Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Gene Rosen Video showing how to take down SH videos, being Censored - Been told "Privacy invasion" by Youtube


This video has received a "complaint" about privacy issues.  I was told I needed to take it down or fix any privacy issue.  I had a map showing Rosen's house and his address which is not secret.  But I edited that out and have only the FB info of Rosen teaching a "hit squad" how to take down videos about him or SH.  The facebook people complained I have their names and images on the video who are part of the "GR is a Hero page."  I have "bubbled out" their images and names now.

They don't believe in rights of the people for free speech and they don't believe in the right for people to question what has happened!

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Screw you Gene Rosen and all you sheeple that "believe he is a hero"!  You are a liar, you changed your story.  You obviously have a smart phone as I have seen it in your hand, yet there is not one picture of children at your home.  It would not make sense for the children to come to your home and not the Firehouse next door.  You are definitely in the helicopter video at the Firehouse and you are shown walking around in circles.  This was during the time you were supposedly taking care of children.  You changed your story constantly.  You deserve all the negative attention you get because you are part of the lie of it all.  What we have been told by the media does not make sense.

I have edited the video so there is no FB people shown that have complained to YT about privacy issues and took off Gene Rosen's address and the map showing it did not make sense for the children to go there..  There is a speech bubble over their information.  FU too... You may win small battles but you will NOT win the War!  Truth will Prevail!


  1. I saw your FAKE Sandy Hook School Video this AM, and checked to see you were correct--there is NO such school! I sent your video to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and WRDU in Raleigh Durham, and several friends who also question the ridiculous fantasy island scenario that these mindless morons cooked up, to lead us down the road to a fight to the death over our guns.

    I admire your courage--watch your back!

  2. Hi Sherrie. Hope these addresses help:

    Sandy Hook Elementary School
    12 Dickenson Dr, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

    St. Rose School‎
    40 Church Hill Rd Newtown, CT 06470

    Newtown Middle School
    11 Queen Street, Newtown, CT 06470

    Hawley School
    29 Church Hill Rd Newtown, CT 06470

    Even the Newtown Highschool
    12 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

    All show a lot going on except SH.

    1. I agree on the March-October 2011 date per bing.
    2. The trees look real bare for October. But it is the NE USA and not living there, I will leave that to someone who knows.
    3. Shadows from the buildings look like mid afternoon and in the zoomed in picture of St. Rose you can see (what appears to be) kids outside in front lining up. Guessing ~3:00PM ?
    4. Even if it is after a normal school day. You are telling me every teacher and janitor vacated the lot while other public schools are still in session. I would say almost every school will have more than a handful of teachers working late and janitors. No question this place is closed.
    5. I am sure people might try to say this picture is "post shooting", But there is no fence around it. And no signs, memorabilia, stuffed animal piles etc in remembrance anywhere in front of the church, school etc. so I am thinking it is not "post shooting image" Plus Bing isnt the fastest to update their images.
    6. Calendars of events are easily upheld and kept going. It was big of you to admit you were wrong about SH being off the books. But a website and some meeting notes doesn't make an active school.

    Keep up the good search!