Thursday, March 21, 2013

Russian PM Medvedev, berates EU Chief. Moscow no warning of Cyprus levy. Russia may reduce holdings of Euro to Gold!

I had written that Putin has become the most powerful man in the world due to how the EU has handled Cyprus.  The fate of the Euro could be in the Russian's hands.  What will they do with it?   The talks between the Cyprus Finance minister and the Russians have gone no where, from all reports.   But is that simply the poker hand being played by Russia?  In the mean time the EU has set a deadline of Monday for Cyprus as the "do or die" date.  

Where does it really start getting interesting?

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev berated the EU chief for the handling of Cyprus.  It appears, Russia was not given a warning on how the ECB planned on levying the deposits in Cyprus as part of the bail out. 

What else did he do when berating the EU chief?  He threatened to reduce Russia's holdings in the Euro.  

Now think about that one.   The highest stakes poker hand is being played right now between Russia and the Western Bankers.  The Western Bankers had thought they would be sly and get billions of Russian money.   

Besides all the Russian 'mob' money we have heard about in Cyprus.  I have found that Russian government entities use Cyprus too for their banking.   So it is not just mob money, but above board Russian government money that would be stolen by the EU.   

Portion of article linked:

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev humbled European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso in public remarks on Thursday (21 March) over the EU's handling of Cyprus.
Speaking alongside Barroso at a conference in Moscow, he called the EU's original Cypriot bailout idea "to put it mildly, surprising … absurd ... preposterous."
He upbraided EU institutions for failing to give Moscow due notice of its decision.
Earlier the same say, he told Russian newswire Interfax that he is thinking of reducing Russia's holding of euro-denominated currency reserves.
In a sign of broader Russian upset, Leonid Grigoriev, an academic and a former Russian deputy finance minister, told a separate news conference that Russian money is no longer safe anywhere in the EU.

We know Russia is pissed.  Yet we are hearing nothing is coming from the talks between Russia and Cyprus.  Is that just part of the game?  The ECB is showing their desperation now by giving a time line to Cyprus.  That time line, if you think about it, is to Russia too.  Russia has a huge stake in what happens to Cyprus.   So they are all calling each other's hand and raising the stakes with those hands. 

I have been going to Cyprus online News sites and reading all the local articles besides the comments from the Cyprus people.   

But I found a cryptic type blurb in an article from the financials:

Russia is supposedly reconsidering the EUR in the structure of its gold and forex reserves in light of the Cyprus situation – an undertone threat in retaliation to European authorities’ obsession with Cypriot Russian deposit accounts.

Medvedev did not mention Gold in his berating of the EU chief Barroso, when he threatened to reduce their Euro holdings.  Yet the Forex writer has the reduction going to Gold.  Where did he get that information?  

The situation is obviously very fluid.  But Putin is not dumb and I firmly believe there is a "Plan A" on Russia's end with Cyprus, but he has to let the EU show how they are willing to steal everyone's money which will cause more panic at the Western Banks.  

I firmly believe this is the Highest stakes poker game ever played.  One hand is Russia and the other is the EU and Western Bankers.  

Questions to know who may win: 

 Who has been accumulating Gold and actually has it in hand, without leasing it out?  Then who only pretends there is gold, where there is none?  

Who is printing money to keep the fake economy going and the banks 'looking' strong?  

Who is not printing money but actually has been creating an economy without using the dollar and Western Banking?    Hint:  Russia, two years ago began getting rid of Western Bankers in the country. 

Portion (article from 2011):

 The Kremlin has driven out some of the biggest Western retail banks and now has two tanks on the investment-banking lawn,” said Eric Kraus, an independent asset manager in Moscow who previously worked as a strategist for Otkritie Financial Corp., a brokerage partly owned by VTB. “Sberbank’s arrival will make the competition nervous because VTB’s investment bank almost destroyed Deutsche Bank in Russia.”

What country has created a tight relationship with China and they now trade between each other without the dollar?  

Which China would not get involved with the Euro and bailing it out nor investing in it and it's currency has been being called a "Global Reserve Currency".  Besides the fact that China has been buying all the gold and silver it can and keeps all it mines in the country. 

Look at the big picture, connect all the dots.  What two countries (Russia and China) have forged a strong relationship with each other and have stayed out of the EU investments over all.  In the meantime the Yuan has begun trading internationally and both have doubled or more their gold holdings.  

Has the time come to let the Western bankers fall apart?  Has the time come to let Gold and Silver prices be free of the strangle hold of manipulation?  Are they ready for it?  Will this be their own surprise attack upon the Western world/bankers as the bankers tried to surprise attack them?   

So.... in looking at it all together, I definitely see who has positioned themselves for the future and thought years ahead, compared to the scrambling from one debt crisis to another and printing money to make it appear 'all is well.'   

Mind you, this is a World war being raged but it is not with guns, but hidden hands and what is in them.  

The biggest question of them all:  

Are Russia and China ready to let it all fall down?  Have they completely accumulated/ positioned to let the gold prices ride to infinity and the rest of the world burn?

Update - 3/21/13 - Germans have a Naval Port agreement in Cyprus that can be broken with 3 months notice.  Russia wants it. 

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