Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Philadelphia Catholic Priests on Trial for Sexual Abuse and Whipping of Boys. What is happening with the Sandusky/Penn State investigation in Penn?

Two Catholic Priests are on trial in Philadelphia for Sexual Abuse and Whipping of boys.

Reverend James Brennan and Reverend Thomas Smith are on trial as many adult men are now coming forward about their sexual abuse of them starting in the 1970s.

**Note - This picture is not of the two priests on trial, I inserted this simply showing Catholic Priest. **
The Catholic church hid all the facts of their sexual abuse of boys until Smith was finally defrocked in 2007.  That means 30+ years, the church allowed boys to be abused at the hands of priests.

How is it that an entity that is suppose to be about "Goodness and God" allow the most evil things to happen?

Portion from the top link about the Catholic Priest on Trial:

A Philadelphia jury heard Tuesday about Catholic schoolboys who said they had to strip before a priest and endure whippings as they played Christ in a Passion play.

Prosecutors pursuing a child-endangerment case against a church official said the Rev. Thomas J. Smith remained in ministry despite those 2002 accusations. Church officials and an in-house review board didn't think Smith was seeking sexual gratification when he allegedly had boys undress or get naked with him in a hot tub.
Smith was removed in 2005, after another accuser said Smith had taken several boys to a motel in the late 1970s, put ice down their pants and made them remove their underwear so it would dry. The accuser said he awoke to find a naked Smith rubbing his body against the naked boy.
Smith, now 64, was defrocked in 2007.

Remember the Current Pope has been accused of hiding all the Sexual Abuse of Priests for the Catholic Church.  This was his job for more than 25 years.

Some think Ratzinger's critics are holding him responsible for acts that were carried out before he became Pope, simply because he is the head of the institution involved.

This is an error. For more than 25 years, Ratzinger was personally in charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the part of the Vatican responsible for enforcing Catholic canonical law across the world, including on sexual abuse. He is a notorious micro-manager who, it is said, insisted every salient document crossed his desk.
Hans K√ľng, a former friend of Ratzinger's, says: 'No one in the whole of the Catholic Church knew as much about abuse cases as this Pope.'

We know what the methods of the Church were during this time. When it was discovered that a child had been raped by a priest, the Church swore everyone involved to secrecy and moved the priest on to another parish. When he raped more children, they, too, were sworn to secrecy and he was moved on to another parish. And on, and on.

More than 10,000 people have come forward to say they were raped as part of this misery-go-round.

He let priests go free to rape again and again

The Church insisted all cases be kept from the police and dealt with by their own 'canon' law - which can 'punish' child rapists only to prayer, penitence or, on rare occasions, defrocking.

What I would like to know is... were these priest friends of Sandusky?

I wrote about the Penn State Sexual Scandal last year and who is on the board of "The Second Mile" (Sandusky charity).

Why aren't we hearing anything about Sandusky and what is happening with that investigation?

Is it because so many high powered people are involved in it, considering it has been said Sandusky provided the kids to the "Upper Penn State Contributors of money"?

What is classic, is Sandusky wants the Second Mile Insurance Company to pay for his defense.  The company has denied that request.    

Its seems Pennsylvania is having it's state name in the spotlight for absolutely repulsive reasons.   Both cases involve a complete cover up by the highest authorities.   How deep do they go and will we ever find out the extent of who all is involved in what occurred and the sweeping it under the rug?


  1. The same thing happened during the OT days and it flows from a complete loss of faith and the concomitant spiritual blindness that goes with it. A review of the OT, as well as secular and NT-era history, makes it clear that society falls to pieces precisely because the Temple, or its equivalent, grows corrupt to the core. Making matters worse this time around is the enormous, negative influence of the Synagogue of Satan within and without the Catholic Church and all such bodies. Sexual abuse of children is justified within the Talmud; all else follows. It will all be purged in due course, as has happened multiple times before, but the process will be painful and many who now believe they are powerful will receive justice from God's own hand.

  2. Pennsylvania must be a hotbed of satanic trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse of children. I recommend listening to podcast #17 on the Mark Passio website "What On Earth Is Happening" The guest is a recovering victim from trauma-based mind control, whose parents were Satan worshipers. The victim and his family were from Pennsylvania. When I first heard the interview I immediately thought of Penn-State.

  3. Dear Sherrie. What you are seeing is the Babylonian Roman church that is talked about 354 times in the bible. You can read Hislop's TWO BABYLONS.
    If you would like to examine the evidence here is a link. this is a really good series that show the true battle. It is KNOW YOUR ENEMY BY THE FUEL PROJECT