Monday, April 15, 2013

Jim Willie the Golden Jackass, email to me this morning 4/15/13 about the Gold and Silver Crashing.

Jim Willie, The Golden Jackass and writer of the Hat Trick Letter emailed me this morning after I asked for his comment about what is happening with the Smash/Crash of metal prices.

Here is his email without any changes to me:

simple, and I dare you to post this !!
the Boyz want to kill demand by removing supply
the COMEX could actually shut down before long, like soon, dunno when
remember the lunatic BS monetary policy by the USFed
where they kill final demand by destroying the USEconomy ??
same artists at work
the divergence between the paper and metal Gold price is growing
it means the Western Gold market is broken
I have been forecasting the divergence for a long time, and it is here finally
huge precious metal demand growth, lower price, therefore corrupted (sorry, I dont fall for it)
looking forward here to the day when COMEX shuts down
it will come after they steal all your money in private accounts
if the Gold price is being pushed down, it is because the Bad Guys want to buy it from the Idiot Sheeple sellers
I try not to be a flippant a-hole
if you want the COMEX to be busted, then you must hope for a paper vs metal price divergence
the true price for large authenticated transactions is at least 15% to 20% higher than what COMEX says
I hear at least $2000/oz now, and at times much higher
I want a divergence to show up
I want very big coin price premiums
it means the Boyz are dying an unspeakably horrible death !!!
yet 90% of the dumfuk gold community is pissing and moaning like bonafide morons
they dont understand the gold market at all, after all these years
I have lost patience with most, since they are so so so unenlightened
but many colleagues I deal with and key clients are indeed enlightened
some stupidoes depend on the COMEX price for income, like total fools, some with leverage, even after MFGlobal
carry on
not meant as any insult to you unless you stare at the COMEX price all day long like a mesmerized rat
the divergence is absolutely killing the banking syndicate
they are committing suicide in front of our eyes, as the East is draining planeloads of gold from them
they want to kill Western gold demand, but they have killed their own big hollow reed banks
/ jim

Jim sent an additional comment to me in another email:

it is pathetically humorous what is happening in gold right now
investors should be rejoicing for the death throes of the big banks
instead they are pissing & moaning, when the bankers are preparing to steal their private accounts
the nation is populated by morons

I am also linking the most ridiculous article this morning from Bloomberg about the metals being smashed.  They are saying it is due to "The recovery of the economy and extended 'metals bear market!"  What a LAUGH!  Who would believe such B.S?  Goldman is advising people to sell.  

The turn in the gold cycle is quickening and investors should sell, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said April 10.
 “A combination of stronger dollar, Cyprus gold selling news and talk of quantitative easing ending later in the year all weighed on the price. We need some rationale back in the market before one thinks about getting involved again.”

As a perspective to all this "get rid of gold and silver talk being broadcast on MSM, we have the fact that I have received an email from a large dealer saying never before has it been where he could not get inventory of gold and silver, but there is no physical of the metals to be had.  Then look at this site, which is a large bulk metals dealer site, Tulving and you will see "SOLD OUT" for the silver and gold.

Edit to Add 1:15 pm - I interviewed Jim this morning about the metals smash.  here is the interview:



  1. Being astute in all matters related to the metals markets is for naught. It's akin to being a star quarterback in the NFL while all the referees are on the take because they have a vested interest in the outcome.

    How can us 3% physical buyers contend with the ebb and flow of the huge - yet imaginary - markets as they dictate the price of metals? Until a 'black swan' event is realized and paper buyers become physical buyers we could be waiting a very long time for some solace. When a bottomless pit of capital is available to the banks, how can the average physical buyer with finite resources contend with that?

    I will not sell my physical metal, but events such as these which have transpired in the last few days have provided goldbugs with a wealth of angst and disgust to say the least. The pretense of a free market has become quite the sherade.....

  2. Am hanging on to what little I have and NOT selling a damn thing. Will buy when I receive my next SS check. Thanks Sherrie for posting this. My advice is to SIT TIGHT, and BUY if you can find any to buy - gold OR silver. JO

  3. We are offering precious metal concentrate equal to a price way below spot.
    This is in my opinion the way to go:

  4. Sherrie, Jim, excellent stuff. Premiums of SAE's are 5 to 7 now from 3.30 over the weekend. The little and some big dealers are sold out. Most have a delay of delivery of over a week. All selling premiums are in the toilet. Ebay generic mint SAE's are 33+, special strikes 60+. GSR is near 60. Where does this go?

    I have no idea how this will progress tbh. Will physical be wiped out for some months? Obviously, the problems are much worse in Silver than Gold.

    1. I see two sources online and the prices over spot are only $2. About what it has been. Let's not feed the hype. We know it's a rigged game, they will do what they want when they want. There is no we got them etc. If something fails you better believe it's because that's what they want.

      Selling 500 tons of paper gold is enormous to say the least. No one can content with that scam. When they crash the financial system most likely everything will be very low including metals. When they usher in their new world order they want everyone to be broke and desperate to accept it. Keep the faith folks...