Saturday, April 20, 2013

My interview of David Morgan Silver-Investor - Confirmed U.S. banks will go Cyprus. Paper prices separating from physical. Get metals while you can!

David Morgan,  spoke to me this morning about the Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein, coming right out and saying the U.S. will do as Cyprus if needed and take the creditors (depositors) money so a bank will not fail.  Your money in the banks is not yours it is the bank's money and when you signed the signature card, you acknowledge that.

The blue print has been established.

Great last minute interview with David and he provides Very Important information.  He points out Everyone needs to protect themselves, immediately.  The Physical market is tight now and getting tighter even in the U.S., get gold and silver right now while you can.

He says the U.S. citizens need to Wake Up and get smart and informed NOW!

UPDATE - 10:15 pm CONFIRMS everything Jim has said.. Zerohedge about gold and getting hard to get physical. 


  1. I understand why this person would tell us to buy gold and silver. The question is, why would anyone sell it? Ever?

    If the US Dollar is as worthless as you say, why would any bullion dealer trade their good metal for worthless dollars?

    I went to David Morgan's website and saw he is selling books and CDs. For US Dollars! Why would he do that if he really thought the dollar is going to collapse?

    1. Seriously? Do you have to accept dollars and pay dollars for anything you do, assuming you live in the U.S.? Business is done by dollars of course, that doesn't mean you don't convert them to other things later. That was kind of a silly question don't ya think?

    2. Sure you can convert them later! Except of course, that you can't. You yourself have interviewed people saying there is no physical metal to be bought anymore.

      So who would be stupid enough to let their valuable metals go in exchange for worthless paper?

      In fact, ALL of your sponsors accept "worthless" fiat US Dollars. Do they not really believe it's worthless? Do you?

    3. So your argument is.... don't believe anyone who accepts dollars? Yet dollars is how the world is run right now. Yet those who are experts are trying to let people know to buy as much metals as possible. YES, dollars are the ONLY thing accepted for payments for things. BUT I am sure companies and David would not mind people sending in metals for payments instead of dollars. In fact I am positive anyone who is aware of what is REALLY happening, wouldn't mind people sending in silver. So... if you are wanting something from a site, contact them about sending them metals instead of dollars. That will make you and them happy that dollars aren't being used. So go ahead and contact David, he will jump at people wanting to pay anything in silver. He is trying to educate everyone about it.

      I would LOVE to get any and all payments for things in silver or gold than in dollars, but right now that is not the way the world is run.

  2. It sure will happen here if the banks get in more trouble. Fed chairman said so...if Cyprus contagion came to USA.

  3. You should NEVER say another Cyprus can occur here because that only FEEDS them.

    They think you expect it therefore they will IMPLEMENT it.

    It should never be mentioned because it airs a legality about it. It is not LEGAL. They know it, we know it and it need not be mentioned or put in anyone's mind.

    You are FEEDING them. You heard what is said; don't feed the wild animals!

    1. What is gonna happen here will not be whether we "expect" it or not.

      Legal or not, whatever they ended up doing will be to the letter of the law. It doesn't mean that it's moral either.

      Mentioning the possibility of being Cyprus'd here, IMHO, will do more good than harm.

      Sherrie, thanks for yet another excellent interview.

  4. Most laws are just made up stuff. They make it up as they go along. Whatever suits their fancy at the time.

    Thus, it is not laws, but fickle moods which explains the mess we are in.

  5. Sherrie,
    You mentioned property, also. Do you think that if one has a mortgage or home equity loan on a property that the banks would be able to seize the property?

    1. remember Obama's executive order last year, regarding economics. They can seize any property they deem necessary for the govt. Maryland has just added a "rain tax" on to all property there. They are taxing homeowners for the rain that falls on their property. The govt. is going to go through the property owners to get more money. What is interesting, the day of this interview.. I received a notice my property taxes were going up 20% for the year.

      FYI - There is a great house in Knoxville, Tn. for sale. If anyone is interested in owning property here... get in touch with me. I am selling my house.

  6. As the govenment continues to go broke it will confiscate anything of value. What the government cannot confiscate it will tax. Between the banks and the government they are going to turn the population into debt surfs. Those who own gold will find that it buys a human beings greatest asset,freedom.