Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Video of Ron Paul in Knoxville Tn. April 12th 2013. "North Korea is Propaganda and Unemployment is really over 20%. U.S. government is lying" and much more

I was so thrilled to have seen Ron Paul in person.  He was a Rock star at the annual Lincoln day GOP dinner in Knoxville, Tennessee on April 12th, 2013.    There was a huge line to meet him at the beginning and end.  The GOP said the dinner had never had so many people before nor a long line as what happened that evening.   It really was the most amazing evening.  First to see Ron Paul in person and up close and to meet and be able to talk to so many awake and aware people in one room!  WOW - Totally Cool and exciting!

The place was packed and the dinner had sold out.  The room handled 850 max. from what the website says.  People drove in from the surrounding states to see him.

Ron Paul spoke over half an hour.  I was not able to get all the speech but I got most of it.  What I didn't get was the "solutions" to the problems in the U.S., which he said is to only elect those who are Liberty and Freedom minded for government positions.

There were many "expensive tables" right in front.  I observed those people at times during Dr. Paul's speech.  Their looks and demeanor said it all!  They were not interested in "ending the Fed" nor hearing how all the past presidents, Democratic and Republican have gotten us into wars (Bush) we never should have been in and it was really about big business.  He said that the U.S is a welfare state but it is not really the poor, the money goes to but to the "super rich" banks, military industrial complex and other big businesses.  He said they are the ones who are really getting all the money from the people.  It is not the poor that benefit but the big business benefits from the welfare state of the U.S.  (that portions starts about the 22 minute of the video)  The system is bias against the poor it is destroying the middle class through inflation and the super rich are benefitting.

He spoke so much TRUTH, it was Completely AWESOME!

The bigger the government the more LIES they tell us!

He said that the whole North Korea stuff is propaganda and the U.S. is lying about it all!  He asked "Do you really believe North Korea will bomb the U.S?"   (at 27 minute mark) He says the U.S. is the one who stops countries from getting along and making peace with each other.  The U.S. invades countries for their resources!   He said the meetings they had in committees they were lied to by administrations. 

Listen to the video it is WORTH IT!  He says things that he has not said before, especially about current events: Unemployment (really over 20%), Presidents as "kings" in taking us to war.

Video of speech:  The lighting was terrible and the sound was low in the beginning but got higher as time went on.

Edit to Add 4/15/13 - Here is a better video of the speech gotten by someone else and with a better camera.

One guy had the most amazing car.  It IS a Ron Paul car.  I have pictures of it and after the dinner I was introduced to him, which he put the top down and let me get in it.

I will have more pictures of the dinner and of Ron Paul when I receive them from a professional photographer: Franklin, who was there and will email me.  He got some really amazing pictures of Ron Paul during the dinner.   I will put them up when I get them.

Here are the pictures I took of it.

Here I am with the car.


  1. Apparently there were about 800 people there, 750 bought tickets in advance per Duncan, speaking to Ron Paul (who told that to an interviewer). I think they must have configured it differently to get more people in.

    Thank you for the write up!

    1. You are right. When I researched the place 'Rothchild catering' a month ago, I had read that it could only handle 305 max in a sit down dinner setting. I obviously did not see the larger building they had. So that was my mistake and I have corrected it. Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Sherrie, for that. Given the crap going on daily now and the full understanding that there is no one in government anymore that we can count on, or even trust. I sent scathing info to my senator Udall about the proof of how we are the designated losers of WW III and with No Korea making all those attack noises, I wanted him to see what the real game was. I have heard nothing back at all. Nothing. So Ron Paul is a reminder of what a true "PEOPLES ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE" looks like, acts like and truly is.

    I am glad you reminded me.

  3. There is NO WAY unemployment is at 20%. Unless one counts children and the elderly, no way is it 20%. Certainly it is higher than the number we are told, but 20% is ridiculous hyperbole.

    You claim that Ron Paul is a rock star, or "Rock star" as you said, and maybe you're right. You are certainly starstruck as if he were one. Paul is good. I agree with his positions more than any other candidate's.

    But even "Rock star" Ron Paul has a few serious flaws. He's all for abortion on demand, which isn't exactly a Tea party plank, is it?

    And let us not forget that Paul's philosophy on immigration is, "open all the borders and let 'em flood right in".

    Sherrie, do YOU believe we should just throw open our borders? Allowed unlimited immigration from everywhere and anywhere?

    I'm glad you had a good time. I'm glad you got to sit in a cool car. And Paul is my candidate too. But I think the last thing we should do is idolize a politician. Even one we agree with.

    1. YES, Ron Paul is THE Rock Star to me!! Why? Because he is trying to Change the Country for the better! He is trying to Wake people UP! He speaks Truth! He stands by the Truth no matter what! He has Integrity! He has morals! He is not bought and sold as others! He stands by our Freedoms and Liberties! It is not just talk and B.S. as other politicians! He is Real! He should be Everyone's Rock Star compared to the distraction ones!

      Yes, those who have dropped out of the work place are not counted as unemployed by the government!

      I had an AWESOME time and am still thrilled I got to see THE Rock Star in person!

      I just wish he was everyone's Rock star, then we would have a different world that was better for all. Without the wars, being debt slaves, we would really have our Freedoms!

    2. Looks like you "forgot" to answer the question, so I'll ask it again:

      Sherrie, do YOU believe we should just throw open our borders? Allowed unlimited immigration from everywhere and anywhere?

    3. Do You believe in our Constitution? Do YOU believe in our Freedoms and Liberties? Do YOU believe in smaller government? Do YOU believe in a non-dictatorship? Do you believe in ENDING the FED? Do YOU believe in no debt? Do YOU believe in a Government BY the People and FOR the People? Do YOU believe in no wars unless declared by Congress? Do YOU believe that our government LIES to us? Do YOU believe there is a difference between the left and right in D.C.? Do YOU believe in every man and woman has a RIGHT to their own property without interference from the government?

      Do YOU harbor on one thing and thus try to actually make others discount that person? I don't believe you are a real Ron Paul supporter. I won't be baited either!

    4. Sherrie, thank you for proving my point. You won't answer the question, and that says a lot.

      You're a coward Sherrie. That's all there is to it.

      I'm not baiting you. I'm pointing out your own hypocrisy. Your own bias.

      Ron Paul is for 100% open borders. FULLY OPEN. No checks, no border stops, no nothing. You can ask him. You can review his campaign platform. It's right there for you.

      But of course, you won't look at it. Because you won't "question" it. You'll blindly follow.

      You see Sherrie, it doesn't matter what I believe. It matters what YOUR candidate believes. And what he believes in is massive, unlimited immigration. Judging by your reaction to this unpleasant truth, I'm guessing you don't.

      But why are you upset at me for pointing it out? Don't shoot the messenger. YOU are the one that is trying to reconcile two opposing beliefs.

      Ron Paul is for unlimited 3rd world immigration. You aren't. What are you going to do about it?

    5. Where do you get your information? I have read his books. His position on abortion is that the feds get their nose out of it and have the states decide for themselves. He does not personally favor abortions; he is a pediatrician for Pete's sake. I have never seen anything that indicates he supports "open" borders/unrestricted citizenship. Sounds like trash talk to me. David R.

  4. Glad to hear Paul saying those things but I still wish he would have ran as a 3rd party candidate. Apparently, it's not God's will. Things are sure coming down really quick.

  5. You look good in that black dress. :)

    Remember when you started this venture, I told you back then you would be rubbing elbows with the "influential." So to speak. And there you are. Speaking the truth and investigating the facts and point them out and spending some time with an "influential" person.

    It is no surprise to me at all... not sure if you have that old e-mail I sent you waY back then. Never the less, here we are and the world is rapidly changing. See it for what it is and you will know what it is not.

    Post if ya like. Or don't. I won't be back to view your comments..

    Speak the truth. That is what you ability is. That is what you do. And you do it well.

    We have begun the great decent as a society... things will be compounding daily.. this weekend should be a bell ringer. The markets have already started their decline.. the ball is rolling. September October do not look good.

    Be safe.