Thursday, January 10, 2013

Video - Real Crime Statistics - Truth/Facts of United States Crime Rates and Gun violence

WOW this guy shows the REAL Crime Statistics of the United States and even compares them with England, regarding violent Crime.  This is the REAL Truth.  From the FBI website and history of crime.   The U.S. crime rate has actually gone down 50% since 1990's.   Please spread this truth video far and wide.

The MSM won't ever give you the truth of our gun violence being lowered.   This really is an important video of Truth and Facts.

Through our getting truth out together and standing together in unity for our Freedom we will win.  But we can not sit back, we have to get involved.  We the people must Unite in intent for our Freedoms.

This guy is Awesome - here is another video about the labels the media is putting on things and how they are manipulating you through the labels.  The labels they use are to divide people.  This is about guns and the labels they put on them and how they use the labels where people can not have real discussions about them.  



  1. It really doesn't matter what the true statistics are. It doesn't matter what the truth is. Does anyone really think the US federal government is so concerned with Americans well being and safety and that is why they care pushing gun control? The same government that slaughters innocents daily? It's for the children! Bullshit, it's the last step to turn the US into a full fledged authoritarian police state. The final step.

  2. In My country, New Zealand, if the rate of violent crime had fallen by 50% the govt of the day would be trumpeting it from every soapbox they could climb on. And any other party that had been in power during any time of the decrease would also be trying to get front and centre saying it was their policies when they were in power that led the way to the drop.

    But as this guy points out, NO ONE IS CLAIMING CREDIT for the massive - (because that's what it is, massive!!) - drop in violent crime. Who ever saw or heard of a politician or party NOT claiming credit for something as significant as a 50% drop in violent crime ???? . . .anyone ??? No, which means that there is an AGENDA OPERATING BELOW THE RADAR !! and that agenda is the agenda of FEAR - "be afraid be very afraid."

    To prove my point just look what happened in NYC yesterday - a ferry crashed into the wharf as it was berthing. It made a big noise. A normal person would quickly intuite/summise that the sound was the ferry hitting the wharf and that "uh oh someone's gunna be in the crap!" But no, this is Amerika and everyone thought it was a TERRORIST BOMB for fuck sake !!! It goes to show that the majority of the sheeple are scared out of their wits every second of every day and that the fear programming is working. Working very well in fact.