Friday, January 4, 2013

Boehner Swears in New Congress "Our Oath is to the Constitution not Party, Faction or Agendas. We are servants to the people"

WOW.......  Boehner swore in the new Congress.

He has put up his statement of swearing in on his website.

He told all the Congress people that they are not to have agendas or allegiance to parties but they are there to uphold the Constitution!

What a Frickin Joke!

If they are there to uphold the constitution, then they need to pass bills that give us our Freedoms back.   That includes the NDAA bill (which they just passed in taking out the rights for a trial for a U.S. citizen) and Obama just signed without complaint about that portion being taken out.

They need to redo the FISA bill (which of course they just passed again) and took out any warrants needed for reading emails or listening in to U.S. citizens calls.

They need to re do the Patriot Act.

They need to uphold our gun rights.

They need to stop considering anyone that believes in the Freedoms of the citizens of the U.S. as terrorist.

So..... that man had the audacity to stand up and say all of them are to Uphold the Constitution!!!!

What a LIAR!  What a in your face FU to the American people!  Because every single thing they do is against the U.S. people and the constitution.  Their job it seems now, is to make sure the people are under lock and chain and are slaves of the banks and work to just pay taxes and the banks.

Oh... and you rule by the "people's will?" What  Bullshit!  The people called and said NO to the TARP - the people called and said NO to FISA - the people called and said NO to NDAA!  You Fu**ing Ignored the people and passed all those!  Because you are nothing put puppets to those who are destroying the U.S. from the inside out!   

You........ are nothing but a LIAR in all you said to the new Congress! 

 So............. Boehner......... you are telling them to all follow the constitution?

Well then put your actions where your mouth is!  GIVE US OUR FREEDOMS AND CONSTITUTION BACK!

Here is Boehner's address to the new Congress:

Leader Pelosi, members of the House and Senate, dear family and friends, fellow countrymen:
“We meet again at democracy’s great port of call.  Every two years, at this hour, the Constitution brings a new order to this House.  It is an interlude for reflection, a glimpse of old truths.
“To our new members and their families, welcome.  You are likely feeling awestruck right about now. History runs through here.  And now you are among a select few to share in this privilege.
“For those who are returning, who have walked these aisles before, maybe it’s time we feel awestruck again.
“The way our founders envisioned it, the republic would be led by citizens who recognize that the blessing of governing ourselves requires that we give something of ourselves.  Everything depended on this.  So they made each other – and their successors – swear an oath of allegiance.
“In a few moments, I will take this oath for the twelfth time as representative of the Eighth District of Ohio. It is word for word the same oath we all take.
“Note that it makes no mention of party, faction, or title … contains no reference to agendas or platforms – only to the Constitution
“The one addition we dare to make, as George Washington did at the first inaugural, is to invoke the assistance of our Heavenly Father.
“This covenant makes us servants of posterity.  It calls us to refuse the pull of passing interests and follow the fixed star of a more perfect union.
“Put simply, we are sent here not to be something, but to do something – to do the right thing.
“It’s a big job, and it comes with big challenges.
“Our government has built up too much debt.  Our economy is not producing enough jobs.  These are not separate problems.
“At $16 trillion and rising, our national debt is draining free enterprise and weakening the ship of state.
“The American Dream is in peril so long as its namesake is weighed down by this anchor of debt. Break its hold, and we begin to set our economy free.  Jobs will come home.  Confidence will come back.
“We do this not just to boost GDP or reduce unemployment, but to secure for our children a future of freedom and opportunity.  Nothing is more important.
“As Washington wrote in his farewell address, we should not 'throw upon posterity the burden which we ourselves ought to bear.'
“Well, the burden is ours and so is the opportunity.
“There is no substitute for the wisdom of the people.  We are their servants.  As Speaker, I pledge to listen and do all I can to help you carry out the oath you are about to take.
“Because in our hearts, we know it is wrong to pass on this debt to our kids and grandkids.  Now we have to be willing – truly willing – to make this right.
“Public service was never meant to be an easy living. Extraordinary challenges demand extraordinary leadership.
“So if you have come here to see your name in lights or to pass off political victory as accomplishment, you have come to the wrong place.  The door is behind you.
“If you have come here humbled by the opportunity to serve; if you have come here to be the determined voice of the people; if you have come here to carry the standard of leadership demanded not just by our constituents but by the times, then you have come to the right place.
“There is a time for every purpose under Heaven.  For the 113th Congress, it is a time to rise. When the day is over, and the verdict is read, may it be said that we well and faithfully did our duty to ensure freedom will endure and prevail.
“So help us God.”
The hypocrisy and lying of the government in saying they are there for our Freedoms, when they turn around taking everyone of them away doing the opposite of the Constitution .... is mind boggling!

 Biden guaranteed the Mayor of Boston a gun ban would be signed by Obama by the end of January, which I wrote about yesterday. 

Hey Boehner..... We will expect for you to stand by those statements of our Constitution, when  Feinstein's bill to ban our guns is put to the floor... YOU have that choice to put it up to vote or not!  Will you put a vote up that could take away our 2nd Amendment or will you stand up for what you told the Congress when you swore them in?  Will you say NO to putting that up for a vote... since it is against our Constitution?  Don't worry, I don't live in a fantasy land and I am awake and aware enough to know what you are going to do.... contrary to what you say!


  1. I have one simple rule: If a politician says something, it's a lie.

    Works almost all the time.

  2. he is a servant of the devil, nothing more.