Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Documentary Trailer - The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder and Treason!

A new documentary is coming out.  Law Professors put George W. Bush on Trial for Murder and Treason. From the opening information, 99% conviction rate of trials!

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  1. I am was married to a former member of the US Nave nuclear sub force. I know a lot of personnal from the Navy. I know that what is claimed here is the truth. I know former SEALS who saw Obama, had him in their sites and were told to stand down, not fire. The USN did sue GW Bush jr for abuses in their port, Gitmo, and so did the CIA, 5 times and won. This trial for murder and the recovering of the US is the next logical step. It is not just important to the USA but to the world. These people must be brought to trail.

    There was a time in the US when if a corporation commited crimes the CEOs were hauled off and put on trial. A Republicain, Teddy Roosevelt, did such a thing without trial to some 30 different corrupt companies. Just took their operating licences away. I am off the subject, a little. It is this corporate power infiltrationg the US government that created this corruption.

    I live in Seattle, the most intellegent city in the US. Seattle has the 2 money makers let in the US, Microsoft and Boeing. I worked at Boeing in engineeering. Believe me when I tell you:

    This lawyer is right

    said ONE GRAND JURY trail. How hard is that? Vermont has a standing arrest warrent for Bush and company now. We can do this. What are youy scared? We are the Navy, Marines, police, feds and IT people and we can not be harmed. I believe in the people of the United States.