear Sherrie:

    You just found this out?

    As to his pa, I don't trust him either. Ron is old now, but has been many long years in Congress, and suddenly a few years ago, he begin taking our side?

    If Ron Paul were for real, he would have been killed by tptb, already.

    Meanwhile, the Congress and Admin, howl with laughter, rolling on the floor, at how gullible, we, "peasants" are with dear Ron.

    1. Its obvious you never actually paid attention to Ron Paul over his long career in congress. He has never swayed from his beliefs. Hes been a constitutionalism supporter his entire career and has never once changed his stance. He has warned us of disaster since 1983. He was considered an eccentric by his constituents forever. Hell in 1999 he made a speech in congress that describes every event down to the last detail on what happened in 2009 urging congress and the people to act. And they ignored him time and time again.
      How dare you accuse him of all of a sudden taking our side. You people ignored him for decades and only started caring about what he was telling you all along after the sh*t hit the fan.

      And to the bonehead down below. Of course he got some support from millionaires and billionaires. He wanted to rewrite the tax code eliminating income taxes or implementing a flat rate tax on Companies. It would save companies millions if not billions and would have promoted massive job growth.

      Also he burned the hell out of Romney many times accusing him of being the Creator of Obama care and how he supported massive increases in federal spending and starting wars we could not afford.

      He wanted to either End the federal reserve or set it up where the federal reserve did not have dominant control over the banking industry. He also wanted to force strong regulation of smaller banks.

      He was also a very strong supporter of Unions and people right to negotiate with employers.

      His son is very similar in beliefs and sherry his comment on that broadcast was just an example that drones are ok to use if they are used during an active crime.
      a criminal with a weapon robs a store he technically becomes and active combatant. That should be considered deadly because he is in possession of a weapon.It not innocent until proven guilty if you are caught there with the gun in your hand. You are guilty and should be considered armed and dangerous.

      I agree with Rands belief on this. One thing you need to understand. Rand Paul is not Ron Paul. He may side with his father on some things but not everything. But still would be a way better choice then Romney and Obama for our economy.

      So all of you people that SOLD OUT. The first chance you got seem to miss out on one major thing. He got the attention of Millions of people that believe in him. He also got a ton of people that supported him involved in the political process to push their beliefs on Local, state and federal levels of the government.

    2. The death knell of this Republic was the Federal Reserve Act Of 1913,which reunited the US with the world British Empire:The Rothchilds,who were given 57 % stake in it. Since World War 2, this power has increased. just as the beloved old companies of the US are mere shells of the transnationals they control,so is national autonomy. Any nation,or leader who opposes them is war upon,ignored or killed.They even control some of the Conspiracy Theorists out there to shield them ! Alex Jones and the Birch Society are good examples. The Tea Party,that ignorant hoke run by the Koch Brothers are the same.Those cretins inherited their money from daddy,who made his building chemical plants for Stalin. ... Only by Nationalizing the banks can we have the world back! SEE BROTHER NATHANAEL KAPTNAR; END OF SOVEREIGN AMERICA.SATAN AT THE WAILING WALL YOU TUBE. DAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT.COM

  3. As soon as that asshole went Israel, I knew the truth about him. The rest of his actions is simply confirmation. Vote him out Kentucky!

    1. Yes! He sold out to the Zionist Lobby which controls the whole US. See THE UGLY TRUTH.COM,and SATAN AT THE WAILING WALL. BROTHER NATHANAEL KAPTNAR.COM

  4. hi,
    those who speak the truth...die, literally or figuratively.
    those who high and mighty,
    until gravity pulls their flimsy houses of gold and fiat currency down the stink hole.
    when ron denied the truth of 9-11 was all over for him as a voice of truth, but at least we are pretty sure that the two pauls have a biological relationship. not so the imposter in the house that operates at the beck and call of the windsor throne.
    it is now time for christ-like revolution. don't follow stupid leaders who suck each others u know what. there is not one god! there are many. like politicians...each looking to be the king of the gods and humans! go beyond duality!

  5. Ron Paul was a fraud just like his son, only a wilier fraud.

    1. He's supported by $millions from Bilderberger board member, Peter Thiel.
    2. He's a Mason. His wife and daughters belong to Masonic organizations.
    3. He elected Mitt Romney by going after all his competitors in the Repub primaries but never once criticizing Romney.
    4. Like father like son. Rand Paul is a Neocon. Ron Paul lies about his true views as controlled opposition, which are obvious in his son.
    5. Rand Paul was named after Ayn Rand whose lover was Phillip de Rothschild.
    6. Paul wants austerity for the American people. No plans to go after the banks, to get the trillions stole from Americans. No plans for bringing back American jobs, to nail the Big corrupt corporations.
    7. Paul's Austrian Economics was supported by the Rockefellers.
    8. Paul's Gold standard is a Rothschild wet dream since they own the gold & historically gold is the tender of tyrants.
    9. He says trust the Free Market, when anyone with a brain knows there is no free market just a manipulated one.
    10. Paul led a genuine counter government movement down a blind alley and that was the plan.

    1. Rand Paul was named after Ayn Rand whose lover was Phillip de Rothschild.
      His full name is Randal Paul and his wife started calling him Rand and so it went from there.Do your research instead of just believing what you hear somewhere.

    2. Thank you,

      You laid it out so well, so succinctly that....well, that even a U.S. citizen can grasp it, but don't hold your breath.... Brains aren't the only thing lacking, most have lost their genitalia and spine as well. It's much safer for a coward to deny the obvious and go along with the "flock". Much less chance of being villified.

  6. Attention National (GPS) Coordination Center Director

    Entry Status : HTG - Hot To Go

    Clearance Code: Bravo 911/Current Active

    Request Path: Current and Near Future

    Message: Advise Sub-Urgent current and known near future coordinates of above subject.


    Reply with confirmation Code to dovetail Launch Sequence.

    ........ .......... End Message ........ ...

    That should do it for him. WHAT

    Who's next

    We are Legion

  7. Yep, along with an Israeli flag behind him.
    When Ron Paul just wimped out on the elections I had a strange sense of deja vu. Oh, that's right many before him just folded and left the stage even though he had a following that would have moved heaven and earth to change the course of the election. Ron Paul failed his following and his nation.
    Rand Paul is a stooge, he has sucked off the tit of the nation his whole life. He needs to be out on the streets struggling like the rest of the nation. He is not a leader nor is he loyal to the UNITED STATES. He is a traitor, period.
    I am disgusted with the republicans and the democrats...they entertain evil. We can no longer make excuses for evil or it's minion. Tell it like it is E.V.I.L. and the head of the snake is the Queen of England. They ALL work for her.
    Knowledge is power...Barbara Bush owns a nuclear plant...they are making money off of a failed system. All the radiation and potential for disaster just to boil water. There are better and safer methods but the Queen will NOT allow her depleted uranium (just to name one) to be stopped. Back in the 60's when these plants were being built everywhere there were over 1 million signatures to stop the nuclear plants from being one listened. Today we are paying the price.
    No one is addressing the Fukushima (300 times for powerful than Chernobyl)on going disaster. Dumping plutonium into the oceans has not stopped now over 2 years later we are still be radiated. The mutation is being noted across the planet. No one escapes it, it cannot be reversed, it affects EVERYONE big and small. Trees, bugs, vegetation, you name it. HOw are they serving the people of this planet? They serve the almighty dollar and that piece of shit Queen, all of them.
    Rand Paul and his father are distracting us from the facts...poison is everywhere and they don't care if you eat it, breath it, or live in it. I have had my fill of evil...

  8. He went to Israhell to visit the wailing wall like all good antichrist zionist servants do

  9. This is Why Rand Paul sucks -
    He is selling everyone out, REMEMBER This -

  10. @Anonymous (12:14pm) I pretty much agree with most all of what people have written here. However, I would like to know your source for Phillip de Rothschild being Ayn Rand's lover. I'm not being argumentive, just curious. I recently read her latest biography and there was nothing at all to indicate that. I think Ayn was very unhappy most of her life but her 'philosophy' gets a bad rap overall.

  11. Sorry about the vulgar post. There really is nothing more to say about this traitor. Everything else is a waste of breath.

  12. It's one two things that should now be known about every politician: 1. R. Paul gets nightly visits from Rothschild hired guns 2. R. Paul has sold his soul for 30 Shekels.

  13. Hahaha... Sherrie learns a lesson about trusting humans. The Bible says not to trust humans because of their hearts.

    I also must remind Sherrie about trusting the NRA. I've been hearing stories about these guys. Stories I don't like to hear. Ungrateful, double-crossing, etc.

    I'm surprised by a highly intelligent woman can be so gullible.

    1. The NRA is controlled opposition. If it were for real we wouldn't even have all these gun laws NONE. They argue and vent and rally and we still get more laws, NRA will say they shut down a few of them so its a win, when in reality, it is a setup, wish ppl would realize any big organization is tied to the top elite and is a set up, just like all other 3 letter organization (CIA IRS FBI etc..)

  14. I, too, am curious about the Rand/Rothschild connection -- I can't find anything about this -- sounds somewhat unlikely -- anyone?

  15. If he robs the store at gunpoint, the clerk behind the counter has every right to be his judge, jury and executioner. The thief should be so lucky to encounter a cashier so "jurisprudential" as you who would risk an attempt to hold him for "proper" trial.

    1. I agree, a clerk or anyone having a gun held to their face has a RIGHT to defend him or herself with equal measure and do what is necessary to save themselves. I totally believe in our RIGHTS to defend ourselves with a gun and shoot the person threatening us. BUT I don't agree a DRONE has any right to shoot a person. That Drone is not being threatened!

      NO DRONES on U.S Soil!

  16. Democrats and republicans are all owned by every corporation, special interest, foreign govt and crazy billionaire that has their price. With the treason that goes on, every day, in DC and out, thinking otherwise is (I'm sorry) naive.

  17. So you believed Rand Paul - how naive is that. Are you kidding me that you could possibly still believe any of these characters. Yes, characters - actors my dear.

    So really you are epart of the problem in that you lent credence through your unbelievable ignorance to an obvious fraud.

    You obviously dont see with both eyes. I really cant believe that you portend to be awake yet can not see what is blatantly obvious even for a child.

  18. Rand Paul is a well paid concubine of the Israeli lobby, who acts as if he is pleased that the American people are Israel's slaves.

  19. Anyone who can turn against their own father like Rand Paul did is a spineless scumball!! What a disappointment to have your own son betray you!! My old KY home needs to rid themselves of both Zionist servants Paul and McConnell. I saw the video of him offering his son to demons at the Wailing Wall. Ron Paul must be suffering the most bitter of disappointments in his son. I fear America is doomed if things don't change dramatically real soon. Keep up the good work sherrie!!

  20. I want to know why Ron Paul did not challenge the Republican Conventions that screwed him out of several state caucuses and at the National Convention. Why? Why did he not stand up for the principles of the process? Why did he just let it go? Why?

    1. cuz it was a setup. thats all. to pretend the ppl had a voice, when they never really did ever, just like good ole Alex Jones, just another controlled opposition and with ppl that go to his site, etc.. they have easy lists of ppl that need reeducation or where to send the drones

    2. This whole thing is a fraud. Political Parties, you name it. It was a fraud right out of the gate. What ever happened to the anti-federalists and recorded history??? I guess the government schools took care of that. And this deluded sect running around calling themselves patriots. Are they the American fifth column born out of "freemasonry," the dog-star worshipers -- Corn and Oil scrubbers. The foundering fathers of what it is today, or as comedian Flip Wilson used to say: "the church of what's happening now?" These Fifth Column patriots worship and continue to cite a document whose initial instructions to the congress are to: "borrow money against the credit of the United States," failing to ask the simple question: borrow from who sucker? Of course the obvious answer to anybody having any semblance of a brain between their ears is: from the Rothschild's Cartel. Anything short of tearing it down and starting over is a complete waste of time. It is what it is for a reason. Get over it.

  21. So you censor comments? When you start to do that I start to slowly come here less and less.

    I'm surprised you do that. In another words you control the outcome the way you want it.

    Therefore, you are no less guilty that the very people you complain about.

    My comments are really harmless, but salient. And should be allowed. Shame on you and the other conservative sites that do this.

    No wonder we are losing the war. Our side has no integrity like the other side.

    What have you got to hide, huh?

    1. I have published every single comment. I was not around last night to get all of them published so I did this morning. The amount of spam is amazing, even though there is a verification process and some that call for death and are extremely violent, I do not allow. Otherwise every single comment is published. I am not by the computer all the time, so many times the evening comments get on in the morning as just now I approved every comment that was submitted last night, which was over 20.

      Sorry, but I don't want spam with who knows what viruses in the links nor violent comments, where either the blog could get shut down or people don't come here due to viruses in links they have clicked on.

  22. ...but the wizard will give me a brain...

    and me a heart...

    and me....Where did Kansas go...toto ?


  23. so this Sherrie seems like everyone thinks your a moron. i dont, as i said in my previous comment people like you are a big part of the problem. i cant believe that for one who has investigated so much you were fooled by this guy. come on - no way >

    my last comment was censored. lets see about this one

    1. NO, EVERY Single comment has been published that has been submitted, just moments ago they all got up. There have not been any spams or violent comments at all. So, maybe you didn't submit it under your name and it is there somewhere. But I don't "censor" as you imply, I am not by the computer 24/7.

  24. so Sherrie i wonder if you would care to respond to all those posters here that find it quite incredible as to how you dont get that Mr Paul was not, is not and never would represent the best interests of the people. how is that you dont or didnt get that Sherrie?

    I am really intersted as it seems that even those like yourself that look to be awake can be so so naive -

    1. Everyone needs something to believe in and I would like to believe there is at least one person of integrity and has the best people's interest and truth at heart in D.C.. Seems it is not so. But eventually I do believe TRUTH will set people free and wake them UP!

  25. Thanks for responding Sherrie. I'm not sure we need to believe in anything other than the truth. I mean it's a good concept but unfortunatley - as someone once said 'when we say we know something for sure then we become part of the problem'.

    Here's a good example of what i refered to above:

    “Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence.”

    So Sherrie, as i said it's a good concept but somewhat of a cliche and can lead us away from the truth.

    somethng like that :)

    1. Okay, you go ahead and not believe in anything. To each's own.

    2. one need only put the mugshots on the wall...

      seeing who the enemy is sometimes adds an element of focus

      free your mind


      not everyone lives in a mental prison manufactured by the Lie Factory

  26. im still open minded. but i wouldnt simply support or believe in someone or something simply because i feel a need to believe in something. surely that why we are were we are today. i believe this but she believes that . . . . . and on it goes. conflict.

  27. I think they're all puppeteers!

    Have you seen this?

    See Something! Say Something! - Full Pop Goes The Weasel's

    Has this been repealed?

  28. As far as I'm concerned, Rand Paul/Ron Paul/Ron Howard/Paul Bunyan---they're all just a bunch of scummy actors in the same dirty political dog-and-pony show here in Amerikka. The whole idea is to make people think that Politician X is against you, and Politician Y is standing up for you, whereas the truth is, BOTH are laughing their butts off when they step backstage behind the curtain where you can't see them.

    Amerikka: "Whatta Bunch Of Saps!" (our new motto)

  29. A comment in the article says a person comes out of a store with 50 dollars and a gun and because no one knows what the situation is a person can be killed by a drone or cop.

    Guess what, this same scenario was reported happening a while back in New York, where a store owner was being robbed and held at gun point. At some point the robber looked away long enough for the store owner to bolt out of the store screaming for the police who were right across the street. The store owner, in a panic, was waving his arms and screaming for the police to come because other people in the store were being held hostage and the robbers might kill them. The idiotic cops BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS OR ACKNOWLEDGING THAT THIS MAN WAS THE STORE OWNER FLEEING FOR HIS LIFE AND ALERTING THEM TO A CRIME...SHOT THE MAN DEAD!!!!!!!!!

    So for Rand Paul to say he does not care if a drone or cop shoots a person only shows his INCREDIBLE IGNORANCE and lack of knowledge of the LAW as well as the need to follow protocol in a matter so a INNOCENT person(s) is not shot.

    I guess that america is now moving swiftly into a POLICE STATE, to him this is NORMAL and ACCEPTABLE... especially since it is not happening to him or his family/friends/associates etc.

  30. Soon as someone endorses "right to work" I am so done. It is so nice that Pawpaw Pawl has done charitable work as a doctor but it would be much nicer if people got paid enough that they could afford basic human life events like pregnancy!

    Been watching to figure out why people see it different from me but I guess I just got my corroboration.

  31. Rand has joined the "Good'O'l Boys club" He is now and forever a DC insider. He got what he wanted and now he's going to stay. Thanks to the voters.

  32. But what is the difference between a drone and a cop? They ARE both the judge and executioner.

  33. Really?? your surprised that R, Paul is a liar and cheat?? He's politician so you should be able to tell when the man in lying---it's simple --- his lips will be moving!!
    come on America smarten up they are all the same bunch of criminals that have stolen your govt and you all don't seem to have noticed. Look at what you have installed in your highest office a complete fraud of a (perhaps) human without even a past!!!

  34. Respectfully disagree...I think he's playing along to get support to get White House one day...and then become his father...with power. Even with a Trojan Horse policy, it will be difficult for him to win...but this may be the only strategy left.

  35. Rand Paul would sell himself for a bag of groceries and the pantry already filled. Freemasonry is economic warfare. The more so the closer to the top. Queen Elizabeth was/is the top person, or Grand Patron. England is in debt over ten times what they produce in a year. Loyal Skull and Bones and freemasons tear away at the U.S. to open a vein to feed The City of London. Ron Paul bailed out on America when no one else had time to open a campaign, but when Dr. Paul was still attracting larger crowds than Obummer and Mittens combined. Both treasonous saps.


  36. Well Sherrie, you struck several chords with your article. Most everyone is still upset. I was a delegate for the 2000 Independent convention to elect Buchanan. He came to the convention without a suggestion for a running mate. Said everyone turned him down. I knew that was a lie. I knew that most everything is smoke and mirrors. And that they dangel a carrot in front of us to keep us going. I pray Rand and Ron will never have a restful night again for their betrayal of the truth and our Republic.

  37. I can't believe anyone still thinks voting is a valid option.


    It is an Illuminati book. The book was ordered written and produced by Philip Rothschild, the leader of the Illuminati in his day and age. It was ordered written by a woman named Ayn Rand. She was, at that time, one of Philip Rothschild's mistresses. She was already a well-known author and her books sell nationwide. She wrote this book, it was suppose to be a novel. It's 1100 pages.

    It was written as a novel supposedly, but it is a codebook. And what's in the book, is a step by step plan to take over the whole world by taking over the United States.

    When you study Atlas Shrugged, you will find out that you are reading the front pages of the paper today. The oil shortage that doesn't exist. They state that they destroy their own oil wells, that they hide their own oil so nobody can have it. They state how they destroy the coal mines and shut the coal mines down, they shut the electricity down, they state how they cripple the country and no food is grown. It states how they pit and derail trains so that no trains go. It states how they sink and pirate thousands of ships every year.

    ...they gain control of the world by bankrupting their own businesses. The Illuminati owns most, I would say, 99 9/10 of the stores that you walk into and shop, and the gas stations you go to and they are going to destroy them on purpose. They are in the process of buying up the last few years, all the stores they don't own.

    The idea of taking over is to bankrupt the whole world where nothing is of any value and the currency does not exist anywhere and then come back and solve all the problems. The book Atlas Shrugged ends with the hero, John Galt, which is really Philip Rothschild....

    Now, the Rothschilds lead the Illuminati and in every country they have a family with the head of that family being the head of the Illuminati. In the United States, we have the Rockefellers. David Rockefeller is both the head of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Administration or Council which is the name of the Illuminati within the United States.

    The main source of finance for the Illuminati and for the whole world, particularly in the United States is the Standard Oil Co. Now, I'm going to educate you about something tonight that the Illuminati hoped nobody would ever find out about. Of course, you can check out who owns Standard 0il, --that's David Rockefeller.

    Now, you can find out what Standard owns because they mark their signs with blue and red. Everything they own. They also, with their oil companies, mark their oil companies with occult symbols.

    The main symbol is the sign of their god, the five-pointed star. Now, the strongest version that I have ever seen of it was a five pointed star radiating rainbow colors because they know that Lucifer is the god of the rainbow, as they put it.

  39. Everyone read the bible and pray. I don't think God is going to change the sinning ways of man, it is up to us to follow the right path. Revelations states that there will be a world govt. and single currency and this is exactly what the elite banksters and all the minions of satan are working towards. I don't like it either, just live right and let God sort it out. Make sure you take as many of them with you as possible when they illegally confiscate our rightfully and legally owned guns. God bless all of US and pray that we are united in the Lords heavenly kingdom.