Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Germany: Warns Cyprus Banks may never reopen without Euro bailout. Putin most Powerful Man in the World right now. Euro Zone will be decided by Russia.

Here is what we do know about Cyprus/Euro Zone/Russia.

The ECB, IMF and the Euro Zone Financial ministers had made the condition of the bail out for Cyprus with the bank deposit levy being enacted in Cyprus.   They knew full well the largest amount of money in the banks was Russian mafia/mob dirty money being laundered which they were attempting to grab.

The whole money stealing scheme went terribly wrong.  They did not expect it to back fire on them.  They have let the world see, they are willing to steal everyone's money in the banks for their own good.  They have revealed they are blood sucking people who will do anything to save their own asses and keep their little group together at the cost of all the people in the world.  The have shown that no one's money is safe in any bank no matter the country as they can make demands upon it.   The only reason the Cyprus people did not get their money stolen from them was due to the Russians.

No doubt due to many phone calls from the Russians (mob/mafia) that had money in the bank to the parliament members, letting them know what would happen to them and their families if they voted to steal billions from them in the banks.  The parliament members thought it best to go against the wishes of the Euro Zone and vote "No" on the levy of deposits.

But it appears the Russians were warned in the first place along with government and bank employees, as billions had fled the banks just days before the surprise announcement of the levy last Friday from those groups.   Even though there was inside information, they could not get all their money out before the levy announcement and the banks closed.

Russia is sending Naval ships for permanent deployment in the area now.  Putin has been very vocal, saying it was an unfair and dangerous for Cyprus to levy the bank deposits.   There are gas fields in Cyprus waters that Russia would like to get their hands on.

The Euro Zone caused Putin to become the most Powerful man in the world right now, in my opinion.  The Euro Zone's future lays completely in Putin's hands at this time.   I am sure they did not mean to do that and the whole money stealing scheme went so terribly wrong for them, they ended up giving the balance of power to Russia.   Remember, Russia and China are cozy with each other and they trade between themselves without using the dollar, as they swap currencies now.    China has stayed out of the bailing out of the Euro in the past, but how much skin do they have in the game?

The German Finance minister has warned the Cyprus banks may never reopen again if Cyprus does not get a bail out from the Euro Zone.

Germany's finance minister has warned Cyprus that its crisis-stricken banks may never be able to reopen if it rejects the terms of a bailout.
Wolfgang Schaeuble said major Cypriot banks were "insolvent if there are no emergency funds".

UPDATE 12:25 PM est - Cyprus banks will not reopen until next Tuesday at the earliest.  When they do reopen, 'Capital Controls' may be in place.
I wonder how the Russians feel about not being able to get their money and afterwards only being allowed to a small part of it each day?  The Cyprus banks and parliament is in quite a predicament. They have the Euro Zone on one side and the Russian mafia on the other.  I sure wouldn't want to be a politician in Cyprus right now.  I am sure many of the parliament members wish they were not at this time either.  

The Finance minister for Cyprus tried to resign and instead is up in Russia right now, having discussions about Cyprus and Russia's future together.

Russia at the moment has won the poker hand against the Euro Zone.  Their hand was called and Russia ended up having a Full House compared to EZ's straight.  The game is still being played so we don't know who will actually walk away winning and if Russia has a Royal Flush to win it all.  I would bet any Russian hands played against the Euro zone will have to have China's approval too.

Even the small country of Cyprus leaving the Euro would be a major blow, with the house of cards falling down.  At all cost the Euro Zone can not allow that to happen.

Nigel Farage told everyone to get their money out of the banks, yesterday and the Euro Zone would do anything to keep their currency going, including stealing everyone's money.

Here are my questions and what we don't know at this moment:

Will Russia completely bail out Cyprus and be their 'savior' by making agreements with them for their gas fields and a Naval port, thus giving them the money they need for their banks to reopen?

Does Russia want Cyprus to stay in the Euro?  Is it to Russia's advantage to have Cyprus stay with the Euro Zone or would it be better for them to go back to their previous currency (pound)?

Could Russia get their ultimate revenge upon the Euro Zone, who wanted to steal their money by the billions from their bank accounts and help Cyprus leave the Euro Zone and once that happens the Euro Zone collapses?

Would Russia benefit from a Euro Zone collapse or do they benefit more from the Euro Zone staying together?

What are China's thoughts on the Euro's future, how much do they have invested in that future?
One thing I have noticed: not one Chinese online news site has mentioned Cyprus this week, which I have found very odd.

The status of the Euro has now just been handed to Russia and it will actually be Putin's and Russia's decision of what happens.   Putin can thank all the Euro Zone ministers, including Merkel and Bernanke for making him the most powerful man in the world, in my opinion.

Think about it.... Russia/Putin can literally take down the Western Banking world at this point.  Do they push Cyprus to leave the Euro Zone and finance them or help them stay in the Euro?  House of cards fall for the bankers if they leave. 

What I have read is, once you have crossed the Russian Mob, they will get their revenge no matter what, even if it is years away.  They continue their revenge handed down for generations.

The Poker game is continuing.  Who will blink now?  Who holds the strongest cards? I know if I was betting on the game who I would be backing.

Here is an interview that Jim Willie (Hat Trick letter and Golden Jackass) just did on the 13th of March.  He said the Euro Zone would blow from a small to medium bank going under at around the 25 min mark .  Must listen to interview.  He has hit it on the head and has gotten the prediction completely correct!

Update 3/21/13 - Germans have a Naval Port agreement in Cyprus that can be broken with 3 months notice by Cyprus.  Russians want it. 


  1. Obviously, it is to Russia's advantage to destroy the euro. Should political union ever occur in the Eurozone, Russia would have the largest economy on their border, one far more powerful than Russia. Break them up into separate countries that will keep busy arguing among themselves and avoid the possibility a Greater Germany emerging. Why encourage an economy larger than the USA right on your border? The distant USA, Muslim radicals, and China can give you enough of a headache without helping Europe in any way. Get rid of the euro and Russia benefits. Divide and conquer, baby.

  2. Greeaaat.... the 'western banking world' will go from barely restraining it's casinos full of 'questionable characters' sucking up to KNOWN gangsters....

    hey - 'banksters - gangsters'...fits doesn't it.... ;)

    Mad Angel on FB

  3. Hi Sherrie

    I think you got some facts wrong here. Putin does not want to destroy the Eurozone. He just wants to have the names of all the accountholders in Cyprus and will go after one after the other. He will confiscate everything they still have inside Russia. So whatever he pays for a bailout he will get 20 times the return.
    Besides that the Eurozone is not going to collapse because of that shitty little island of Cyprus. Let them go back to their pound. Nobody in Europe really cares.

    1. I didn't say he wanted to destroy the EZ as a fact. I have questioned if he wants to, there is a big difference. Also no one cares about that little island and it doesn't matter? Well, I guess we shall see about that, won't we. We will see how that little island as you call it of no coincidence matters to the Euro zone.