Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Video - The Ed Show Rant, making the case for Our Rights, NDAA bill and the CNN Fraud

Ed of The Ed show in MSNBC made the perfect case for those who believe in our 2nd Amendment rights and Assault Weapons.  He did this when he was ranting against Ted Nugent and the "Right" being against Gun Control.   He showed all types of weapons the U.S. government has including drones.   He said "The government doesn't use bayonets or horses anymore."

That was Perfect!  For us to keep our rights un-infringed upon of the 2nd amendment we the people are already out armed.  So having Assault weapons for any case of tyranny against the government is nothing compared to what there is against the people.  Ed failed to mention the reason why Ted Nugent was Standing Up for Tyranny in the fact of the NDAA bill which gives the rights of the government to assassinate U.S. citizens and to hold them without any rights forever.   Funny how he and the rest of MSM have failed to mention this fact.

Also Anderson Cooper and his "Keeping them honest."  CNN committed fraud along with Anderson Cooper by showing the Saint Rose School drill in Newtown Connecticut that was happening the same day as the Sandy Hook shooting.  They played video from that saying that it was Sandy Hook.

And we are suppose to believe anything they tell us?

Ed show rant video:

Anderson Cooper - Video of what was suppose to be Sandy Hook and it was really St. Rose.

More articles about CNN's fraud:

I passionately believe people need to join the NRA in MASS!  That is a way of showing this government where we STAND!  They are defenders of our 2nd amendment!

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