Hydrogen Peroxide and Cancer

Having Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is important - Hydrogen Peroxide has been considered a miracle solution.  It adds extra oxygen to your body needed to protect your good cells.

The H2O2 - the O2 is the extra oxygen cell.  Cancer cells can only live and spread when they are devoid of oxygen.  When you provide the extra oxygen to your body, cancer can not live.  There are doctors around the U.S. and world that only do Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.

3 of 4 Cancer doctors would NOT take Chemotherapy due to destroying the body and low success rate.

I have read how people have had their cancer cured from it - It has cured lung diseases and protects people from viruses and bacteria invading their body.  BUT to use it in any form as that, it can not be drug store variety of hydrogen peroxide - it HAS TO BE 35% FOOD GRADE Hydrogen Peroxide from a Health Food Store!  The FDA has been trying to shut down any information about Hydrogen Peroxide - So I am telling you only information I have read.    I have used it personally and in fact I use it in a nebulizer to get directly in my lungs.  Also the 35% Food Grade is NEVER used in full strength - it has to be diluted.  Also it is a hazardous material and it can not touch your skin in full strength - always use protection when handling it.

Link to a Free Ebook on line - "Oxygen Therapy"

Many links about Hydrogen Peroxide

a video from a doctor - treat colds flus with hydrogen peroxide  by using in ears - 
*** I have done this many time personally and it HAS WORKED every time!***  

a doctor - about hydrogen peroxide - he has a few - was a normal doctor then switched to using hydrogen peroxide for his cancer patients - this is just one video of many he has up.

information about Hydrogen peroxide

free ebook to download - page 18 starts the cancer part 

drs about hydrogen peroxide - one hospital uses it - Mayo Clinic dr had used it - but not accepted - due to no money gained.  cures arthritis also

Hydrogen Peroxide and Colloidal Silver Treatments

35% FG H2O2 must be accurately diluted to a safe level before use of any kind for any purpose. While some individuals may inhale 3% non-FG H202 for various disorders, even that concentration may be a hazard to your health. Many people use nebulizers to deliver very small concentrations of H2O2 + colloidal silver for treating COPD. Some MDs even claim benefit for emphasema from I.V. drips of low concentrations of H2O2. (check-out via alternative medical doctors). Realize that H2O2 concentrations for nebulization treatments must first be very carefully diluted to 3%, and then by using 3% hypertonic saline (Simply Saline), and 3% FG H2O2, by starting with 5 ml. 3% NaCl to 1 ml. 3% H2O2, which provides a mixture of 2.5% NaCl, and 0.5% H2O2. These people then start by taking 10 breaths by nebulizer 3x/day for a week or two before increasing either the number of breaths or the concentration of H2O2. Each breath is to be held for 10 to 20 seconds before slowly exhaling. The maximum concentration should be a mixture of 2.0% NaCl, and 1.0% H2O2 by mixing 4 ml. to 2 ml, respectively. The total number of breaths per day need not exceed 60, but the maximum concentration of H2O2 should not exceed 1%, and then for only limited periods of time when symptoms are worst. The 3% NaCl (Simply Saline) can be taken by itself at any time, as it helps greatly to mobilize an expel bronchial secretions and mucous. Always build up slowly and to tolerance. Always be cautious, and date & dobleepedent all you do treatment wise. Keep all materials aseptic. Read as many sources of information on the net as possible, and become self educated


  1. I use H2O2 as replacement for tooth paste, also I use it against cold and flu.
    100% effective!

    Thanks for info.

  2. I use MMS when mixed with citric acid it turns into chlorine dioxide also has the extra oxygen, works great!

  3. We have used mms & h202 for 3yrs, with awesome results!! In the ears for colds and flu really works.

  4. I am so thrilled to have come across this website. Thanks you for all you do.
    Truth is the light, and seeking all I can find, is my goal.!
    Looking forward to a great relationship with "like-minded" souls.!


  5. I used h2o2 in RSA before returning to Europe.Sterilising water,added 3% to mouth wash,inhaled in nebuliser. All worked well,spray into ears for cold suppression.Havent found FQ h2o2 35% here yet.Keep it up.Beats big p-harma.

  6. how does one become a sovereign? step for step?