Monday, February 11, 2013

Why they need to ban semi automatic guns. It is the planned technology to be used against the people. We need to watch the "Drone and Dorner" carefully.

Considering hand guns are the weapon of choice used by those who commit murder 90+% of the time.  Why the push to ban semi automatic guns?  I believe I connected the dots this morning.

Drones and robotic military/law enforcement technologies are becoming the "Judge, Jury and Executioner."  They are using drones which I wrote about in this article   there is a lot of research in it on how the U.S. is killing innocent people in many countries with drones.  

It is being admitted that drones are being used in the manhunt for Dorner.  

It's official: The drone war has come home to America. Wanted fugitive Christopher Dorner, the homicidal former cop currently at war with the LAPD, has become the first known human target for airborne drones on U.S. soil. 

I began thinking about it and I am someone who likes to connect the dots.  The dots became loud and clear to me this morning.  The military and U.S. law enforcement are beginning to use drones.  

Do people really think the U.S. would not begin using drones against it's own citizens on a regular basis?   Is the use of drones on U.S. soil the main reason for the NDAA bill?  That bill gives the right for the U.S. government and military  to be Judge, Jury and Executioner without rights or trials for the people. 

 Judges and juries will become obsolete as drones don't actually catch a person they will only be able to kill the person, thus they will be the Judge, Jury and executioner.   Sure it will ease up the court system, since the drones will simply take suspects out.

We all need to watch very carefully what happens with Dorner and if the drone takes him out or not.   They are using the words "Domestic Terrorist" for Dorner now.  That way he falls under the NDAA bill.  It is very easy for them to use those words for anyone who commits a crime in their minds, yet that crime has not been proven.  They have not proved Dorner has killed anyone.   
Activist-Post has an article this morning with the LAPD saying "Drones may be our only hope of finding Dorner."

Those who try and control are years ahead of us in thought and set ups.  There is no doubt in my mind the plan for the use of drones against the U.S. people was formed years ago.  Now they need to have the people welcome it but they also need to get any weapons the people may have that could take out drones.  

First lets look at how robots and drones are being used right now.  Remember the military machines and inventions always get to U.S. law enforcement too.   

A warning to all Law enforcement personnel:  Your jobs are now officially at risk!  It won't happen right away but your jobs will become obsolete in the future as drones and humanoid robots are used more and more against the American public. 

Kiplinger has an article from September of 2012:  9 Amazing Military Technologies of the Future.
This is from lasers to robots and many things in-between.

Here are the list of robots being used by the military right now.

Current Use Of Military Robots

Today, almost all the military organizations take the help of military robots to carry out many risky jobs that cannot be handled manually by soldier. We have also seen a great development in military robots when compare to military robots in earlier time. At present, different military robots are utilized by many military organizations. Here, in this article we will discuss about the current use of military robots and its different kinds.
Given here is a brief description on the present use of military robots:
Daksh – Daksh is one of the most current military robots. It is an electrically powered and remote controlled robot which is used to locate, handle and destroying risky objects safely. The man role of this military robot is to recover improvised explosive devices. In short it is a vehicle for defusing bombs. The current use of military robots like Daksh has helped military organization in many ways. This robot can even climb stairs to reach risky materials. Moreover, it can also scan objects using its portable X-ray device.
Goalkeeper – As far as the current use of robots in military is concerned, we cannot leave behind Goalkeeper. This military robot is a Dutch close-in weapon system that helps to defends ships from incoming missiles as well as ballistic shells. This system generally comprises of autocannon and advanced radar that tracks incoming fires. It is an automatic system that can be also be deployed to protect airfields.
PackBot – PackBot is basically a series of military robots. The most recent base model of this robot is PackBot 510. This model utilizes a videogame-style hand controller make handier to young women and man. Configurations in this recent model include PackBot 510 with EOD bomb disposal, PackBot 510 with fast Tactical Maneuvering Kit; PackBot 510 with first responder kit, PackBot 510 with HazMat Detection Kit, PackBot 510 with Fido and PackBot 510 with REDOWL Sniper Detection Kit.
MARCbot - This is also one type of military robots that has been used to inspect suspicious objects. It is a low cost robotic platform, and it has been used in Iraq for the inspection of suspicious objects. This robot is one amongst the smallest and the most commonly used military robots. It looks like a small toy truck with an elevated mast on which a camera is mounted. The camera is utilized for looking behind the doors. It has the capacity to run 6 hours on a set of fully charged batteries and was developed with the input of soldiers in Iraq to meet their needs. However, the use of military robots today has helped the soldier to detect hazardous materials and objects.
Besides above mentioned military robots, there are also other kinds of military robots often used by the military organizations. These robots include Guargium, RQ-9 Predator B, RQ-1 Predator, TALON, Samsung SGR-A1 and Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle. The above information on the current use of military robots will let you know the kinds of military robots used in recent era.

The military put out a 2 million reward out for someone to invent a humanoid robot last year.
(says wouldn't be used on  the battlefield)  Yeah right... just like they said drones wouldn't be used in the U.S. years ago.

 The United States is challenging every entrepreneur, engineer, developer and inventor to create the first military robot. The individual or team that creates a humanoid robot capable of walking on two legs and performing various tasks — driving vehicles and using tools — will be awarded $2 million by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The humanoid army isn’t intended for the battlefield, however; the military is interested in using robots for disaster-response scenarios in which robots will be able to assist service members in high-risk situations. “Robots undoubtedly capture the imagination, but that alone does not justify an investment in robotics,” said DARPA Acting Director, Kaigham J. Gabriel. “For robots to be useful to DoD they need to offer gains in either physical protection or productivity. The most successful and useful robots would do both via natural interaction with humans in shared environments.” The Robotics Challenge will begin in October 2012 and run through December 2014. Read on for DARPA’s press release.

PBS did an article about armed military robots in 2009 and how they are being used in the battlefield. 

Can we have go down the rabbit hole so far in the United States, that we could be hunted and killed by robots without thought?  Yeah, sounds crazy... just as 10 years ago if someone said, "Drones will be used in the U.S, we won't have rights to a jury or judge (NDAA), we will be considered guilty and have to prove innocence, our conversations and e-mails will be surveilled without warrants (FISA), etc." people would have considered that crazy, yet it is now reality.  

Watch the opening scene of Terminator 2 - seems too "sci-fi", Drones and Humanoid robots hunting people?   Remember real life can imitate matter how "out there and extreme" the art may be at times.  

Now, lets get to the push to get rid of semi-automatic weapons along with large ammo clips.   Those who want them banned are saying because those are made, simply for killing people in-mass.   But let's really think about the technology they are bringing out against the people.  Hand guns would have no affect on drones or humanoid (future technology).  But what would have an affect?  Someone with a semi-automatic and large clip, who could continue to shoot at a drone, could take that drone out.   So it is important to get semi-automatics out of the citizens hand for the planned technology to be used against the U.S. citizens.  They think years ahead of time.   Just as the Patriot Act had been written before 9/11 to take away our rights, as it was introduced just days later and passed with speed in D.C.

Yes,  all of this sounds so far fetched, but if you think about it, it is not far fetched at all.  I believe they are moving fast and I also believe if "We the People" allow the use of drones and sanctify it being used against Dorner...we will have officially gone down the rabbit hole and an Orwellian society.  They always use "good reasons" with the help of the media to justify using more lethal force and taking away our rights one at a time.

All those in law enforcement need to not just view the immediate happenings, they need to use critical thinking about what is going to happen down the road once they accept this technology  being used domestically. Normal policemen will become obsolete.

I can only hope that people see and understand what the future holds if we do not stand our ground.   People need to use critical thinking, even though those who do are considered "conspiracy theorist."   We the people need to seriously band together!  We can not allow drones that are "Judge, Jury and executioner" to be used against anyone!  They may put whatever good reasons and excuses as the reason for the use of drones... but we can not allow it!  We have to stand up against it!  We also need to stand strong against any gun-bans!

What could be used by the people against their drone wars?  Semi-automatics with large ammo clips!

Alex Jones did some sample shooting against drones.  When you watch this video, you will see what they used was semi-automatic guns!

 I honestly believe I have connected the dots to why they need semi-automatics and large clips banned.  It is not just for "The Aurora, Sandy Hook" type shootings.  It is for the future they have planned and mapped out for us as they do it years before we know about it.

I believe so strongly and passionately about people needing to stand as ONE!  I have been been going door to door trying to get people to join the NRA.   Yeah, it is interesting.... Some welcome it and others have slammed the door in my face.   I will continue to do what I believe in with my heart and soul and I do honestly believe the way to Stand and Fight against D.C. and their plans is by becoming One in a strong force for our Rights and Freedoms!  That vehicle right now to me is the NRA.

Understand.... we are now at a point in this Country that will decide the future for our children and their children.  We either allow the use of robots and drones to become the "Judge, Jury and Executioner" and we are disarmed to protect ourselves against that technology... or we STAND UP for this country and our rights!  Once we allow it... they never take it back!  

OH, btw.... when I was just previewing this article, I noticed something..... I laughed hard..... look at the name of the person they are using a drone against "Dorner"... what does Dorner spell with the letters:  DRONE!  Wow..... that is another subject..... are we being "played"?  

Here is Dorner's complete manifesto


  1. Hahaha! Yes! Dorner.... drone - get it??!!! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Always the play on names/words with the Insanes - that's their unmistakable handprint. Whether the poor sucker selected as the sacrifice du jour is really 'Dorner' by name - somebody is selected for termination via their drones to bring it into our consciousness now. Pair that with Pope Benedict stepping down to make way for Peter Romanus and we've got end-game in motion. They're in a real big hurry to implement their agenda and its looking good for them right now. Sucks for them. It ain't goinna work. God (the real God - not their god!) has other plans.... stay strong, people, we are spirit, we are unity and we don't die. That's the secret that they are most intent that we not discover. God is not going to leave one shard of himself behind......

  2. Or if he really exists. I mean, how much of the stuff we see really real? I have a friend who lives in Connecticut. He hasn't met one person indirectly affected by Sandy hook. Now, I'm not saying people didn't die, but without at least some sort of human connection, you can't trust what the MSM tell you.