Saturday, December 8, 2012

Obama being Sworn in as President in Private and Secret without Press on Sunday January 20th. Why no Press allowed?

This is something that is absolutely bizarre.

It seems that Obama will be sworn in as President in private (secret) without the Press being allowed to view to video it. They will release photos that the White House Press photographer will take, after it is done.

WHY? Seriously... how come the secrecy? Why won't they allow it to be videoed?

 Excuse me BUT.... this is our country and Obama is suppose to work for us!  Also he supposedly was going to be the most transparent President....

I know that is a laugh, just like all those empty 2008 promises that were out the window...

Besides all his Bull**** things he had said he would do for the people, yet out Bushed Bush and since has been the most self centered non-producing nor liberty President in our history.  In fact he will be going down as the worst President ever and taking the U.S. down into the gutters with debt and lies...

He is now going to be sworn in to what amounts as secrecy due to no outside press or disclosure of the swearing in?

What type of swearing in will be done?  The normal?  If it was the normal why can't there be press there?

So if there is no allowing of public disclosure of the swearing in, that then begs the question and leaves to the imagination.... what type of swearing in will it actually be?  A swearing in of a dictatorship?  A swearing in using something other than the Bible?     A swearing in without saying he will follow the "constitution" of the United States?   A swearing in of an abnormal ceremony?

Yes a lot of things are left to the imagination of how Obama will be sworn in as the President of our country.

Considering it is our country and we the people are who make the country great, not the politicians.  We have a right to see the swearing in of the person that was placed as President.

Obama has no right to have this in private nor secret of what is said and how it is done.

Politico released the information about the private swearing in. 


 “Mindful of the historic nature of this occasion, we expect the White House will continue the long tradition of opening the President’s official swearing-in to full press access, and we as an organization are looking forward to working with the administration to make that happen,” Ed Henry, the Fox News correspondent and president of the White House Correspondents Association, said in a statement.

In early meetings with the inaugural committee, officials privately indicated to reporters that the Jan. 20 event could be closed to reporters and cameras, with an official photograph supplied to press by White House photographer Pete Souza,

The White House press corps acknowledges that nothing is set in stone. But even the possibility of a closed-press inauguration has stirred up immense frustration among the White House press corps, who note that past Sunday inaugurations were open to press.

Call me shell-shocked. I’m stunned that this is even an issue; it boggles the mind,” NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd told POLITICO. “This is not their oath, this is the constitutional oath. It’s not for them. It’s for the public, the citizens of the United Sates. It just boggles the mind — How is this even a debate?”

So..... what are we to think that this President is wanting to be sworn in secretly/privately?   It sure does make the imagination run wild with all those "conspiracies" out there about him not really having the United States best interest in his heart and mind.

This is my stance and what I say to this government:

We the People of these United States of which this country was founded on the Constitution of the United States have a right to see the person who is going to be leading the United States as President for the next four years... Sworn in to do that duty for the Citizens of these United States!  He is our employee and he is suppose to do the bidding of the people who live by the constitution of these United States!   We demand to have a fully publicly  viewed Swearing in of Obama to confirm he will stand by the Constitution of which this country was founded! 


  1. Unreal, but no longer unbelievable anymore. If this happens and does not outrage the people I feel we live in a nation of zombies. Remember 2009 when Obama had to be sworn in twice, the second time in the Map Room of the White House.

  2. Maybe he is going to swear his allegiance to some private and
    non-recognized NWO.

  3. There will be two. The first is required by law on the 20th. The second will be the public one on the 22nd.

  4. Here is why we DO live in a nation of zombies (sleeping sheeple)...

    "J.P. Morgan Interests, Buys 25 of America's Leading Newspapers and Insert Editors in 1915:"
    (U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917, page 2947, Rep. CALLAWAY)

    (To "Fix America")
    STEP ONE: Prosecute the major media for their crimes (omissions of important info like this, intentional lies on air, and firing reporters for refusing to lie on air)
    STEP TWO: Prosecute the criminals in Govt. and Corporations...
    STEP THREE: New media companies must awaken the people so we stop giving money and votes to bad guys with lots of money, influence, and those who have sworn secret oaths (oaths of secrecy).
    THEN we will have the Golden Age of Reason.

    (For answers to the greatest questions, ask: harleyborgais at gmail dat com)

    1. Comments on:

      Step one: Since when the media is required to report anything? Hiding information and lying is certainly not moral. But is certainly legal.

      Step 2: Good luck with that. Whoever own the judges make the laws. First all the judges placed by the two political parties (aka all non elected) must be fired and new ones placed. Then, and only then, you maybe have a chance.

      Step 3: That can be done. But will the people buy? Otherwise how the new media companies can compete? Wars cost resources. Even if they are information wars.

  5. Wonder if he is going to use the Koran instead of the Bible?

    Wonder if he is going to write his own version this time?

    And, I wonder if he is going to get it right this time. Remember last time, when they screwed up and it had to be redone in private?