Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sequester BullSh**! Obama causing U.S. citizens to be affected - Yet Billions to Oil companies, Foreign Military, Dictators, the list goes on. Interactive Aid map and give aways including "One World Leadership" money.

The whole Sequester is Bullsh**!

 Obama is like a child, that didn't get his way so he decided on what programs to cut and who to cut to make it the most hurtful for the American people.  Obama got to decide where he would cut the money, including letting out illegal aliens from jail.

I have been researching how much the U.S. is giving to other countries for "aid".

The U.S. is giving the Syrian rebels 60 million in aid.   Think about this.... if the Syrian government or any other government gave a militia group here in the U.S. money, they would be considered a terrorist for going against the government.  Yet the U.S. can aid a terrorist group in another country and it is considered "humanitarian".

Two years ago, Forbes estimated the amount of foreign aid that the U.S. gives out freely to other countries was 58 Billion dollars.  This includes military aid and you will be shocked at some of the countries the U.S. gives aid too.

Small portion:

You may be surprised to learn that most countries outside of Western Europe, Canada and Australia get foreign aid from the U.S. This year the requested amount for Russia was $68.7 million. For China, it’s $12.9 million. A whopping $647.7 million has been allocated  for Nigeria. Even $20 million is set aside for communist Cuba

Here is an interactive map of the foreign aid the U.S. gives to other countries.   (The screen shot of the map is above.  At the link, put your cursor over the country and you will see the amount for 2013, requested by the country)

Here is an article about our aid to Egypt.  What it basically is.... a pay off and bribe so they will stay at peace with Israel.

This does not include the the food aid given of over 1 Billion a year to other countries.   I have a question about that.

There is not a U.S. government program that aids the families that have been thrown out on the street due to the mortgage fraud of the banks.  Where is the billions in aid for the U.S. citizens to eat, survive and live due to bank fraud and the stealing of their money/homes?

The numbers so far do not include the grants that the U.S. gives other countries, which is also billions per year.  The linked pdf, is only from 2000 to 2010 that was given to foreign countries.

Princeton University has an article about the U.S foreign aid and the Politics of it.  

Here you can find the U.S. loans and grants to other countries. 

Here is the chart showing how much the U.S. has given Africa just for Economic development.

You will notice the U.S. gave genocide dictators in Africa millions of dollars.  The chart does not show 2012 money given away.

Here is something of interest.  The U.S. gives money away for a "One World Leadership" to countries.   You will notice they are all Eastern Bloc countries that use to be part of the Soviet Union before they were separated.

Here is a site to see the aid to other countries for various reasons.

The above site has many different U.S. agencies that gives away money to everywhere in the world.  There is a "Millennium Challenge Agency."  They have given away hundreds of millions of dollars to countries, including over 600 million in one year to Moracco and a French Country: Benin located in Africa was given 42 million in 2011.   The Philipines were given 422+ million in 2011.

In other words that are all types of obscure U.S. agencies that were created just to give away money for every reason or another to foreign countries. 

The U.S. gives oil companies more than 54 Billion a year in subsidies.

The U.S. gives private businesses 80+ Billion a year in subsidies, interactive map.

The U.S. gives the banking industry 83+ Billion in subsidies a year    JP Morgan's annual subsidy of Free money is 14 Billion alone.  Obviously none of this includes the billions the Federal Reserve is giving away to banks in the U.S. and Europe.  All of that is under the table and isn't included.

I can go on and on, inserting information about how much the U.S. gives to dictators, private companies, etc.

What is the point of my putting all this information down?

The point is, Obama could have chosen many many give away's to other countries and corporations, instead he chose to hurt the U.S. people in ways that he did not need to.   He got to choose which programs got cut. 

By the time you add up how much the U.S. gives to other countries for one thing or another (not all money given away is included here) and to private profitable corporations (oil), he could have stopped that flow of free money to any number of them.

It is so sad when you think about it.  Those in D.C. want to hurt the American public and couldn't care less about us.  They will protect the corporations and dictators of other countries at all cost, which actually boils down to protecting private companies too.  Private companies want to make sure to get the resources and do business around the world, so they have help from the U.S. government to do that.  The U.S. government pays off the countries for the private corporations to do business in it (mining, oil, arms sales, etc).

If we stopped giving away billions to trillions in free money to private corporations, foreign countries (Russia, Cuba, China, Japan, etc), genocide dictators (Mugabe)  and banks, we could start to get serious about our fiscal soundness.

If the D.C. critters would begin to put the U.S. citizens first in line for any aid needed and were serious about the U.S. becoming financially sound, they would stop all the free money around the world.

Israel is one of the biggest receivers of Free money from the U.S.  for every reason possible.


  1. When you understand that this country is purposefully being looted and taken down to third world status for a specific country/tribe's gain, then you will see that it isn't Obama. He is but an empty suit, reading teleprompters, trying to persuade the fools who fall for the left side of the false paradigm to continue supporting the real thieves. Like ping pong, the ball goes back and forth, from one corrupt "side" to the other, while it is the tribe that profits.

    Well, that is until it is all gone and as many of us are dead (or wanting to die). The same tribe is orchestrating the same demise for Europe.

    If people haven't figured this easily distinguishable issue yet, then they never will and are complicit due to ignorance of all of our demise.

  2. Remember, the forign banksters are doing the hostil takeovers of free countries for control and profiteering.

    The USA is the last on the banksters list to be taken down and put under the foot of the war mongers that profit after destroying countries. These things are the ones pulling on the obamasoetero puppet strings. People want to blame the puppet, and do not look higher up the pyramid to see who hold these strings to the useless idiot puppets.

    Wake up!

    1. You are correct. I know Obama is a puppet as all of the D.C. critters are. But I put Obama did it, because he did do it as a puppet.

      I could have said so much more in my article, but I gave links where people can see we are a country that throws money at other countries and yet when it comes to the U.S. citizens, they haggle. It really is disgusting.

    2. No we're not the last they've had us since 1913. Why do you think they want war with Iran? Guess what Gaddafi was planning on?

  3. The Bible says that sometimes God gives kingdoms to the most basest of men. It's too bad our leaders do not realize or maybe even care that they lead because they are debased people. Yet they continue to mock their "subjects" with genuine stupidity.

  4. It is so depressing when you think about it. Those in D.C. want to injured the American public and couldn't care less about us.

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  5. It's not really "foreign aid." It's money for covert operations and bribes for dictators. It's to expand U.S. govt influence, not to "help the poor" of other countries, America doesn't do that.

  6. Thanks for this posting.....It just makes so much sense. We haven't been able to rely on our representatives to tell us the truth....They are, for the most part, bought and paid for...We have lost any confidence in the media,.all kinds. all types [and for good reason]....they are "company owned and run"....We have only ourselves to rely upon....It is time we starting thinking about what it is that we are going to do about it!