Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shocked and Appalled at the Biased, Inflammatory and Unprofessional reporting by CNN and MSNBC of Zimmerman NOT GUILTY Verdict

I am completely Appalled and literally Shocked on the media coverage of George Zimmerman's "NOT GUILTY" verdict.

I have not turned on the TV in weeks, but I did after the verdict.   

What I heard and still am hearing, as I have the TV on is simply inflammatory and completely Biased!  WTF?!  Both CNN and MSNBC are saying it is all racist... they are making inflammatory claims.

Here is a perfect example.. Nancy Grace - holding back tears and says "As clear as black and white" when reporting on the verdict last night:  (she looks like a vampire... trying to suck the blood of the people, imo, here)


The media falsely portrayed Martin as a "young kid" in all their photos, when he was a 17 year old. They still refer to him as a "young child."  

Besides that, please know that the DOJ (Department of Justice) was behind Trayvon Protest - they funded them.  

The amount of race baiting is shocking from the media... they are saying Blacks don't get justice in the courtroom and the jury was not the peers of Trayvon.

I watched last night, as MSNBC had on saying it was due to the race, Zimmerman was not convicted and also implied that the gun lobby was a big part of the problem.

This woman Melissa Perry Harris on MSNBC is one of the worst for race baiting and it is completely shocking how she is saying blacks are not safe against racial hate.   How are they allowed to do this?  How can the news be so biased and do such race baiting?

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The amount of hate the media is trying to cause from one race to another is appalling.  I have never seen anything like this!  Why are they doing this?  Why are they trying to get people enraged and have a race war?

Here is a tweet from a MSNBC anchor - Goldie Taylor right after the verdict:

It is completely crazy how the media is being inflammatory in racial tones. Mark O'Mara said it perfectly at the end of the press conference last night about what the media and government have done in this case:


What O'Mara says about the media in the clip:

“Two systems went against George Zimmerman that he can’t understand: you guys, the media. He was like a patient in an operating table where a mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he he had no anesthesia,” an agitated O’Mara said after a reporter asked if Zimmerman ever showed emotion. “He didn’t know why he was turned into this monster, but quite honestly you guys had a lot to do with it. You just did. Because you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it, and you ran right over him. And that was horrid to him. “Then he comes into a system that he trusts — let’s not forget, six voluntary statements, voluntary surrender — and he believes in a system that he really wanted to be a part of, right? And then he gets prosecutors that charge him with a crime that they could never, ever, prove. … So those two systems failed him.”  

Here is Obama and "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.:  He even got into the race baiting in the beginning.   The NAACP is petitioning the Federal government to charge Zimmerman for civil rights.


Here is what the media has never mentioned... they only say Martin was a young kid, they have not released the teenage pictures of him with a gun, drugs nor his violent tweets.   The Daily Caller released some Martin tweets... that spoke about killing and used profanity.

This is what I have to say about it all.

Please don't listen to the media nor the government.  Their aim is to divide the people and for people to hate one another.

The truth is "We are all ONE" we are living different lives with different experiences.  But we need to keep LOVE in our hearts and minds, as hard as it is most times.   We need to not hate one another due to their color, religion, nor politics.  We need to all work together for Truth of ourselves and our world.

How did I get the above from the Martin case?  Because of the amount of hate the media is trying to cause between the people.

Please... don't fall for it.   We can not fall for the agenda of division of people by the media, government and those who try and control everything.   Keep our focus on Truth and Knowledge of who we are and why we are here.   The more we do that, the more truth will come out.

What the media is doing in trying to provoke people is not working at this time.   Though that Melissa Harris person is on MSNBC right now saying one inflammatory comment and opinion after another regarding it all.

But not just the media and government.... celebrities have joined the fray.  Beyonce and a moment of silence after the verdict during a concert in Nashville.   

Tweets from an NFL player saying Zimmerman won't last a week, Tweet from Kevin Hart, a comedian and actor giving out Zimmerman's address - for people to get him.

Celebrity tweets that are outrageous regarding the verdict.

Tweets from members of the government about the verdict.

Here are disturbing tweets from others after the verdict. 

Then you have Jamie Foxx who has been working the race baiting by wearing a shirt showing Martin as a 12 year old during the BET awards and during the MTV awards .... the LIES.. by not showing the 17 year old Martin and it proves their inflammatory stance.

I will never watch another movie with any of these people in it.

We stand together and letting the media, government, celebrities know:  We will not fall into your trap of you trying to cause division and violence!   


  1. Every "hoodie-loving-TV-talking-head" and their Family should be MOVED into the innercity and their kids SENT to public school, starting with that yellow-belly Matt Lauer and Ezra Klein.
    They CLAIM they are not prejudiced and LOVE the poor, MAKE them practice what they preach.
    Do not let them sit in their "guarded gated communities" and lecture US about diversity and tolerance.

  2. WHITE, white, white, white ..... Zimmerman is JEWISH/HISPANIC, and therefore, by THEIR standards, "a person OF COLOR", yet THAT is suppressed.

  3. You are not looking deep enough to see "who" wants this divide and conquer to take effect.

    Who runs our government?

    Who owns and runs the media?

    When you finally come to the realization of who it is actually in control of virtually every aspect of the American society, will you have the guts to name it a claim it.

    I do.

    1. No, again... to blame one group over another is dividing the people. I looked at your blog..... Don't look and blame one group (Jewish) over another, that is playing into their hands. Understand all divisions of people due to religion, race, culture etc is part of the game. Once we unite in understand there is no real division between the people, only division of control. Once we focus on those behind the scenes making sure people are tilted and divided they never have to worry about people coming after them for what they have done to us and our world. The Truth is hidden. When we begin to really go for the truth of it all... we will find WE HAVE THE POWER! But we don't claim it due to the division and hate created for each other.

    2. How can you focus on those behind the scenes when you're not willing to acknowledge the make-up of that group?

      I won't even mention history, the protocols or the American Congress.

      Start questioning, Sherrie, otherwise it's just an exercise in superficiality.

    3. Sherry,

      Why is it that they are the only group one cannot criticize? Why is it that many nations make it illegal to question anything about them and their false history or their current illegalities and murderous activities?

      They are .2% of the world population, yet they influence and control almost every aspect of the world.

      This isn't speculation. This is a easily discernible fact.

      Are all Jews guilty? No. But the vast majority of complicit in their silence. Why silent? Because they gain from their criminal contingent's control of society.

      The sooner we understand who is behind the control and manipulation, the sooner we can stop it. Until we do this, we will never "HAVE THE POWER".

      It is no secretive Illuminati, or NWO, or Bilderbergers, etc. It is the tribe. And their silent benefactors.

      You wrote, "Once we focus on those behind the scenes making sure people are tilted and divided they never have to worry about people coming after them for what they have done to us and our world."

      I am focusing on the ones behind the scenes. I am explaining precisely who is doing this... instrumentally and the ones that profit by their complicit silence.

      This is all laid out in their holy book, the Talmud. This is an age-long re-occurrence. Over and over and over. century after century. This is nothing new.

      And why did you use the "hate" word? I don't hate, I just point out what is obvious to me. It should be obvious to everyone thinking clearly. It is so very evident.

  4. Our criminal government under obama is trying to cause rioting and destruction of private and public property. They are looking for any excuse to enact martial law
    to include obamas henchmen the DHS. Wake up America see this for what it is, a true and just verdict by a legal jury with all the facts of the case presented. There has been so much black on white violence across our country that never gets known because the media will not report on it the non-black segment of our population, which accounts for approximately 85% is just plain fed up with all the violence against them. So if you riot don't expect the non-black sector to run in fear, expect to be met with extreme measures you may not survive.....