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Smoky Mountains National Park - A UN "World Heritage" and "Biosphere Reserve". My research into those meanings and UN - U.S. National Parks.

I live in East Tennessee.  I recently took a friend of mine who was visiting me up to the Smoky Mountains National Park. 

I love going up into the mountains and have gone many times needless to say.  We camp up there often at the Elkmont campgrounds inside the park.  Which as a side note has one of the only two places in the world where the fireflies are synchronized during their peak time,  the first week of June.  The fireflies blink at exactly the same time in the Elkmont campground - Millionaires Row area.

Another side note - The Smoky Mountains are considered one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world.  They are 200 to 300 Million years old.
The Great Smoky Mountains are among the oldest mountains in the world, formed perhaps 200-300 million years ago. They are unique in their northeast to southwest orientation, which allowed species to migrate along their slopes during climatic changes such as the last ice age, 10,000 years ago. In fact, the glaciers of the last ice age affected the Smoky Mountains without invading them. During that time, glaciers scoured much of North America but did not quite reach as far south as the Smokies. Consequently, these mountains became a refuge for many species of plants and animals that were disrupted from their northern homes. The Smokies have been relatively undisturbed by glaciers or ocean inundation for over a million years, allowing species eons to diversify.

We got up to Newfound Gap where the Tennessee and North Carolina State line divides the park, which I have gone to multiple times.  We walked down the viewing walkway away from the main area that people congregate at.  When we got to steps that go back up to the parking spaces, there were two plaques on either side of the steps, attached to the stone walls. somewhat obscured.  I stopped to read them for the first time ever.  I was surprised at what I read and took pictures of the plaques to research the information on the internet and find out what exactly the plaques meanings were.

Here are the pictures I took and what the plaques say:

I thought "What the Hell is a UN World Heritage site?"  The way it read to me is that the Smoky Mountains are not actually a National Park of the United States and thus the People of the United States are not the owners, but is controlled by the United Nations.

Did our U.S. government give up our national park to the UN in 1983?

I am sure the average person who reads the plaques think "Oh, how awesome these mountains are considered 'World owned mountains and are protected through the UN.'

But for those of us who know about the UN Agenda 21, we know that it means the U.S gives up Sovereignty to the UN to become a "One World Government and control of land and resources."

Needless to say the above plaques disturbed me and I wanted to know exactly what their meanings were.

I have now done the research and have found the U.S. government has given the UN control of most of our National Parks, including the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Redwood Forest, Mammoth Caves, Statue of Liberty, Olympic National Park, the Everglades, the list goes on.  Here is the map of the 21 sites that the U.S. has allowed the UN to have as "World Heritage" sites.

Here is the list of the 21 sites in the United States:

Properties inscribed on the World Heritage List (21)


Now, here is the map of All the UN "World Heritage" Sites throughout the world.  There are 936 of them.

I began doing lots of searches for exactly what the meaning of "World Heritage and Biosphere" meant.

Here are a few of the sites I found and what they say about it:

The World Heritage List

Who owns a site once it’s inscribed on the World Heritage List?

The site is the property of the country on whose territory it is located, but it is considered in the interest of the international community to protect the site for future generations. Its protection and preservation becomes a concern of the international World Heritage community as a whole.

The World Heritage Committee, a group of 21 representatives from countries who have agreed to abide by the convention, decides which sites of "outstanding universal value" qualify for World Heritage status. UNESCO, or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, adopted the World Heritage designation in 1972 after it was uncertain if some of the world's landmarks would survive into the future.

On the other hand, many concerns about how biosphere reserves operate in the U.S. are factually based, reasonable, and put forth in good faith. This category of objections includes legitimate concerns about national sovereignty, the status of private property within biosphere reserves, the amount of control the United Nations has over the management of land included within biosphere reserves, and the effect that biosphere reserves might have on the economy of nearby communities.
The fundamental point is that UNESCO, the MAB Council, the MAB National Committees, or any other part of the United Nations have no power to force changes in land/resource management or ownership upon governments, public agencies, or private parties in the United States (or any other country, for that matter). Through the MAB Council, UNESCO does set standards for biosphere reserves, and through periodic reviews it assesses whether the standards are being promoted. If they aren’t, the Council encourages the reserve manager to make the changes necessary to do so, but cannot force any changes. The United States' participation in the biosphere reserve progam is entirely voluntary, and land within U.S. biosphere reserves remains under the control of its owners.

What does "biosphere" mean? 

The word "biosphere" refers to the three regions of the Earth capable of being occupied by living organisms: (1) the surface of the Earth (land, oceans, lakes, rivers, and other waters); (2) close-lying subsurface areas occupied by plants and animals (including microorganisms), and (3) the low-altitude atmosphere where birds, insects, other flying animals, and plants can live. If you imagine a cross-section of the Earth in space, a side view of the planet as if it were cut in half from top to bottom, the biosphere would be a very thin slice of the total picture — no more than the "skin" of the Earth along with the area just above and below it. The word "biosphere" therefore conveys a special quality of rarity and value, and of life's inherent fragility.

MAB was launched in 1970, and was formally endorsed by U.N. Member States at the U.N. Conference on the Environment (the first "Earth Summit") in 1972. The original aim of MAB was to establish protected areas representing the main ecosystems of the planet in which genetic resources could be protected and research and monitoring could be carried out. These protected areas were to be called "biosphere reserves" in reference to the MAB program's name.

Like all scientific programs, MAB has been refined over the years but still is committed to its original aims. Today, MAB is a set of related scientific research projects with three focuses:

  • Minimizing the loss of biological diversity;
  • Making people aware of how cultural diversity and biological diversity affect each other; and
  • Promoting environmental sustainability through the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.
What's a biosphere reserve?
A biosphere reserve is a unique kind of protected area that differs from a national park, wilderness area, national forest, or wildlife refuge in several important ways.

  • Biosphere reserves have three very different, but equal, aims: conservation of genetic resources, species, and ecosystems; scientific research and monitoring; and promoting sustainable development in communities of the surrounding region. All three of these aims are equally important in a biosphere reserve. (National parks and other kinds of protected natural areas usually are primarily concerned with conservation, and only secondarily with research and sustainable development.)

Under what legal authority are biosphere reserves created?

Biosphere reserves are not the object of a binding international agreement or treaty. Instead, they are governed by a "soft law" — the Statutory Framework for Biosphere Reserves — adopted by the UNESCO General Conference. The participation of U.N. Member States in the UNESCO General Conference is the point of national oversight on the MAB Program. It is the responsibility of each country, through its MAB National Committee, to ensure that the biosphere reserves respond to the criteria and function properly.

In most countries it is not been found necessary to enact special national legislation for biosphere reserves; instead, existing legal frameworks for nature protection and land/water management are used. That being said, today an increasing number of countries are passing national biosphere reserve legislation in order to make their legal status perfectly clear.

MAB and the United States

The U.S.'s role in MAB

The U.S. MAB Program is a voluntary, interagency effort which operates within the existing authorities of the participating agencies. Established in 1974, U.S. MAB is operates under a National Committee. Currently, that Committee is dormant.

U.S. MAB' s mission statement is as follows:

The mission of the United States MAB Program is to explore, demonstrate, promote, and encourage harmonious relationships between people and their environments building on the MAB network of Biosphere Reserves and interdisciplinary research. The long-term goal of the U.S. MAB Program is to contribute to achieving a sustainable society early in the 21st Century. The MAB mission and long term goal will be implemented, in the United States and internationally, through public-private partnerships and linkages that sponsor and promote cooperative interdisciplinary research, experimentation, education and information exchange on options by which societies can achieve sustainability.

**So, I read all the above and thought "It is saying two different things."  First it says the sites are still the sovereign nations of where they are located.  Then it says they are controlled and made sure to be kept under the strict guidelines of the UN.   So.... Which is it?

I found this article about what has occurred in the past and the article does say the sites are given up by the countries where they are located.

Portions of article:

UN’s World Heritage Sites Infringe on US National Sovereignty


As a result of a UN treaty called “The Convention Concerning Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage,” these sites come under the jurisdiction of the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Such designations have been the source of major debate as to whether the UN has infringed on sovereign American territory.

However, the debate may be about to rage even hotter. Because Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne has just announced his selections of 14 more sites to be considered for nomination by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.
Today, of the original 22 UN Heritage Sites that are located on American soil, fully 68 percent of American national parks, preserves and monuments are included in the UN designations.

Proponents of the UN Heritage Sites say such designations are nothing more than a great “honor” to the nation. They assure us that there is no threat to American sovereignty and that all designated sites remain firmly under control of the United States government.

If true, then the question must be asked, why is an international treaty with the United Nations necessary? The United States has already designated most of the UN Heritage Sites as United States parks or preserved historic sites. The land is already being preserved and protected for AMERICAN heritage purposes. These lands are valuable for their historical significance to this nation. REPEAT: WHY DO WE NEED AN INTERNATIONAL TREATY TO DO WHAT THE UNITED STATES HAS ALREADY DONE FOR ITSELF?


It is true that you will not find any UN documents clearly stating that the world body controls or owns American soil through the World Heritage Site Treaty. It is also true that you will not find blue-helmeted UN soldiers standing guard over any of the sites.

To fully understand the threat to American sovereignty posed by the UN designation of World Heritage Sites, one must first link this program to a series of other treaties and policies, and how they impact American sovereignty. Above all, one must understand that many in our government see such programs as another tool to build massive federal land-control programs.

There is strong evidence of close collaboration between the U.S. Park Service and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Committee. There is also strong evidence that the designation of UN World Heritage Sites goes hand in hand with the Administration’s Sustainable Development program. That program is nothing less than a massive federal zoning program that dictates property development on the local level, in the name of protecting the environment. The goal of Sustainable Development is to lock up vast areas of American land, and shield it from private use.

The designation of United Nations’ World Heritage Sites and Biosphere Reserves can and does result in the centralization of policy-making authority at the federal level, particularly by the Executive Branch. Once a UN designation is made and accepted by the Federal Government there is literally no opportunity for private American land owners to dispute it or undo the designation.

Private property rights literally disappear, not only in the officially designated area, but worse, in buffer zones OUTSIDE the designated area. Not only has the federal government been using these treaties and agreements to limit access to, and use of these lands to all Americans, but they also have used the UN designations to limit use of private property OUTSIDE the boundaries of the site.

That is exactly what happened outside of Yellowstone National Park (a World Heritage Site) when UNESCO delegates were called in by the Park Service in an attempt to stop the development of a gold mine - located OUTSIDE the park. The UNESCO delegates declared Yellowstone to be the first “endangered” World Heritage Site and called for a protective buffer zone of 150-MILES IN DIAMETER AROUND THE ENTIRE PARK. The buffer zone would stop development and access to millions of acres of private property. Such is the purpose of the World Heritage Sites.

Moreover, in becoming party to these international land-use designations through Executive Branch action, the United States is indirectly agreeing to terms of international treaties, such as the Biodiversity Treaty - a UN treaty that has never been ratified by the United States Senate.

Nevertheless, in 1994, the U.S. State Department published the “Strategic Plan for the U.S. Biosphere Reserve Program.” Taken straight from the unratified Biodiversity Treaty, the State Department program is to “create a national network of biosphere reserves that represents the biogeographical diversity of the United States and fulfills the internationally established roles and functions of biosphere reserves.”

A chief tactic used by the UN and the Federal Government when designating a biosphere reserve or a World Heritage Site is to rarely involve or consult with the public and local governments. In fact, UNESCO policy actually discourages an open nomination for World Heritage Sites. The “Operational Guidelines for the Implementations of the World Heritage Convention” states:

“In all cases, as to maintain the objectivity of the evaluation process and to avoid possible embarrassment to those concerned, State (national) parties should refrain from giving undue publicity to the fact that a property has been nominated inscription pending the final decision of the Committee of the nomination in question. Participation of the local people in the nomination process is essential to make them feel a shared responsibility with the State party in the maintenance of the site, but should not prejudice future decision-making by the committee.”

In other words, the nominating committee is to hide the fact that a massive land grab is about to take place. Then, at the appropriate moment, the committee is to involve some local yokels to make them think they have something to say about the grab, then send them away, so that the committee can move ahead, unhindered. They aren’t suppose to worry about the fact that private landowners have just lost control of their property.

This is not the way the U.S. Constitution says things should be done. This is how despots at the United Nations run things. The Administration is allowing them to do it for the sake of more Federal power.

By allowing these international land use designations, the United States promises to protect the sites and REGULATE surrounding lands if necessary to protect the UN-designated area. Honoring these agreements forces the Federal Government to PROHIBIT or limit some uses of private lands outside the international designated area UNLESS OUR COUNTRY WANTS TO BREAK A PLEDGE TO OTHER NATIONS.

In a nutshell, here is the real game being played. Through such policies, the Federal Government is binding our nation to international treaties and agreements that stipulate that the United States will manage these lands in a prescribed manner in order to achieve certain international goals and objectives. In other words, we have agreed to limit our right of sovereignty over these lands.

That is why it is charged that World Heritage Sites are an infringement on United States sovereignty. You won’t find the smoking gun by reading the treaties. It can only be found in understanding the “intent” and the “implementation” of the policies.


So someone else obviously researched What a World Heritage site means previously.  They found and came to the same conclusion I did after my research.  Even though the U.S. government and the UN says it is an 'Honor' to have a "World Heritage" site and it stays under the control of the country it is in.  That is not true, once you read the "fine print" of it all.  The facts are our National Parks are not really OURS, they are the United Nations and World National Parks.  The United Nations actually has the full Control over the parks.  They have in fact stepped in when places have become 'at risk' 
So, when you go to our gorgeous "National" Parks, you will now know they are not really National Parks but are UN controlled "World" Parks. 
Edit to add 3/5/13 - I have found more documents regarding the UN control of our National Parks and how they do control them.

documents about the Smoky Mountains and their decisions. 

An updated page from the UN site about the mountains - they state the mountain area is of world importance.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is of world importance as the outstanding example of the diverse Arcto-Tertiary geoflora era, providing an indication of what the late Pleistocene flora looked like before recent human impacts.

Update 3/6/13 - A Technical Review of UN World Heritage Sites
The below are just a few paragraphs from the link.  I advice reading the whole thing, as it mentions various National Parks in the review.


The World Heritage Convention was signed by the United States and adopted by the General Conference of the United Nations Environmental, Scientific and Cultural Organization on November 16, 1972. The purpose of the convention is to establish "an effective system of collective protection of the cultural and natural heritage of outstanding universal value" currently referred to as "global commons." In 1995 there were 469 cultural and natural sites designated in 105 countries around the world, of which 20 are found in the United States.

 UNESCO then goes on to say, "The Convention thus assumes and affirms the existence of a World Heritage which belongs to all mankind" or global commons.

Whilst fully respecting the sovereignty of the State [nation]...State Parties to this Convention recognize that such heritage constitutes a world heritage for whose protection it is the duty of the international community as a whole to cooperate."

The procedures for listing of cultural and natural properties begin at Paragraph 17 of the UNESCO Operational Guidelines for Implementing the World Heritage Convention. Procedures for cultural sites are specifically found starting at Paragraph 23, while those dealing with natural heritage sites begin at Paragraph 43. In relationship to the nomination of a site for listing, Paragraph 14 of the guidelines states that areas are to be nominated without "undue publicity" and with the participation of local people, only so far as they don't "prejudice future decision-making by the Committee."

The question of how far the World Heritage Committee can extend its authority is still unanswered, but it is certain that this question will move into the national and international court systems in the near future.


  1. Sherrie, when I try to tell people about these things, they absolutely refuse to believe.

    I live near the Townsend TN entrance to the park, and interestingly enough, they have removed "An International Biosphere" from the welcome sign at the entrance. That did get people's attention once it was pointed out to them.

    On the plus side, perhaps the UN (NWO) will step in when the US government tries to sell the park to the corporation for a private retreat. (or to rape it for resources)

  2. Great research and info, Thank You

  3. See the links for the UNITED NATIONS subversive sites:

  4. UN nor Unesco own World Heritage Sites.
    This is just fear mongering.
    Do some actual research.

    1. Interesting comment. Which tells me, you did not actually read all the research above. You have made an assumption. If you had read the research above, you will see... I don't claim the UN OWNS the parks, what it says is the UN CONTROLS the parks.

      OH, one other thing - uhhh.... guess you didn't see all the links etc to the various research that was done, where people can check everything out. I just love these type comments - that shows the person has not actually read everything written.

    2. Another victim of public schooling.

    3. I have just perused this so I haven't actually "read" it either, but Williamsburg, VA was on a list to be considered for a world Heritage Site, and it was explained to me that you have a local board which meets and discusses various things of interest to do with maintaining the site, etc., but UNESCO has the final say on what you can and can't (or will or won't) do with the, and perhaps a determinant amount of adjacent property.

  5. I wish I could wave a wand and wake everybody up! The UN, IMF, BIS, World Bank are all controlled by the families that own the Western worlds central banks. The simple yet hidden agenda is world government and every single sovereign nation supports this because they are all directly controlled by these same families. The ongoing plan for the humans on the planet is the four D's : Dumb them down (education & media), Distract (drugs, alcohol, TV, porn, entertainment), Divide (Repub vs. Dems, black vs. white, gay vs. straight) and make Dependent (welfare, food stamps, entitlements, subsidies). The key to their power is the worlds monetarty system where the owners of central banks create money from nothing and charge the world 'interest' on all of it. Humans only work for credit that we can only spend at the company store. The corruption, moral depravity, up is down world is no accident. Everything in life has been reduced to corporate profit. Entire industries are fake and unnecessary and only exist to extract more weath from humans (insurance, leasing) and the rest distorted to the extreme : education is producing pliable worker bots without the ability to think clearly or apply common sense. The food industry is making us sick (GMO, nutrasweet, corn syrup), the health care industry is killing us (we are expected to take daily pharamceuticals for our 'health'), and our main export killing people all over the world is done to 'help people". The solution? Boycott all corporate products and services, shun debt, buy only organic foods, be self employed, build and support your local community in every way, develop a clear sense of morality that cannot be shaken, try to generate as many imputs in your life as possible (power, water, food, income), and actively resist the dumbing down, distractions, division, and dependence that is actively promoted. VOTE RON PAUL AND END THE FED!

    1. We need to end the corporation that the US became following the supposed ratification of the 14th Amendment. America post 1868 is NOT the America our founding fathers established. Check your birth Certificate. It is a bond because you are a "corporation" traded openly on the market. Check how your name is in ALL CAPS on all "legal" documents. Check Black's Law Dictionary 3rd or 4th edition (as the more current ones have been altered to hide this info) to define why names in ALL CAPS vs fist letter capital, subsequent letters small, makes a difference in law and legality.

  6. Thank you Sherrie. The remarkable thing about all of this is you can see how patient these people are in enacting their plans. It creeps in so slowly most don't notice until it's too late!

  7. Good job Sherrie, only it gets much worse than this, we should be asking, who holds Allodial Title to this entire landmass, it is not us, or the government, nor the U.N. It takes a long trip through several centuries of Treaties, compacts and contracts with the international community to pin it down. And no, it is not the bankers, they're merely serving the holder of Allodial Title, and managing that parties wealth. That party claims Temporal Power over the earth and its inhabitants. DFidn't you ever wonder why, if you own something, you still must pay rent on it, or lose it? Why is our system based upon the fee simple, rather than the Allodial Title, which is true freedom? Any how, keep seeking, and you will find the truth.

  8. Good work!
    Check out Niki Raapana's work on communitarianism and Agenda 21.

  9. thank you so much for your work. WE are fighting the land grab here around the olympic national park. they were plotting in secret for several years. we have learned and been fighting the wild olympics group and their congress backing of dicks, murray and cantwell for just over a year. they found their local patsy but it blew up in their face. they still CONTROL all media releases and they distort us as "hostile" and "fanatics." WE are gaining large support and awareness.
    Land use regs at the state level have also increased at an alarming rate.
    Quiinault is people living in the biosphere and they want us out! first, 10 years ago; the ONP illegally altered and moved the channel of Finley Creek up the quinault river where it soon began eroding private property. (the owners were allowed to do nothing (by the state dept. of F&W until family homes were directly threatened) An entire watershed and prime salmon and bull trout habitat of some 40 acres was destroyed. is our info -site. yes, we are unpaid amateurs. please read the book "the perils of sustainability" by rene' haliday to connect the dots

  10. The first thing Dr. Paul should do as POTUS,is remove the UN and all of its policies and lackeys from our Republic. Giving jurisdiction of United States territory to foreign powers is an impeachable offense and should be pursued to the fullest extent of the law, the Congressmen and administration thugs that allowed this getting jail time for these crimes.

  11. If the UN didn't control these sites I am sure the Corporatists like Ron Paul would sell them to the private sector so that they could be exploited for a profit, Mined, and stripped of their resources so that nothing would be left for the children or future. After all his agenda is to privatize everything.

    1. Thanks for the laugh, we always need to laugh hard at times, it is good for us. I appreciate you getting my day going with a good one today.

    2. This biosphere reserve is probably the reason why all road pull offs alongside Little River between the "Y" at Townsend and the Park visitor center have been blocked with boulders or removed . They stopped all trout fishing by doing that to protect the biosphere reserve thus stopping my fishing which was catch and release.

  12. Glad to see more and more people waking up to this. Mr. Henry Lamb, Mr. Weese and others have been writing about this for a long time.

  13. Mt Mitchell North Carolina is likewise a UN biosphere

  14. And the intent of this inane rant based on pure conjecture is supposed to be . . .???

    1. In short, John, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

  15. WOW! Way to ruin president Reagan's name with this 'onion' site rip off. As I have lived in East Tennessee (for real , not just claiming I do with a pretty single picture) Let me school you on this. When the Park was rededicated back in 1983, a time when things were good mind you, the officials thought it a good idea to make it a world wide destination to visit. There fore making it appear it was dedicated to the 'world' makes other countries tourists more likely to visit. But please, assume you know everything. It makes for a fun read to watch you sheeple spill your idiocy on the internet

    1. LOL So, you are accusing me of just "claiming" I live in East Tenn? Sure, all of our National Parks became under the UN control just to get more tourist. OH.. okay... thanks for setting us straight. LOL :)

    2. Well Archangel, You are aparantly of the SHEEPLE, as you can't see what is going on around you ! Maybe someday you and the others will awaken, hopefully not after it's too late !

    3. archangel, what flavor kool- aide do you like., I bet you think pineapples grow on trees too.

  16. im glad i saw this.. i had thought UNESCO sights were just for 2nd/3rd world countries who couldnt preserve important sites.. i never realized they were more than just an honorific really.. or that there were any in the US

  17. Sherrie you have done a magnificent job of exposing this. I lived in East Tennessee near Townsend from 2005 until 2011. I remember reading about the World Heritage Sites and the Biospheres quite a few years ago now in The New American magazine. I had driven through the park many times over those years then was shocked to see the sign at the entrance to Gatlinburg from the park. It said that the park was a World Heritage Biosphere just as you have found in other locations. I may still have a photo that I took of it. I will check and get back and leave it here. On another occasion I noticed that the sign had changed. I think many people had noticed it and they decided to conceal it. I have been out of the state since 2011 but plan to return to Tennessee and do all I can to defend the state against the evil that is coming.

  18. anonymous,sherrie, very good truthfull points.. to much to say here.. but will throw this in.. this goes right in with anonymous post as far as banks go.. the RothChild familey, The All Seeing Illuminati, whats been going on for yrs and yrs.far before i was ever around..

  19. and the questions to be answered now are--why are there german military vehicles and Russian drivers in the smoky mountain region?? and everything starts falling into place

  20. Sherrie, I commend you for doing such a thorough job of research, and you have found a great deal of information. But you say the main point is intent, and that is also correct, but you misinterpret the intent here. There is no desire from the United States to form One-World-Government. This is conspiracy theory. There is a desire to preserve sites that are of value to not just us, but to the international community. Recently, fundamentalist Islamic Groups have taken over land that has rock carvings thousands of years old, created by members of a different religion. These groups destroy these centuries-old monuments because they consider them heretical. Object and places that tell us about our history, both as a culture and as the human race, are lost forever. Thie is NOT an attempt by the U.S. to give the U.N. control of our country, nor is it an attemp by the U.N. to seize control. It is simply a recognition of value, a statement that if there is something inside our borders that we choose to destroy, the impact will be felt across the globe.