Wednesday, January 9, 2013

John Stossel 2007 20/20 "Gun Control equals higher crime"

John Stossel did a 20/20 segment about gun control in 2007.  He mentioned the studies proving gun control equals higher crime.  People with rights to carry arms equals less violent crime.

This is an excellent truth video that would not be shown today on MSM.  It was done right after the Virginia Tech killings.

The media is ignoring the real facts of gun control and what happens when there is one.  But people just need to look at Chicago to see the crime statistics now due to their gun control.  The criminals are the only ones that don't worry about gun control and are able to have free access to kill all they want because no one else has a gun to stop them.

Ron Paul on the 2nd Amendment in 2007 - "The 2nd amendement is also about protecting yourself against the government and it is crucial."

My NRA article - WHY it is important to join right now. By taking a mass unified effort together we can be Strong and our 2nd amendment rights are protected.  I believe in this strongly and am asking people to become "one" in unity and take a Stand together that could not be ignored.

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