Thursday, March 14, 2013

Military Training over Miami with simulated gunfire for the next few nights. Starting- 3/14/13 to ?

The military will be training over Miami Florida for the next few nights, starting 3/14/13.

A press releases issued by Miami Dade County advises that the exercise includes the use of military helicopters and simulated gunfire. The training is meant to prepare participants for combat missions in urban areas and to prepare forces for upcoming overseas missions, according to the release.

I find this bizarre.   Our cities should not be used for military training with simulated gunfire.  They will be using blackhawk and chinook helicopters.

Why train over a big city?  They are making the excuse of training them for over seas deployment. They trained already over Miami once in January without warning people ahead of time.  They are doing it again?

Considering the military is not suppose to be on our streets in the first place, they should not be training over our streets either.  There are many places where they could train for 'overseas' deployment.

It seems to me they are doing a lot of training in our cities now and that training is actually for U.S. deployment at some point, considering they have purchased 2 billion rounds of ammo, besides DHS putting armored vehicles on our streets.

Why don't they be honest and say the training is for their combat against the U.S. people in our cities, using NDAA as the ability to put the military in the U.S.

I wonder if they will be using drones in the training too?

More from article:

Bob Cook, who lives near Baseline Road and Fort King Street, said he was frightened when he saw the aircraft come over his home Saturday.
"I turned and ran. That's not right what they are doing," he said.
Cook said the aircraft were no more than 150 feet above the ground and whipped the tree tops with their propeller wash.
Burns did not say how low the aircraft were flying, but did say they were within Federal Aviation Administration compliance.
"Sometimes when people are not used to seeing or hearing those type of aircraft they seem a lot closer than they are," he said.
Some locals also reported seeing the aircraft flying without lights.
Burns said some of them do fly without lights because, "We are trying to simulate a combat experience as closely as possible."

Seems a little dangerous for the military to be flying so low over our streets and people's houses.

Our streets are not for military training to kill others!  We should not have to hear machine gun fire from a military helicopter flying low over our city streets!  


  1. It's obvious they are doing this because they know what's around the corner.

    Massive economic collapse. No on knows when it will happen.

    Everyones been tricked into humans are evil that we must worship the planet.

    Hence, humans MUST DIE! So, they are just practic'n what they've been preach'n.

  2. I cannot get over how aggressive and brazen the US government has become.I don't think personally it has always been this way.The gov't is bating Americans for a fight.I'm not sure how the US citizens can get gov't to back down any other way.How many people do we have to kill overseas?Obviously that doesn't seem to worry people.When it gets up close and little too personal maybe at least mass protest will occur to cease and desist.Maybe complete exposure to all their crimes will back off some of the right people mixed up in this.Is everybody in gov't blackmailed?It is really hard to believe more of America is not totally enraged.

  3. well if your in little israel ,i mean miami then get your cameras ready
    this is more than just training for domestic use of force on us it is also to acclimate and intimidate the population to accepting this and to be scared of resistance

  4. Military does not have to it but higher up decided to do it. Use military personnel against American citizen is against the law. But higher up decided to do it anyway. Why is there ammo shortage in Untied States? Because government agency are buying up billions of ammo. Why are they doing it. Why do you think there is a big push for gun control? Make a person think.

  5. It's a shame you don't trust our wonderful government, perhaps you should move to some place that meets your criteria such as communist north korea. You people bitch and moan about how bad it is here, you people have no idea how bad it could be but trust me i've seen it first hand in other parts of the world and we got it lax compared to there.

    Really though, until you've joined the ranks of men and women in uniform you tree huggers should just shut the hell up and go back to living your trivial lives and leave this to people who know whats going on.

    No ufo crashed in 1947
    No war on american citizens is coming
    No secret energy weapons exist
    No russians in dhs uniforms

    Do the rest of us a favor and go take your psych meds.

    1. If you don't like what Sherry is saying then you should go elsewhere. Or, are you being paid to comment?!!

  6. this kind of training takes place in and above cities all over the state of california on a routine basis. as a los angeles resident i don't mind it at all hell the marine corps training facility mcrd is in nearby san diego so theres always military activity on city streets through out socal

    part of the reason why my wife and i moved here is being surrounded by military there are thousands of soldiers here in the metro area

  7. To the anonymous poster @ 2:29:00'
    Why are you posting when you can be watching Dancing with the Stars? Are you so naive and that you cannot see what is happening around you? No one should ever blindly follow a government who has written so many unconstitutional laws without questioning the motives of these politicians. In all actuality North Korea would be a perfect fit for you,they do not allow anyone to question authority.I am an older man and in all my years have never seen such disregard by the state and the federal government over unconstitutional acts. The Patriot Act, NDAA and gun control are the first things to come to mind. Why does DHS buy BILLIONS of rounds of ammo,Tactical gear and armored personal carriers? So tell me informed dancer, do you know for sure there are no domestic wars coming, UFOs, energy weapons, and Russians here in the USA? I don't either ,but it does not mean these indicators are not pointing to them but pointing to something sinister. Anyone who has such a lack of situational awareness like yourself is most likely on psychotropic meds.Go stick your head back up your ass and go back to sleep.