Thursday, January 17, 2013

Obama has his website now as "Yes, I support Obama's Gun Ban" for people to sign

Obama is working on getting masses of signatures to support the gun ban he wants.

He now has his website for people to sign and say "Yes, I support Obama and his gun ban."

I am sure he will use that with the media to show how many support and stand by him.  He will use that as leverage against our 2nd amendment rights.  There are many sheeple that will sign it no doubt.

Funny they don't show how many have signed so far as the White House Petitions show.

We will be hearing propaganda about how many people want a gun ban in the not too distant future.  The media will of course say "This many people stand with the President, so Congress has to do as the people want."

Notice you can only say "Yes" there is no option for saying "No."

1 comment:

  1. As usual the White House will manipulate the numbers to show an "astounding" (that's the word they will use) number of people want guns banned.

    These communist are so passe', so immature, so 60`s, why are they stuck in the past???