Friday, February 22, 2013

David Morgan Interview "Hold On" - Unlimited Paper Silver but limited Physical Silver

David Morgan of Silver-Investor and the Morgan Report did an interview with Elli Martin Report, about the smashing of Silver over the last few days.

Besides the interview, David and I spoke on the phone yesterday about the smashing of the metals.
One thing he said clear and firmly to me:

"They have unlimited Paper in the Silver market.  But there is limited actual physical silver!  They can play the game but it will catch up with them when the physical silver depletes.  When will that be?  Who knows.  But it will happen, when they pressure the markets as they do with paper."

I interviewed David last year about the psychology of crushing the metals market and what it does to people who believe in the metals.  The link has the same video I am inserting here at the bottom, but it also has the complete transcript of the interview, in case you want to read it, besides listening to it.

 David's interview with Elli Martin

My interview of David - last year

FYI - check out Ebay and the Silver Bullet Silver Silver Shield coins, they have sold (completed listings) anywhere from $45+ to $125 each.   The banker coin, which is no longer available is selling at $100 to $125 easily on ebay.    Though some listings have outrageous prices on them at $500 plus for one coin, those have not sold.

Now is the time to buy both gold and silver with the paper prices low.

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