Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wikileaks Released 3 "Insurance" Files overnight. On Torrent to Download.

Wikileaks Facebook page has the following:

Please mirror:
WikiLeaks insurance 20130815-A: 3.6Gb
B: 49Gb
C: 349GB
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For a reason that has not been explained they have released "Insurance" files overnight.

They are huge.  They are 3.6 GB, 49GB and 349 GB (larger than my hard drive)

I am downloading the 3.6 GB right now.

Please download and seed.

Someone in a comment said the password is password on the page.

It should be very interesting what is in the files.

Update- I downloaded the first file and opened it up.  It is encrypted.  I am trying to find out what the decoding is to be able to read it.

If anyone knows what the code is, please let me know and where the software is.   I am thinking they have released the files right now but not the code for them.  I am still searching.  If anyone knows this answer, please let me know.

Update - I have been searching and searching for the code.  It seems that the code for actually reading the insurance files has not been released.  So, I don't understand why they released the files without the code.  Unless something is happening we aren't aware of and they need these files downloaded onto many computers.

I believe they should release the code when they release the files.   The games need to stop and the Truth needs to be released about all subjects.

Russia Today has an article about the release of the insurance files.  They say in it that the code has not been released on the files.



    Mad Angel on FB

  2. Here's the truth. Here's how we can defeat them. Let's unite to throw the criminals out of the USA and then we can throw them off the planet.
    (And, please get rid of the extremely annoying thing that makes you prove you're not a robot. I can never read the damn thing.)

  3. The entire purpose of these "insurance" files is for the passphrase and passkeys to be released when needed. No one will be able to "crack" it, decipher it, or, as you say, "decode" it until then.

    However, if they need to, they will simply release the keys and/or passphrases to the public.

  4. ARIZONA HERE,Sherrie,DID YOU CATCH THAT RUSSIAN NOTICE YESTERDAY?it was up for about two hours ,before it was taken down,THE RUSSIAN military was bragging THEY WILL HAVE AMERICA under their full control by DEC.15th., and were telling americans how they will be treated ,IF THEY COOPERATE,and what will happen to them if they don't,THEY WILL BE SHOT or TAKEN to a FEMA DEATH CAMP and KILLED,and would be going door to door and taking anything they want,and have GIVEN all the children to their buddies the CHINESE to take back to china for SLAVES,and anyone resisting would be killed.and a lot more.........

    1. America needs to learn the hard way !!!