Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sheriff in East Tennessee was on Local News "We will NEVER take away anyone's Gun! We don't Care what D.C. does!"

A Sheriff here in East Tennessee was on the local news this evening.  The Sheriff told the news crew (WBIR) that he will never confiscate any guns from anyone.  He said  "No matter what Obama orders, he will Never take anyone's guns!"

This was on the T.V., I do not see anything on the website about the interview.

The Sheriff did say, he believed everyone should have a background check and he would only take a gun from someone that it was illegal for them to have one (convict).


  1. Hello Sherrie,

    Not sure if you saw this as well, another example of honorable Law Enforcement, makes me want to move to Oregon!!

    I went to the Oregon Sheriff's website that is given on the Sheriff's letter, got the email address of the web admin, and wrote an email to Sheriff Mueller thanking him for standing up for our rights and for the Constitution.

    Everyone should write to their County Sheriff to determine if they will stand FOR the Constitution, or not.

    Blessings to you!! - Michael (Psalm 91 :) )

  2. as noble as this sounds those in law enforcement are still enforcing mans laws.

    that last statement "someone illegal" and "convict" doesn't set well with me for some reason.