Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sandy Hook Bus Routes compared to Victims Mapped - School Board archives about Sandy Hook school

I mapped the school bus routes for Sandy Hook and I mapped the victims addresses in comparison. I also researched the school board archives and videos. Information about Sandy Hook school and presentations.



  1. Sherrie, God bless you for your research and great effort, but please, PULEEEEEZE write down a script for your YouTube video narration ahead of time, before recording it. I really have no idea what your point was in making this video. Were there anomalies with the school bus routes that I was supposed to pick up? Something with the funding? Listen to it yourself. What percentage of the narration is in sentences that parse, that have a subject and a verb? You clearly spent a lot of time on this, why let it go to waste by not communicating your idea CLEARLY?

    1. thot i was alone in not gettin this vid
      tho i watched it 3x
      def think sandy hook was a false flag
      xcept not cuz of this vid, which failed 2 hav a point
      i mean i was waitin 4 her 2 say y this is evidence 2a conspiracy