Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Sandy Hook Research Blog on it's own for Truth

I have created a Sandy Hook Blog for Truth and Research as it's own entity.  I believe it is important to keep putting information in one place for people to see what is true or not regarding Sandy Hook.

There is lots of new information, video and pictures on the Sandy Hook blog that is not on this blog. 

I will constantly update it.

Updated information... Adam Lanza's death certificate has the date of December 13th, not the 14th which is the day of the shooting. 

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  1. Lots of strange things have been happening since even George Boosh. Have gotten stranger with this guy as president now.

    Anyone read about Thomas DiLorenzo's Lincoln Unmasked?

    Lincoln was a racist to the max. Often told n-word jokes that shocked even one of his generals.

    Lincoln even called for "negroes" to be exported back to Africa but there was not enough ships he was told.

    On and on stuff like that. The left has been lying about our true America history.

    Why should they be telling the truth about what's happening now?