Sunday, February 17, 2013

China's Gold demand to outstrip supply by 2015 by 550 metric tons

China has a ferocious appetite for Gold now.  In 2012, Hong Kong shipped 94% more gold to the mainland than they did in 2011.

They are buying all the gold they can get and China's gold councils have projected by 2015, China's demand will outstrip their supply by 550 metric tons.   

There are approximately 2471 tons of gold mined annually around the world.  China mines approximately 403 tons of that.  That means within 2 years time China will be buying almost half the gold mined.

It is estimated they bought 832 tons of gold in 2012.  Here is an article from China on that subject alone.

China's gold consumption amounted to 832.18 tonnes in 2012, an increase of 9.35 percent from a year earlierdata from China Gold Association showed Saturday.
Consumption of gold jewelry rose 10.09 percent year on year to 502.75 tonneswhile those of gold bars and gold coins gained 12.22 percent and 21.63 percentrespectivelyto 239.98 tonnes and 25.3 tonnes.
But consumption for industrial and other uses saw a drop last yearthe association said.Demand for gold has grown steadily over the years as more Chinese see it as a hedge to diversify investment risks and battle against inflation.  China is currently the world's second-largest gold consumer after India.
China produced 403.05 tonnes of gold in 2012, making it the world's largest producer for the sixth straight yearaccording to previous data from the association.

Portions from article about demand:  (sorry for some reason the below will not format correctly, it splits the words when published)

The country's demand for the precious metal is expected to outstrip supply by at least 550 metric tons by 2015statistics released by several gold councils showed.

China has been the world's biggest producer of gold for six years since 2007, with an annul output of 403 tons in 2012, a year-on-year growth of 11.7 percent.
A quarter-to-quarter comparison shows China's demand for gold investment saw a 24 percent increase in the fourth quarter of 2012, said Marcus Grubbthe council's managing director for investment.
To meet demands for physical goldHong Kong shipped 114 tons of gold to the mainland in Decembera record high for monthly exportsHong Kong's net gold flow to the mainland jumped 47 percent in 2012, totaling of 557 tons.
Data from the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department show Hong Kong's total gold shipments to the mainland in 2012 jumped 94 percent from 2011 to more than 832 tonswhile imports were six times higher at 275 tons.

You really have to wonder with China's purchases of gold and the demand so high, how is it that gold keeps getting hit and the price falls drastically as it did this last Friday.

I spoke to David Morgan from  on Friday when Gold and Silver were getting smashed about what is going on.  He said that he believes they are in such a bad position of shorts that they had to smash it to get people to give up their long positions and to sell their gold and silver.  We spoke about the psychology of it and getting into people's mind in giving up their gold and silver.  Last year I interviewed David about that subject and the psychology of smashing metals.

I have no doubt that China loves the manipulation of Gold by the Western bankers so they can purchase at lower prices.  It is said they participate in the manipulation, which would make sense, so they can keep purchasing all they can get their hands on.

The question is.... are we now getting to the point that full demand has outstripped the physical and they are playing the paper to get people to give up their physical?  Is there such a shortage with countries now wanting to repatriate their gold, they are desperately smashing it for the last few times until it breaks away?

In regards to silver, there was an article two days ago on Silver Doctor  about a German car manufacturer hoarding silver due to the shortages of it and the need for them to have it in manufacturing their vehicles.


New signs of an extremely tight wholesale physical silver market have now emerged, as a first-hand account has revealed that one of the largest and most famous German automakers is hoarding massive amounts of physical silver inside one of the most secure vaults in Zurich, Switzerland.
Everyone needs to ask themselves.... "Am I going to take advantage of these prices right now or am I going to give up on metals?"

I really hope that everyone makes the right decision and understands what is happening with the prices are all based on paper trades and not real physical gold and silver.

With the demand coming out of China for physical gold, (which does not include India's or Russia's appetites for Gold right now) prices will have to break out in a violent fashion one day (in the near future?).  At some point the truth will have to be revealed.

Think about how in less than 2 years (by 2015) the demand in China is going to outstrip supply.  This does not include any other country's demand or countries demanding their gold back.


  1. I know this might sound outrages, but here goes. I've been monitoring the increase in "UFO" sighting s around China and other Korean countries in the past 3 years. Now I'm n expert but what I've come to understand is that the USA have been engaging these extra-dimensional beings and would rather have us believe that they are aliens to keep their true identity and intentions hidden. My understanding is that ancient aliens used to come to earth to mine Gold and that they used humans as slaves. Is their a connection? Personally I feel that the tremendous increase in the demand for gold is somehow connected to the increase in UFO sightings around the globe.

  2. Yes, as long as you understand that UFO's are not what you think (imagine) they are. "UFO" is really an acronym for the Uberwealthy Fking all the Others. They control through their ability and actual authority (given to them by the governments of the world who screw their own people to enrich themselves through this fiat-counterfeit-money-creation-out-of-nothing scheme) to create trillions of dollars (euros, etal) of paper / electronic money out of thin air. They distribute it first to their own (think TARP, etal, as the tip of the iceberg...the rest isn't even divulged to the public or even congress, b/c it can all be laundered thru the ESF [go read about them], for example). And then they "give" it to the goverments, charging them interest on it that WeThePeople have to pay back in taxes of all kinds, all the while the counterfeit money we get paid in and have to use to buy what we need, becomes more and more worthless as more and more is created out of nothing.

    Those are the real beings, the real UFOs, that are abusing and enslaving the rest of the world's citizens to their control and to poverty. Go study them and your "sightings" will become more and more apparent to you to be of very real people...monsters, to be sure...but humans.