Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rand Paul's Filibuster - Powerful. Revealed: George Bush tried to give Sovereignty of our courts to the UN. Damage Control in works.

I have gone to various websites of both the "left and right" and have read the comments about the Filibuster.

It is so sad to me that people are so divided and so blind, they will stand by their "man/party" and not the country as a whole and one.

Those who control have done an excellent job at getting people divided and hating one another due to their party lines.

I don't have a party line, I am neither left or right anymore.  I am independent.  I believe in the freedoms and our rights not in a party.  I believe in truth and all people are created equal.  I believe the power should be in the people's hands not the D.C. hands or two party hands.

Those on the left are standing by Obama and his rights to murder citizens with drones at his will.  Those on the right are trying to stop Obama and his drones.

I watched the filibuster until 11pm and it was still going on as I turned it off.  It was the most captivating T.V. in years.

I believe every U.S. citizen should listen to it.

Senator Cruz got up around 10:30 Pm and revealed some very interesting information I was not aware of previously.   Besides that he said "If the tables were turned and this was Bush wanting the power to kill people at will in the U.S. we would have a whole different dynamics happening here."

Think about that.   If it was Bush, all those that are defending Obama right now on the left would be yelling and screaming.  The right would be defending the drones.   Though Cruz did say, he believed Rand Paul would still be up there doing a filibuster as it is about our Constitution.

It was refreshing to hear an elected official actually Stand Up for the American People and the Country.  It was sad that other Republicans were having dinner out with Obama while someone of their "party" was standing up for the America our forefathers created of freedom and liberty.

It is sad that we don't have elected officials who do what is right for the people and don't give a sh** about the people or the country or our freedoms.   I sincerely believe that all the elected officials in D.C., except for a very few, don't do anything for us and our freedoms their jobs are now to take away our freedoms little by little but steadily.

Rand Paul would have stopped the filibuster if Obama would simply say "He would not use a drone to murder U.S. citizens that are not being combatants."

What Senator Cruz revealed regarding George W. Bush, is the fact that George Bush as President tried to subvert our state courts to the UN World Court. The case George Bush tried to have the UN world court take over the Texas State court is Medellin v. Texas, but it would affect all courts in the U.S.   The case went all the way to the Supreme Court and they ruled Bush was unconstitutional in March of 2008.  Here is their ruling on the case. 

Here is the video starting at 10:30 min mark Cruz begins speaking about Bush and if the tables were turned with a republican in office wanting to fly drones, how the other side would be standing up. He starts to talk about the case Medellin v, Texas and what it involved. He mentions how the World Court tried to have the power over the case at the 13 min mark. He says 94 nations said the U.S. court was subject to the World Court and United Nations. At the 14 min mark is when he reveals Bush tried to subvert the State Court to the UN World court. It was the first time in history that any President had ever tried to assert a power no where in the Constitution. Listen to this.. to understand what the past Presidents have tried to do against the U.S. Sovereignty and the citizens.

My point is..... it does not matter the left or right in office.  They are all puppets and have all been undermining our Country's Sovereignty and Constitution for decades.  It will only happen if "We The People" allow it to happen.  They can not take away our rights, we can only "give up" our rights.  I personally will continue to Stand Up and I will not relinquish my Freedoms and Rights.

McCain needs to GO! What an Old man who is nothing but a tool for the NWO. He disrespected Rand Paul on the Senate floor the next day, by reading liberal rag newspapers opinions about Rand Paul's filibuster. Remember McCain is the one who stripped protection of the U.S. citizens from the NDAA bill.  McCain's last sentence in this video "Rand Paul made people believe they are in danger from their government and they are not."  What a laugh!  We are considered the enemy in the government's eyes!  That right there shows what a liar the man is.  I think they are all upset over Truth being revealed during the Filibuster!

McCain had dinner with Obama while Rand Paul was Standing Up for America and all the citizens. He was ignoring Rand Paul and obviously showing disrespect for him during the filibuster by having dinner with Obama. Since then he has come out a number of times criticizing Rand Paul. He was on Piers Morgan saying it was ridiculous about the drones and what Rand Paul did.

The tools are really working hard to try and cover what they are doing and damage control from Rand Paul's Liberty Stand for America and all the Citizens!


  1. Left...Right...whatever. The people who supported Obama voted for him to fix the problem that George W. Bush handed to him. After that the majority of them are ignorant of the details about DHS, drones, the NDAA etc...The Right keeps accusing the Obama administration of having ambitions to seize the citizens arms when in fact it was George W. Bush that seized guns in a dry run after Hurricane Katrina. Obama had a chance to seize guns after Hurricane Sandy but didn't. The Right would have been screaming about it if that had actually happened. I happen to believe that the President is a benevolent operator in the white house. You have to be smart to avoid a parade in Dallas with the top down on your limo. Rand Paul implemented a filibuster. So what. Get back to work. You haven't done nothing.

  2. Means a lot to me. I hear all kinds of talk but until I see substance like Medellin v. Texas I really am not sure where all the hysteria is coming from. Never heard of that case before. Of course if TX went down the rest of the nation would fall like dominos.

    I happen to believe that women & minorities only get the job when the good old boys don't want the stench directly on them.