Thursday, February 14, 2013

Washington State Gun Bill: All gun owners - Considered Criminals and Police can Inspect home once a year for compliance! No 2nd or 4th amendment rights!

This is so outrageous it is mind boggling that they are even introducing this bill in the Washington State Legislature!

The bill basically makes every gun owner a criminal and have to submit to a police inspection of their home to make sure they are in compliance with all guns being locked away and not having any assault weapons.

I am speechless that gun grabbers are trying to go this far!

Every single resident of Washington State needs to join a "certain" organization in my opinion and tell the officials there to GO to He** with their unconstitutional gun grab!

This bill wipes out both the 2nd amendment and the 4th amendment in one fell swoop!   All the sheriffs in Washington State need to commit to the Constitutional Rights of the residents.


The bill, S.B. 5737, proposes "banning the sale of assault weapons." According to the legislation, an "assault weapon" is any semiautomatic pistol, pump-action rifle or shotgun that can accept a detachable magazine, with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds. Any magazine that accepts over 10 rounds itself will also be banned.
Also included in the definition is any rifle or shotgun with a pistol grip, a stock of any kind, a muzzle brake or muzzle compensator. The bill also prohibits the manufacturing, possessing, purchasing, selling or transferring of an assault weapons "conversion kit." 
In order to continue to possess a so-called assault weapon that was owned before the assumed passing of the legislation, the person must "safely and securely" store the assault weapon and allow the sheriff of the county to, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to "ensure compliance," despite some apparent civil liberties implications related to the Fourth Amendment.

Everyone in Washington State needs to call their state official, screaming and yelling to them about this Unconstitutional Bill!

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  1. I live in Vancouver WA and I sent a scathing letter to Senator Patty Murray about this horseshit.
    After reading the whole thing I have serious doubts it will go anywhere except the round file.
    It is poorly crafted and obviously reaches so far as to be unpassable. It is also self contradictory.
    The one thing it does is give me a focus point on some representatives who are in serious need of exploring the intricasies of the unemployment system.