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Mike Powers (investigator/law enforcement/military), Interview on the Power Hour. Tears apart the Sandy Hook media/government story through facts

Mike Powers is a veteran U.S. Naval law enforcement, besides multiple other experiences.  He is a security/investigator expert.   He was interviewed on the Power Hour about Sandy Hook.

This is a must listen to interview.  He goes through the whole Sandy Hook "official" story and completely tears it apart through facts.   He has been investigating it with his team and took the whole story point by point and said "It could not have happened the way it was told."

He said there is no real evidence that an Adam Lanza really existed.  He goes through his research on that.  He said there is no way Lanza could have carried all they said he did in ammo and guns into the school.  He goes through the facts of the story piece by piece.  He does it through real research and he does not speculate.

There has been two things I would like to add, which I have thought of many times and he touched on (them not doing interviews).   Peter Lanza and Ryan Lanza have not been hounded by the press for comments.  The press has not waited on their door steps to get comments nor take pictures of them.   They did not do this with the Aurora shooter's family either.   They have done it historically in the past with families of killers, why not now?

One thing he does not mention but I have been questioning myself is.... why haven't we heard a word from the survivors that were in the hospital?  Why haven't the media been hounding them to find out their story and how they got hurt and what happened?

The media has really be silent and have not asked questions nor followed up with any part of the story at all.

This is a MUST LISTEN TO INTERVIEW and Pass it along!  It is worth the time, also right before the hour mark, who ever edited the interview put a portion in twice.  When you begin hearing that section again, you can forward to right before the end of the interview.  The actual interview is an hour long.  

Here is my  message to the MSM that I did last week about it all, which you may have listened to already. It goes hand in hand with the Mike Powers interview.



  1. Hi Sherrie-

    Great to see you posted the Joyce Riley/Mike Powers interview. I actually listened the other day and wrote up notes on it, plus I added some additional links/sources to build on his info

    Chris Rodia/Black Honda
    On the whole issue of the black honda, this Mike Powers guy is not buying the correction offered by the Greenwich police. He seems to have some understanding of how radio communications work in law enforcement and says all of these places have special frequencies set up for communications during emergencies (?) So, he's not buying the whole "radio traffic/confusion" explanation as to why the guy recording the transmissions supposedly got things confused. It really would help if someone who has access could look up the license plate numbers and confirm this one way or another.

    More info on the black honda/Chris Rodia situation is here:
    Sandy Hook Shooting:Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk
    (now one of the reasons I wasn't totally convinced by the Greenwich police info was b/c the link above has a google earth photo of the residence of Chris Rodia and it kind of looks like a black car in the driveway...but I know that means/proves nothing)

    Sandy Hook Shooting: Hearst Owned Paper Clears Rodia – See? Case Closed

    Also, some others are questioning the whole issue around the police radio and calling in of the license plates. Now I honestly don't understand anything about police radios, but here's what some are asking:

    Why Is Chris Rodia's Name Showing Up On Newtown Police Radio, 50 Miles Away
    Video description- Published on Jan 5, 2013- So his name showed up on a police radio recording from the next county over? Does that make any sense? (okay, I'm pretty sure they are both in Fairfield County, but Greenwich and Newtown are about 45 miles apart)

    HistoricalRecordsVLT 1 week ago - And if Rodia is lying about being in Greenwich why is a cop backing up his story? It almost seems like they are digging themselves a deeper hole with this Rodia thing. I don't get why his story doesn't seem to be adding up. Now Vance seems to be back peddling on that even bein Nancy lanzas car in that same article
    Scott Walker 1 week ago - There's no way in hell those radio signals came from 50 miles away!

    Also, it seems like this whole issue of the black honda really needs to get resolved b/c if it is registered to Chris Rodia and NOT the Lanzas, then how did Adam get to the scene of the crime?


  2. Hi Sherrie

    Here's part 2 of my notes (I'm still working on part 3)(I wrote this up in case people don't have the time to listen to the whole audio)

    Rousseau Car/Bullet Holes
    Mike Powers points out that these bullet holes show that there was obviously gunfire outside the school (plus the shooter was supposed to have shot his way into the school too, right?), so he wants to know why there were no 911 calls from anyone in the surrounding neighborhood. He seems to believe that someone should have/would have heard something. (Is it possible that the bullet holes are from another incident?)

    Now, this guy George Freund (he's a retired cop from Toronto) has some info on the Rousseau car bullets here:

    He has some close up photos and says this:
    "Then there is an issue of teacher Lauren Rousseau's car being riddled with bullets on the outside of the school. Whoever said there was shooting outside? Her Honda was green. There was a gunfight at the O.K. corral in the parking lot. It may very well be that a drug deal went south and they shot it out. One of the 'second' shooters has been identified as well. If we look at the above pictures of Rousseau's car, pay attention to the upper image. Call me stoopid, but that looks like an exit hole. It craters out not in. Baby you can drive my car, but try NOT to shoot your gun off from inside please because then people will want to ban them."

    Also, on George's site, if you scroll down, he seems to question whether Nancy Lanza actually owned any guns: "NOW THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION? The only proof we have that Nancy Lanza owned firearms was the media saying she did. There is no documentary evidence from the police who would have had to issue a permit after a serious application process that includes a fingerprint check. DID NANCY LANZA OWN ANY GUNS? As a case for comparison I can show you Eleanor Roosevelt owned and carried a firearm.(image of license application at the site)"

    (Also, here's more info on lack of gun permits in Nancy Lanza's name: No Gun Permit Under Nancy Lanza's Name In Public Records, Says TIME Magazine )

    Okay, back to the car bullets. The site below has some photos of the car in the parking lot and info on what would have been the trajectory of the bullet. Does it look like they are saying the gun was fired from the roof of the school??

    Lauren Rousseau’s Car Riddled With Bullet Holes In Sandy Hook Parking Lot? (photos here)
    "The official story: Lauren’s car was struck by bullets shot from inside the building. There was no record of any bullet holes in the windows of the school… Here is another image that shows the angle which the gun had to be fired... Now with your knowledge of the angle her car would have been parked at in relation to the shooter, how is it possible for a bullet hole to penetrate the side of her car at the trajectory shown above? Was there no car beside her? This is just one of the many mysteries about the official story. More research coming in different articles, stay tuned."

    So, since the Toronto cop is saying that one of the bullet holes looks like it's from the inside and this article seems to suggest there's a problem w/the trajectory, then all of this makes me wonder whether the bullet holes are even from this incident.

  3. Hi Sherrie

    Here's part 3 (part 4 is in the works)

    Broken Glass Issue

    Okay, Mike Powers seems to have a problem w/the story about the shooter breaking into the school through the glass door. He gets into details about glass doors, etc. and also says he hasn't seen any photos of broken glass. Now this video below shows bit of broken glass, but if you listen carefully, it seems like Vance is suggesting/implying that the police might have broken glass as well when they were trying to access the building? So do we even know who broke the glass shown in this video?

    The Broken Glass At The Front Of Sandy Hook School

    Also at about the 20 sec mark, there's a question from a reporter that I couldn't make out, but then Vance responds "well, if you take that out of context, that sounds suspicious..." Can anyone make out what the reporter asked? From the direction Vance takes it, it kind of sounds like the question had to do w/the windows or broken glass.

    And then there's this:

    Attorney Says Sandy Hook School "Was Supposed to Have Bulletproof Glass"

    video description: Published on Jan 2, 2013-

    Irving Pinsky, attorney for the student who survived the Sandy Hook elementary school mass shooting in Newtown, appeared on CNN's Starting Point this morning to discuss his reasons for dropping the lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for the time being.

    What I found interesting about the interview, was when Brooke Baldwin mentioned the recent security system/measures put into place by the school, and how Adam Lanza allegedly shot through the glass to get in, Pinsky replied, "Which was supposed to be bulletproof glass."

    I have noticed the mainstream media has reported him as saying the school SHOULD HAVE HAD bulletproof glass, but that's not what he said. He said the school "was supposed to have bulletproof glass."

    He also gave a look to Baldwin after he said it, opening his eyes wide, twice, as if what he just said was shocking information. I thought it may be some sort of nervous twitch he had, but I don't notice him doing it anywhere else in the interview.

    Did Sandy Hook elementary school already have bulletproof glass installed BEFORE the shooting?

    One more thing to add to the long list of questions about the official narrative.


  4. Sherrie-

    Here's another EXCELLENT audio w/Mike Powers--this one was done a couple of weeks earlier. Though there is some overlap of info, Mike also brings up info that he didn't get to w/Joyce.

    FYI-Mike Powers is a US Naval Law Enforcement Veteran and US Army Infantry/Reconnaissance Military Veteran. He seems to have lots of expertise when it comes to guns/weapons. Plus he seems very knowledgeable about police procedures. Mike Powers mentioned that he has participated in mass casualty/emergency drills (i.e. he knows what they're about and knows them when he sees them!!)

    And for those who don't have time to listen, he basically states that he believes that this was a District Wide Disaster and Emergency Services Mass Casualty Incident Practice. He seems to think this was staged and explains why.

    Mike Powers on Freedom Link Radio
    Investigating the Sandy Hook Narrative and Asking the Hard Questions

    Notes-Part 1

    -Opens w/quote from CT Gov. Malloy saying something like "we were spoken to and told to prepare for something like this happening in our state

    -Mike Powers says inconsistencies don't start w/Sandy Hook, but go back to Columbine, Sikh Temple, Giffords/Loughner, etc.

    -Says post 911 most communities have had upgrades in local/community security procedures, including "mass casualty incident protection drills," where they practice mobilizing all of their law enforcement, emergency medical, fire, etc. These people practice these things in great detail and have gone to such lengths as to hire "crisis actors" to add the "human dynamic" that often gets missed in ordinary drills.

    -Mike says he's worked w/about 20 others in his profession to come up w/30 key questions about Sandy Hook (questions are in video description on youtube)

    -Why was Chris Rodia's car at the school and why is the media continuing to pass it off as Nancy Lanza's? And how did Adam Lanza get to the scene of the crime??

    10 min- Mike talks about the problems w/the bullet holes in Rousseau's car. He also says there's a problem w/the trajectory. Says something about Rousseau being the only teacher not given a key to lock her door (you would think that if this was true, then there wouldn't there be lawsuits or something? why aren't the parents of the kids who were allegedly murdered suing the school for not giving her a key to lock the door?) Why did the police/media lie by saying the bullets were fired from inside the school?


  5. Hi Sherrie-

    Mike Powers/Freedom Link Radio Notes - Part2

    23 min- Mike gets into the whole issue of how they could have known that Nancy Lanza was dead so early in the day. First when they were announcing that she was dead at the school, it made sense that they would have known that early on. But once it was established that she was killed at home, then it seems like they shouldn't have known she was dead until much later in the day. Mike asks a bunch of questions about how they could have established probable cause to get a search warrant when Ryan was the suspect all day long and his address was in NJ.

    Mike also has a problem with them saying that within an hour of the 911 call being placed they were able to get SWAT teams on the scene and complete an "agonizing search of the building." He says that this is simply not possible--you have to factor in travel time, prep time, and execution of the physical search.

    24/25 min- Mike says that by distinction of their uniforms, he counted 5 different SWAT assets, which suggests to him that this was a DISTRICT WIDE DISASTER AND EMERGENCY SERVICES MASS CASUALTY INCIDENT PRACTICE. He adds that this is still speculation, but this is what it looks like to him.

    37 min- talks about the problem of the police at Sandy Hook putting the shooting suspect in the front seat of the car. This is simply NOT done and he explains all the reasons why. He says if this was a real situation you would not get all of these critical mistakes. None of these make sense. He said something about w/5 different SWAT assets on scene, who told the police that this was a good idea??

    39 min-Mike says he's NOT convinced that anything happened at Sandy Hook, he's not convinced that there are any victims. He said it seems like an exercise. He has NOT seen anything to make him believe that this incident actually happened. He says IT SEEMS LIKE A DRILL SCENARIO!!

    At some point he also asked questions about why those emergency vehicles were parked so closely together. In his opinion, they did this to "get the drama photo as the helicopter flew over, to get them all into the frame of the photo." (so, again, he seems to think this whole thing is STAGED)

  6. Hi Sherrie-
    I also wanted to let people know that a lot of info on Sandy Hook has been compiled at (an anit-zionist forum). Here's the link:
    (most recent info is at the end)


  7. Hi Sherrie-

    Here's Part 4 of my notes on the Joyce Riley/Mike Powers audio:

    -Powers talks about how in his opinion it was impossible for Adam Lanza to have performed the military/shooting operation ascribed to him. He bases this on Adam's physical stature, lack of training/expertise in weapons, weight of the gear he was carrying, etc.

    FYI- early in this audio "Sandy Hook: Cop in CT on Contradictions, Inconsistencies & Gun Grab - Part TWO" the CT cop says the same thing about this being an impossible task for someone of Adam's build and lack of experience w/shooting

    -Powers said that based on the info in the official story (about the type of guns used, number of rounds, etc) this would have been a 165 decibel impact on the human nervous system in an enclosed space and that it is simply NOT POSSIBLE that Adam (or anyone?) would have been able to do this. Powers consulted two audiologists and both indicated that the damage to hearing and the impact on the cochlear tubes of the inner ear would have been "devasating." Anyone is such a situation would have lost balance and become disoriented. (So, I'm kind of wondering whether this is the reason we later heard that Adam was wearing earplugs...Was this some kind of rewriting of the script to make the narrative more plausible? Kind of reminds me of the rewriting of the script around the bullet proof vest. We heard about the bullet proof vest for at least a week and then it changed to fishing/utility vest-- I can't help but wonder if they had to make that change b/c they realized that CT law forbids sale of bullet proof vests to non-military or police )


    Also, for what it's worth, I just found this comment posted in response to the Joyce Riley/Powers audio (seems like another person w/expertise in this area agrees w/his assessment):
    I too have been trained in Mass Casualty Incident Command and Disaster Management with 15 yrs. experience. Mike Powers is 110% on point with his assessment at Sandy Hook. Having worked in one of the busiest EMS services in America, you can spot things most will miss and Mike didn't miss one shred regarding this debacle. Kudos to you and Mike on a great interview, THANKS!

  8. Hi Sherrie-
    Thanks for posting my comments!

    Here's Part 1 of my notes about the placement of the Sandy Hook emergency vehicles and gurnies:

    This sort of follows up on the info posted by Dr. K here:

    Okay, this whole thing makes absolutely no sense to me. If this was a real emergency, I refuse to believe that they would have the ambulances parked so far away from the location of the actual shooting and have emergency workers walk the stretchers all the way up the road from the firehouse to the school and then back (1/2 mile each way)---this makes no sense!!

    Rare Footage Of Sandy Hook Victim Being Rolled Half A Mile To The Firehouse In Stretcher

    video description: Why they felt the need to roll this stretcher almost a half mile to the firehouse, instead of just loading her in an ambulance at the school and booking it, I do not know. This doesn't appear to be very realistic.

    -Were not ambulances already at the school?

    - No I don't think they could get up there because the road was blocked with a bunch of police cars and police tape. For some reason, instead of pulling up into the school parking lot, they decided to park mostly all their cars up by the firehouse to block Dickenson road. Probably to keep the press from going up by the school and seeing them tamper with the crime scene and what not.

    - this is TOTALLY against the first responder guidelines. funny something as serious as this with SO many broken guidelines. Standard order of procedures went out the window.

    - That's what happens when you try to fake a live event. On TV it's different, a lot more controllable and you can take a lot of takes to get it right. Plus you can edit too. Not sure why they felt like they could pull this off. This is a really sloppy operation, they must think we are really really dumb.

    - She survived the shooting. I find it odd there have been no interviews with her.

    - Isn't there usually a person or persons attending to the patient while they are pushed on a stretcher?


  9. Here's Part 2 Notes on Sandy Hook Emergency Vehicles and Gurnies:

    Here's another video of them walking the stretcher to the ambulance parked at the firestation:

    Sandy Hook's Lone Survivor Being Taken to Ambulance on Gurney 12-14-12 KMOV

    here are a couple of good comments:

    - Having worked in EMS I've treated and transported hundreds of patients. A trauma gunshot victim would have an IV established and usually not placed on gurney in this position. They would usually be secured on a backboard first. There is no way that I believe that this is one of the two critically injured children who ultimately died at the hospital. I thought that the 3rd person transported was an adult with a foot wound.

    - having been an EMT and FF for many years, IF there was a gunshot victim on that stretcher, there would have been multiple EMS with the stretcher all working on the victim....sorry that is more bullshit footage!

    And this video below really gives you a good overview of the distance between the firehouse (where all the emergency vehicles were gathered) and the school, so you can get a feeling for how far they are walking those stretchers. (Sorry in advance for the obnoxious music--you might want to turn down the audio and just watch as he uses google earth to scan from the school to the firehouse). Why aren't the emergency vehicles by the school?? There is plenty of space for them to pull into the parking lot or onto the flat fields on the school grounds.

    Sandy Hook Hoax Explained Sesame St style


    1. If you watch Halstead (SH fire captain) on youtube, he clearly states he didnt know a thing about what was happening till someone showed up from EMS with a person on a stretcher at the fire station. He doesnt listen to a scanner or anything? How is it EMS shows up at the school but he doesnt hear the call? Not to mention he says his wife works in the building

  10. Now this is kind of suspicious:

    33 Changes To The Connecticut Statewide Emergency Radio Network Hours Before the Newtown Shooting?


  11. Has anyone researched the fact that theres witnesses who saw Ryan getting arrested in the woods and walked out to the police car. He went to the same school that Bill Ayers works at Quinnipiac college, where he was involved with theater.Could he hav been recruited for drills, and set up to take into custody to prevent his dad from testifying in libor scandal?