Monday, March 11, 2013

My investigation/follow up of Russians in East Tennessee, FEMA Camps and Military Energy Weapons

I love adventures and investigating information.  I have done it in the past when I went to Georgia to find the FEMA coffins, FEMA camp at Fort Gilliam and I went to the Georgia Guidestones all in one day.   The pictures and a video of the coffins are in the article I posted of the coffins and Guidestones.
It is appropriate to link the article now especially since the '33rd year' anniversary (masonic 33) of the Guidestones being erected on March 22 of this year.

Last week I wrote about the DHS vehicles and Russians shipping the DHS vehicles.  In my video about the DHS vehicles, I showed the Blue Grass Army Depot and I mentioned how the Smoky Mountains are UN World Heritage Sites.

This past weekend I posted pictures I took of a military shipment through Knoxville, Tn. and when I researched what the crates were from the stencil on them.  I found they were electromagnetic motors.  Which from the research those motors were not suppose to be available for 2 more years. Yet they were being shipped?   I found that electromagnetic motors were used as part of the military's new energy weapons.  So, were the motors really for aircraft carriers or for energy weapons?

Why am I putting all this information here?

 I did a little adventure this past weekend, 3/10/13.  I went to Townsend, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Sevierville to find out if Russians are around the area and investigate if DHS armored vehicles are being trucked by Russians.

I hit pay dirt on it all!  It was a great day and I found out more than what I had even started out to investigate.

The people I interviewed and questioned about what was going on, declined to be on camera with the information.  All the information is first hand accounts, these are not "my friend/family member told me", these are "I saw and I experienced" information.

I am sure there are many reading this with the attitude "no video, or it didn't happen."  There is nothing I can do about that.  Everyone will have to decide for themselves if they believe what people told me.

Yes, there are many Russians in East Tennessee.  They are in the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville area.   I tried to locate their "area" but could not find it.  A 60'ish year old woman I spoke to, who declined to be on video but who was born and raised in the area and worked at Dollywood for 27 years gave me the full information about Russians in the area.

The Russian people in East Tennessee aspect is something I believe needs to get out in National attention!  I will be writing an article on that information on it's own and try to expose the Herschend Family Entertainment company.  They are the reason for all the Russians in East Tennessee.  I found out they bring in Russians by the plane loads to work almost for free.  I was told the workers are flown in and are charged for their flights, living quarters and at the end of each week, they may get about $150 in actual pay.  There are no unemployment fees, insurance, or other taxes to Dollywood for the workers.  These Russian/Eastern European workers are the people behind the scenes and not the ones who interact with the guest on a whole, except for ones who speak good English.

It seems Dollywood a huge amusement park in Pigeon Forge, doesn't want to pay American workers the amount of money they should be paid, so they fly in cheap labor for their amusement parks.  The Herschend Family Company doesn't just own Dollywood, they run the Stone Mountain park in Georgia, Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, besides hotels and other amusement parks around the U.S.

That company needs to be exposed for basically having "slave labor" here in the U.S.  Besides that, the U.S. companies are shipping jobs overseas by shutting down manufacturing here and opening up factories in China and elsewhere.  You would think that with our unemployment, the jobs that are here would be U.S. citizen jobs.  But they aren't.  Dollywood's parent company, Herschend Family Entertainment, flies in groups of Russians on a plane.  I understand that it is not just them doing it in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, but the hotels and restaurants have gotten into the action too.   How many other companies do this?  How many companies ship in our jobs and take jobs away from us that are on our soil?   How many slave labor foreign workers are in the U.S.?   How are they able to get work permits or do they even have work permits?

Finding out Russians/Eastern Europeans are in East Tennessee in large numbers as cheap/slave labor was the least shocking information I found out during my trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

I have written about FEMA camps in the past and how the Army has advertised for 'Camp specialist'.

During my traveling, I saw a trucker transporting a military vehicle stopped at a place off the highway.  I decided to stop and see if he would talk to me.

He transports Military vehicles all around the United States including Alaska.  He would not go on camera with the information he provided me and I don't blame him, as he would most likely lose his job.   Though he did say the military has informed him and his other military trucker buddies that in 6 months from now they will not be doing much shipping due to the "sequester."   Which is ridiculous because I seriously doubt the sequester will still be happening.  He pretty much said the military will be finished trucking what they need to by 6 months and everything will need to be where it is at that time.  

I ended up having about an hour conversation with him about a range of subjects including the FEMA camps he has seen first hand, the weather modification military personnel bragged about and showed him they had at the Air Force base (Hanscom) in Massachusetts. the electromagnetic energy weapons and drone shipments, the huge camp about 450 miles outside of Fairbanks Alaska and the DHS vehicles.   Everything he told me was a first hand account.

He gave me so much information that I have put it on video, along with corresponding websites.

Here are the videos Part 1 of my investigation:

Part 2 of my investigation:


  1. Good investigation, Sherrie, especially the Herschend family stuff and the trucker's input about what he has seen.

    Electromagnetic motors are used everywhere. Maybe I missed something, but did you suggest that the exact same motors you saw on the truck are used for energy weapons (or did you simply connect the word "electromagnetic")?

    Any electrical motor that incorporates magnets is electromagnetic (the vast majority of electrical motors, from printers, to air conditioners, to almost everything use electromagnetic motors, as opposed to hydraulic or pneumatic, etc).

    It could be possible that the shipment you saw was for testing that is to be completed in 2013.

  2. The massive number of Slavs in USofA corp. means there is a population vacuum in their home states where, guess what?, refugees are being driven by bankster drones. How far is Syria and Iran from Slav borders, fought for and secured centuries ago by Slavs?

    Anyone want to go to school there soon?

    1. This is very true. Also wanted to mention that I'm Bulgarian American. As a kid every year we'd go to the Smokies on vacation because the terrain and climate is exactly like the Rhodope Mountains. Slavs/Balkan folks would be 100 % familiar with that terrain and would feel much at home. Also they might appear Russian to folks who don't know.

  3. Russians aren't just in Tenn. Large numbers are being used in the tourist town of Ocean City MD. Everything from boardwalk vendors to grocery store cleks. English speakers get the highest profile jobs. brought in every summer, then sent back in winter

  4. I can personally speak from my own experience about the presence of Russian speaking young people in the East Tennessee area. I lived in East Tennessee south of Knoxville from 2005 until 2011. I have been to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge many times during that time period. I know for a fact that these Russian speaking workers are there because my wife speaks Russian. I instantly recognized their accents. They were very polite when I asked them where they were from. Their responses included many different Russian speaking areas including, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and many of the other old Soviet Republics. Many if not all that I encountered were working in restuarants and bars. I had no idea that one company was bringing them in. I did wonder how they all were getting visas to be in our country and work here with so many of our own citizens unemployed.

    I am now in Alaska and DHS police vehicles have been sighted in Anchorage.

  5. To Anonymous on Tuesday 12 March 2013 at 10.09 pm EDT --

    Those Russians are university students that have paid the visa fees and paid for a round trip ticket. And the local Ocean City cafes, motels etal hire them from a summer work/travel program. And that program has been in effect forever.

    1. Plenty US university students need work. Yes there are long-term programs in effect;

      You are correct. However, with all the massive unemployment of citizens a responsive government would put all on hold for the benefit of their citizen base instead of trotting out bobble heads like Haley Barbour that states we need even more foreign labor cuz hundreds of thousands of jobs at both ends of the skill scale are going empty. We have hundreds of thousands of citizens at bothe ends of the skill scale that would be glad to have those jobs. Our government has gone global and they have no standing with we the people. Traitors.

    2. you are so right they are traitors . They say this crap to get into the government and then create more problems. This takes away from Americans who truly want jobs. This is corruption from every angle.

  6. If we ended all work visa's those company's would be forced to raise their payscales or close. They are too greedy to close belive it.. some would raise prices and then they would lose Business or learn to live with lower earning. tHIS COUNTRY DON'T NEED THE FORGIEN WORKERS We need backbone to stand up the greasy wheel gets the grease.

  7. I'm really angry with Dolly Parton right now.

  8. Same thing was going on at Opryland USAs themepark when
    It was still here. The hotel was also importing them and filling jobs, replacing long term employees with two to three of these people. Some were put up at Opryland hotel and others were housed in the near by cheaper hotels. They brought in all kinds of people from different countries. It was in the early to mid 90s that I worked at the theme park and have family and friends who worked at the hotel. It wasn't something hidden...everyone knew. This is when Gaylord controlled all aspects, they recently sold out certain aspects to another major hotel chain. They kept the name ownership, stocks etc.

  9. Maybe they are responsible for the pigeon forge fire? Dun dun DAAAAAAAA LOL

  10. This is a related story:

  11. Guestworker programs started with the cruise lines who all use foriegn flags to avoid regulations including safety.They also avoid taxes to the US coastguard for the upkeep and maitenance of the ports.Russians as a whole are better educated than the average american and it mat be to the advantage of americans to help russians who are being exploited and abused by these companys.The russians I have seen are generally stand offish as if in fear.Criminal charges can start under failing to register as agents of foriegn powers. Harboring dangerous aleians and implmenting the US National preservation act

  12. Good stuff Sherrie! Thanks for the report. My GGGGrandfather (fought in Revolutionary War with George Washington) and my GGGrandfather are buried about ten miles from the Georgia Guidestones. I truly appreciate you looking into all of this to get the TRUTH! Keep it up!

  13. Thanks for your investigation Sherrie. I have a friend who lives in Colorado and is from the Ukraine. She told me about how poor the people are in the town where she is from. She explained to me that everyone is poor. She said her mom was a medical doctor and her mom made the same wage as a janitor in the Ukraine. Her family in Russia thinks that she is rich because she lives in America and because she sends them really nice clothes that she gets on sale or at thrift stores. I have helped her box up the clothes for shipment to Russia. The Russian people are just like us and are trying to survive in any way they can. I can't blame them for wanting to come here to work. $150 is probably a lot of money to them compared to what they would make in Russia. My Russian friend is a really good person. I live in East Tennessee and go to Gatlinburg a lot. I sometimes wonder where these FEMA camps are located in Tennesee. To me it is sad that there are such evil people who want to depopulate the world like it states on the Georgia Guidestones. People who think like that are quite sick.

  14. thank you for your investigation and for sharing Sherrie.

    Fellow reader

  15. Ridiculous. You don't know what you are talking about. J1 students come to the USA all the time to work and gain valuable experience towards earning their degree. Of course they have to pay for their flights. There is no conspiracy in East Tennessee! Dolly is fine. Epcot does the same thing. You don't know what you are talking about.

    1. Your a delusional & trained to be blindly ignorant and unfortunately you will learn the hard way, as will, the others in this country who are asleep at the wheel just like you... This site has my respect and are true american patriots

  16. The Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment Program Office (PMA-251) is part of NAVAIR. With regard to the shipboard certification in 2015 that means that the first ship to use the fully funcitional electromagnetic motors there testing to launch and recovery aircraft will be certified. prior to that the test it at Pax River, MD. they are testing it though the end of 2013 onland by what you were saying. Pax River has a set up of a carrier deck on the ground with both a landing area complete with the "wires" and has steam catapults and probibly has the new electromagnetic ones now.

    As someone who wish to remain somewhat anonymous to let you know that the military does test things for 4-5 years prior to even saying that they might have something. one of the units I was with was a naval test squadron.

  17. alot of the shops in pigeon forge are staffed with russians and they are not young students either