Wednesday, January 9, 2013

United We Stand, Divided We Fall Song... Perfect for What is happening now.


 This song says it:  "Our backs against the Wall.... United We Stand, Divided We Fall."  The government is counting on our division.

We either make a Stand together or we let our Freedoms be lost through in action of taking positive actions in unified manner.


  1. Apparently some red pill takers are "safer" than others. That may be because they are actually protected gate keepers in disguise.
    Jan 09 07:4
    Most Americans Will Submit to the New World Order
    by Dave Hodges -
    January 7, 2013 -
    My black box warning label for all of those who take the red pill, would be to caution all of you to carefully consider returning to your old life and keep ingesting your endless supply of blue pills courtesy of the mainstream media in order to perpetuate the illusion that has replaced America’s common sense. If you dare take the Red pill, please know there are very serious risks in speaking out, just ask Jeff Joe Black, Andrew Breitbart and Matt Simmons.

  2. Yes, and many more who speak out are getting attacked as well. But then that is what Jefferson said, "The Garden of Liberty must occasionally be Watered with the Blood of Patiots and Tyrants". or close enough. lol

    But, on the other hand 18 top level bankers over the past several years in different countries and in this country have met their demise as well, so that worm works both ways. Nice thing about worms.

    Then recently was the CEO of Exxon, Of course none of these were in the papers shouting about taking our guns. I wonder why not? Could it have to do with not mentioning it to the general public so the TV does not mind control the wrong idea in peoples heads??? I bet that is why.

  3. How do we come together as one?

    1. I believe as we focus on Freedom of Self and country without listening to the divisive media and government, we can start coming together as one. I believe the energies of today will be waking people up more and more.

      We are One, we have to release the hate and fear that those who control try and keep us in.

      It starts with ourselves, as we stand up for what we believe in and the rights of all!