Wednesday, February 22, 2012

UN about to take control of the Internet. Forget SOPA - this is international control - Forget Privacy - Seems "One World Government" is coming together.

With people all over the world standing up to the tyranny of the banks through all the governments and the information getting out to others around the world.... The governments want to stop the information. 
All the countries are actually ruled by the banks which are actually all owned by the same people.  So they are now consolidating the power into the UN, so they don't have the hassle of dealing with all the individual countries.  The UN is seriously about to be the "One World Government."

The UN is looking to be the "Police" of the internet with individual countries releasing their own control. 

On Feb. 27, a diplomatic process will begin in Geneva that could result in a new treaty giving the United Nations unprecedented powers over the Internet. Dozens of countries, including Russia and China, are pushing hard to reach this goal by year's end. As Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said last June, his goal and that of his allies is to establish "international control over the Internet" through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a treaty-based organization under U.N. auspices.

• Subject cyber security and data privacy to international control;

• Allow foreign phone companies to charge fees for "international" Internet traffic, perhaps even on a "per-click" basis for certain Web destinations, with the goal of generating revenue for state-owned phone companies and government treasuries;

• Impose unprecedented economic regulations such as mandates for rates, terms and conditions for currently unregulated traffic-swapping agreements known as "peering."

• Establish for the first time ITU dominion over important functions of multi-stakeholder Internet governance entities such as the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the nonprofit entity that coordinates the .com and .org Web addresses of the world;

• Subsume under intergovernmental control many functions of the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet Society and other multi-stakeholder groups that establish the engineering and technical standards that allow the Internet to work;

• Regulate international mobile roaming rates and practices.

This is why the Congress and Senate didn't care about the SOPA bill not getting through.  The UN will control the internet. 

It seems countries are now relinquishing individual sovereignty more and more to the UN.  They are even discussing having a "One World Court"  a "One World Regulatory Banking".

In other words the "One World Government" is coming together via the UN.

Is this why they will attack all countries that are not willing to be part of the "One World Government?"


  1. What is your source for these statements? This sounds like a conspiracy type idea lead by people who fear governments and the UN?

    1. Duh, did you read the article linked? Are you not familiar with the whole "Climate Change" world wide taxes they want to implement?
      The banking regulations for the world they want to control?

      It is ALL real info. They would control all information about what is going.

    2. Anonymous Look up the word CONSPIRACY in a law dictionary.

      Here is one. Someone stole a whole year of GDP from the USA.

    3. This centralized authority on the internet is a huge threat; I will not deny it; however, This concept is relatively new, and it probably spurs from the fact the United States said that ACTA is non-binding. The majority of the internet infrastructure is in the United States, so these counties are proposing ideas such as this treaty, and the appeal to give the WTO power to fine any country which does not enforce ACTA, so these countries can force the US into their views. This treaty is not threatening until the U.N. gets its global tax, and the U.N. has failed to achieve a global tax since 1999. The problem now is the Obama Administration supports the UN global tax, so we are on thin ice now; however, This breathing room does not excuse complacency; the people should not allow a single inch on our internet.

  2. Use the world 'conspiracy' one more time dip shit. I dare u. What a loser, WTFU. U better fear the gov and UN. Us attacks Iran, March 8th, Greece defaults 23rd. US dollar goes down April. Watch and learn.

  3. This has been the raison d'etre of the UN from its inception. Alger Hiss, who was convicted of perjury in connection to his being a Commie spy, was involved in the UN's establishment. Frankly, those who don't know the truth about the UN don't want to know. The info is easily available and crystal clear: the UN is bad, BAD news and only serves to further the agenda of the Money Master Mafia.

    1. Didnt nostradamus mention something about a Hiss ler kind of person??

  4. In my opinion, this is a Zionist disinformation article. The countries really want One World Government are Rothschilds' Israel and its colonies - hijacked U.S., U.K. and sold out Arab League. If Russia and China would like to have One World Government, they would have not vetoed the U S., U.K and NATO military Intervention in Syria.

    Zionists are the masters of deception! They are the.champigns of Orwellian propaganda and false-flag operations.

    Mossad motto: By way of deception, we shall do war !

    1. I didn't understand the Russia part either, since they are behind Syria. But Russia would still like the internet controlled. Look at their protests that have happened. All the countries want the internet controlled and information to be locked down. Remember Russia has a central Rothschild bank behind them. Remember WW2 - same people behind the different sides of the war. War is profitable for the banksters. So.... countries are playing their sides as instructed.

    2. There all in the same game, and its the top leaders of government and corporate executives (more notably bankers) that play by different rules. None of the leaders are thinking of sovereignty, the people and their unalienable rights or peace. They are ALL in the racket, and its been a close-knit racket for many many decades. Don't deceive yourself only because you think a country like Russia and its leaders might care about Syria. Nothing is further from the truth.

      Get real. Get a clue. You must stop feeding the "monster" and turn your back completely on the system(s). There is no bargaining. There is no compromise. We are the people and we will stand firm. That is how you should be thinking. Not a day goes by when some blogger is telling us its over. Its the end of privacy, or the internet, or sovereign countries....and on and on. You are simply being programmed to accept changes of the "system" that "they" want to install upon mankind.

      Turn your back on the institution of our system. STop paying them homage. Stop paying them period for their destructive deeds. My god...what is wrong with you people? Can you not stand strong as a human being? Are you so easily persuaded, scared, intimidated and beaten into submission?

      Stop banking at the moderate to big banks. Yank your money and store it at home. Stop taking out loans. Cash out of your investment plans. Invest the money in hard assets (land, gold, etc.)

      Stop patronizing the big companies. Shop locally or do without.

      Turn off the TV and radio, and quite possibly, the internet. I see absolutely nothing of good coming from the internet. The internet is gamed with disinformation, lies and deceit.

      Start community programs. Learn to work alongside your brothers and sisters. Take strength in numbers and goals.

      Resist. Do not do what they say or tell you to do. They cannot make you do anything. It is ALWAYS your decision.

      Do you hear me?

    3. The Mossad motto was recently changed to another Proverbs passage: be-'éyn tachbūlōt yippol `ām; ū-teshū`āh be-rov yō'éts (Hebrew: באין תחבולות יפול עם, ותשועה ברוב יועץ‎, Proverbs 11:14).
      This is translated by NRSV as: "Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety."

      re this
      The countries really want One World Government are Rothschilds' Israel and its colonies - hijacked U.S., U.K. and sold out Arab League. If Russia and China would like to have One World Government, they would have not vetoed the U S., U.K and NATO military Intervention in Syria.

      Wake up man...
      Who has control of the banking system in Russia and China, therefor who controls both countries?

  5. Her where I live in virginia, they have built a new prison that's sitting empty. It was built back in 2010 and has a capacity of around 400 inmates plus the staff. Could the stuff start hitting the fan ? With India announcing and already starting to micro-chip their entire population of 1.2 billion people, and china already micro-chipped most of theirs, could the "end game" begin to start playing out by the globalists ? Time will tell.......

  6. The UN is the nations borrowing from the central bank. The City of London is home central for this network and is often referred to as The Jewish Vatican. it is where the queen lizard, Elizabeth II hangs her hat. The meeting place for the UN is in downtown Manhattan.
    The original scriptures referred to an abstract entity God who encompassed all in theory, providing The Avenue to life eternal. Since then Constantine and future popes claim this power for themselves, though they do not say it outloud. The King James version of the Bible further fades into providing the impression that subjugation to an invisible mortal entity is in the works and proper and the thing to do.
    The jewish Talmud talks of jews owning everything and 5,000 slaves each. It may safely be assumed that these two camps, realms of thought, pigs, whatever these usurpers of Christianity and the Constitutional government of the U.S. and other local authorities call themselves,used 9-11 as a repeat of the 1913-1914 attempt to overwhelm the world by the international banker network. The Fed crammed down everyones' throat with a buyout clause, The Council on Foreign Affairs, the IRS and income tax, WWI, an influenza epidemic,Jehovah's Witnesses(who preach staying out of financial and government affairs), etc., with alienating the voting public from monitoring their government the main objective. Now, HAARP weather creation of tornados and other radical weather and the weather futures gaming and carpetbagging, the Obummer president, Wall Street looting, the Deepwater Horizon intentional oil well blow out, etc., all serve to addle and confuse. WE MUST deal with these issues or LOSE our country to the pigs.
    Original scripture wrote in the Lord's Prayer, "Our Lord, who art everywear" or "Our Lord who art here and above..". The new texts say, "Our Lord, who art in heaven..." and speak of His return. They tell us to sit back and wait for the Lord's return. This later statement was developed by false priests. The Lord never left.
    Give up the internet to a pack of lies, liars, cheats, pigs, and murderers? HELL NO!! Who would want to bootleg the crap they call art these days anyway. Jurrasic Park movies are usually less than 10$. And well worth it. Maybe Avatar is good. If it is not worth buying, it is not worth stealing.

  7. For all the yelling about "our freedom" and all the whining about how the UN is "gonna take over, and we gotta resist", this crap is revealed to be a LIE, because at the very top of this website is a big sign basically cheerleading for Ron Paul. Which means that the "vote" is still cherished here and you still think that "working within the system" is a viable option. IGNORANT FOOLS. Why would you "vote" for someone from the Repulsive Party or any Party for that matter? The fact that Ron Paul WANTS to rule disqualifies him. The fact that you think he actually WILL do something other than window dressing shows that you are still decieved and are lining up at the same trough that is in reality an abyss.

  8. this is fucked up corruption privacy go bye bills higher and higher. middle class to poor poor to poverty and rich to 1%

  9. Yes its all coming together and We The People cant work hard enough or Fast enough to stop the New World Order, First we protest SOPA and NDAA and then UN comes up with something, then the European Union comes up with their own model of SOPA, the harder we work the Faster and Quicker these evil, sell out creatures work harder to come up with another New Law, dont forget people the original plan was to have this all come together by 2012 and have it up and running and thanks to Iraq and Afghanistan they kept the powers of "B" fighting, Barrack Obama job and why he was elected was to help put things on track again, even Henry Kissinger said that is why Obama was elected.
    As for people using this Conspiracy Theory rubbish, to deny everything that there is any Plans for a New World Order or One World Government, i suppose Daddy Bush, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Hilary Clinton, Henry Kissinger and the many many many other people who have spoken about this over the years were just lying were they?
    Get real you dope - The Conspiracy Theory about this is out of the cupboard these people even admit their plans, ambitions, and objectives, so anybody saying Oh you people are just Conspiracy Theory Tin Foil Hat People, show and prove their own ignorance, stupidity talking like that, these people have another title we call them shills or Government Agents trolling websites, and forums

  10. I do have an issue with the language used in the source WSJ 'opinion' peice. I have already mentioned it in my own blog posting.

    Take the word 'foreign' for example, if we are speaking of the U.N. (an organization consisting of more than half of the countries on the planet) what would they be calling a 'foreign phone company'? Under this context, it sounds like China and Russia want to do something for telcos in non-U.N. member states rather than their own countries, which does not make the slightest bit of sense. 'Demands of some U.N. member states' is being portrayed as fact, yet written from the subjective point-of-view of the author...

    (other words that seem out of place: 'unprecidented', 'subject' and 'impose', and my gut is telling me something about the word 'subsume' as well)

    It's true that the U.N. usurping the role of ICANN is a bad idea that helps nobody, but I suspect Robert McDowell is a shill until I can find a better reference source...

    And considering this WSJ peice is actually labelled as 'opinion' (a rarity in the present era of infotainment-bait-and-switch-NEWSvertizing-propaganda), I am not sure how much can be taken at face value.... :(

  11. We've been under UN One World Government since at least the 1950s. Watch this:

    And read this:

    And check out Rod Class' stuff:

    Dogismyth above has it basically figured out. You need to turn away from the System. Ignore their silly laws. They only have the power and authority that you give to them. You are not required to consent. In fact, it's your obligation to withdraw your consent once the dominant authority turns from Law to rebellion, as our current governments around the world are doing.

    Watch the above. Read. Learn. Turn off the electronics and put your eyes to the law books. That's where the real history is recorded.

    1. Well, except where he says turn away from the internet. Yeah, there are bad apples online but without the internet... hey, we wouldn't even be able to SAY "Do away with the internet"...

      I get loads of worthwhile stuff off the internet. No, i have no loans, don't watch TV, nor do i have a bank account. But the internet? Maybe if you set the bar down low enough, NOTHING matters anymore...

  12. Anonymous is clearly a shill... Don't waste your time getting involved with clowns like this. Their whole purpose is to indulge you in meaningless timewasting arguing back and forth... Cointelpro at it's most obvious.

    Sov Indo UK