Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20th - Maps and Info for the Ring of Fire Eclipse includes Freedom Energy Aspects of the day too. Video/Songs of Freedom.

Today May 20th, is a very special day in Energies streaming the Earth.  That may sound odd to some and "out there."

 UPDATE - 7:53 pm est - This live feed just started  - from U.S.  
This feed is EXCELLENT - You can see it from California - Grand Canyon and New Mexico!  You can switch between them at the top.  

UPDATE - 7:20 pm - Video from Japan at bottom of the "Ring of Fire" Eclipse

There is the "Ring of Fire" eclipse that will be able to be seen in the Western U.S, across the Pacific to Asia.   A "Ring of Fire" eclipse is where 95% of the sun is covered by the moon.  The moon is farther from the Earth during the time of passing in front of the sun and that is why only 95% of it is covered. 

This picture is from the last "Ring of Fire" eclipse we had in 1994 - this is what it will look like:

Here is a link where you can click on your state to see what the times will be in your area of starting and finishing and what it will look like.

Here is the map and times of where it will be and when:

 This is the map of where it will be seen across the Pacific and into Asia:

There is also the New Moon today.    What we put our energy and thoughts into are part of the manifesting that happens for ourselves, mankind and the Earth for the next month, during the New Moon times.  The New Moon influence is 3 days before and after it for our "Intent" of energy for manifesting. 

Besides the fact there is a Ring of Fire Eclipse and there is a New Moon, today is special in another way also.  Today the 20th of May, the Sun, Earth and Moon will be aligned in a once in 26000 year alignment with the Center of the Galaxy (the Pleiades). 

Here is information about that from the International Metaphysical University


On May 20, 2012, for the first time in 26,000 years, the Sun and Moon, and the constellation responsible for our spiritual evolution and ascension, the mystic Pleiades, will align in a spectacular, full Annular Solar Eclipse and a rare solar eclipse alignment will happen between the Earth, the Sun and, our central Sun, Alcyone in the Pleiades Constellation.

Now, there was a very intricate crop circle from 2005, which had May 20th 2012 with the eclipse being shown.  This video below shows the crop circle and it discusses May 20th and no clue in why the crop circle pin points May 20th 2012.  This video was made in 2007.

I am getting into the metaphysical aspects of today.  What convinced me to do so, is the fact when I went to  this morning I saw the following information:

INTERPLANETARY SHOCK WAVE: An interpanetary shock wave possibly associated with the M5-class solar flare of May 17th swept past Earth on May 20th around 0200 UT. The shock's arrival caused geomagnetic activity around the poles, but so far no reports of high-latitude auroras.

Now, if you are familiar with CME's and flares, when they hit the Earth they cause Auroras to happen at the poles of the Earth and elsewhere, depending on how strong the flare and hit is on the Magnetosphere.   But, notice the above says there were no Auroras with the Energy that hit the Earth earlier this morning.    That is what convinced me to go ahead and put out information about the Energies today and how people should align with them and use them to the fullest advantage for themselves, mankind and the Earth.

I believe, we can use the extra powerful energies of today - May 20th 2012 for Truth, Freedom and Release from those that bind us and the Earth to their Matrix.  I am asking people to please keep their Intent today in Love, Light, Harmony and Truth for themselves.  Imagine and see to create absolute prosperity for yourself and all others.  Imagine and see Truth and the Light of All/God, streaming unto all on Earth and lighting the "fire within" every single person.  See the healing of Earth.  I believe our consciousness does have an affect upon the world. 

I want to give you an example of what I noticed and felt, when our world had an absolute streaming of Love all at one time.  March 11, 2011 the quake and tsunami hit Japan.  The world reacted in Love and sympathy and strong emotions those hours and days afterwards.  Those who fully know how the Universe works and our collective consciousness works, knew we were "changing the world through Love."  They changed the story within 3 days of the quake.  I noticed they changed the story dramatically in fact.  There was information about Fukushima but there were more stories about "world hate and division" of people, it went back to Islam versus Christian type stories.   I knew they changed it, because all of us were seriously affecting our Earth in creating Love and Harmony compared to Hate and Division.   We are kept with the stream of constant hate and division for one group of people or country.  That is the way they control us and keep the Collective consciousness of the Earth where they want it, so they have full control.  We are much more powerful than the few that "control" us, they know that so they keep us divided on purpose. 

But you see we can change that!  Today is a day that we have the most powerful energies streaming unto the Earth in 26000 years!  We CAN create our Harmony, Love and Light for each other and the Earth Today!  We can change our future and create the Freedom in Truth of Who we really are, to the I AM.

Please know today is a Very Special Day!  It does not take every single person of the world to put their intent into Love and Light today for the world to change.  It only takes about 1% of the World's population to have an affect on the world, positive or negative.  We all can be that 1% Today!  We are not part of the 99% today - We can proclaim ourselves as the most influential and powerful 1% Today and always onward!  

There are different sites that have meditations for people to do today at exact times for various parts of the world.  There are also ley lines throughout the U.S and world.  You may want to find a ley line area and go there for connecting with the "Power grid of the Earth."

  Here is a map of the U.S. ley lines.

To get you into the Energy of FREEDOM - Enjoy the following Songs!  They are Awesome, in my opinion and perfect way to feel that Energy of FREEDOM in starting the Day!  

Turn UP your speakers and Enjoy getting into the Energy of Freedom !

Paul McCartney's Song - FREEDOM:  I seriously Love this Song!

The words of it can be found here

Song by Bobby Darin - It is titled "The Simple Song of Freedom"
Listen all the way to the end - it really gets "energy" towards the end
 The words to it can be found here.

Daryl Hall - LOVE REVELATION(from 1994) "Freedom is What I want, Freedom What I need"

Last but not least song about Freedom I am inserting


I believe we can use the Energies of Today to be the Revolution of Freedom from those that have bound us!

I am not at a place in the country to view the "Ring of Fire" eclipse but I look forward to seeing videos and pictures of it by those that are.

I don't expect many people to read this post I put up, but those that do read it, I ask for you to seriously consider what I wrote and to Please Feel the LOVE for yourself, all others and the Earth.  Release the anger, hate and division that others try to make you feel.  Know in Truth We are All One and We Live on Our One Precious Earth! 

Today is a Special Day -  my Intent and Energy for You and the World is:
 Freedom - Love - Truth - Light - Harmony - Prosperity and the Knowing fully the I AM !

A video of the Eclipse from Today.


  1. Thank you Sherrie, I'm in. I will focus my intentions today!

  2. I awoke this day so angry about it... it all, you know, the thing, the amorphous transformation of Life that could be precious and good into Waste and Loss. Thanks for the refocus.

  3. You are too right, Sherrie! Thanks for the info. I did make it up to The Grotto of Lourdes today - with the ley line running right through it.... which explains why C@mp D@v1d is located near there. Sucking up all of that valuable energy! I prayed for truth and disclosure and for the Insanes to be removed. Powerful energy there today. This is just the beginning.....

  4. Where did you get the map on Ley Lines? Do you know why there is a major hub of interesting ley lines in Utah? Do you know the location of that vortex?