Friday, February 15, 2013

Meteorite over Cuba Wednesday - Explosion

There was a meteorite over Cuba, Wednesday   
Update 9:20 PM - it has been found that this picture that is from the Brazilian News site is actually a picture of another meteorite (thanks to Joann, who commented).   I am sorry, I believed this was the meteorite over Cuba, because the article said it.  

Residents of the city of Rhodes, the province of Cienfuegos, Cuba, said he witnessed the crash and explosion of a celestial body on the evening of Wednesday, reported a local television station.Cubans say the meteor exploded in the sky, causing a bright light and making the city the houses tremble. The beam would be the size of a bus, the station reports.
A resident of Wheels said, "around 20h sites Wednesday, a light moving in the sky and became a very big flame." After three minutes, he said, you can hear an explosion. Cuban experts believe that the phenomenon was caused by fragments of stones and metals that enter the atmosphere at high speed. They seek fragment remains in the soil.


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    1. Well they have it on the Brazilian site as being the one from Weds. But all meteorites look the same to me, very bright. Go to the link you will see this picture for the meteorite from Weds.

  2. If you read the top comment for that story (as of 18:42 Eastern), the poster is basically questioning whether we are getting all the facts. I have to agree with him. The one that hit Russia has been shown to be of different origin than 2012 DA14. If one showed up in Cuba and is also of different origin, what a dangerous coincidence. Did these others go unnoticed, or was information withheld?

    @Sherrie: I have the same problem as you. All meteorites look alike to me. Does that make us racist towards meteorites?

    1. OOOOOH you stars and novas make me so angry. You probably also exclude asteroids and planetoids from your orbit.
      They are just cosmic dust beneath your ecliptic.
      Comets are included in your circle, because they are bright and shiny, but anything Earthy or Mercurial can just kiss Uranus.
      You cannot accept that we all came from the same Big Bang, and go into orbit if anyone claims we have the same universal background. Get Sirius.
      (I am just getting into my element)

  3. The odds of two sizable strikes along with a near miss are astronomical (pardon the pun). Strange, very strange indeed.

  4. I read that there was also a fire ball over Japan today. I think the source was "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED".


    Meteorites looking alike aside. the clouds and background lines are the same from this photo from 2011

    1. Yep, it is the same exact picture. Thank you. The Brazlian news site has it as the one that just happened.

  6. That is clearly an Angel visiting the Earth to bring a message of peace and love...

  7. do the satellites being shot down in the "Space war" have the word asteroid printed on the side...that burns up on re-entry"...

    or were the products just defective due to the due diligence of affirmative action actually in action...

    someday the language will receive a muchnedd ed facelift

    happy celestial events


  8. Planned false flag by illuminati, asteriods, meteors created by HAARP, shadow Military Government, see youtube " Fake Asteroid Impact Coming Soon! gmoore49 also a web site link