Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 21 2012, The most important video you will ever watch:Turning the corner of the Dark ages... Consciousness, Becoming Awake, Our own Awareness

December 21 2012 will be just as any other day except we will cross to "daylight".  The world WILL NOT END!  It is about turning the corner.

The agenda from those that try and control have been for people to fear 2012 that way people's energy is in fear not in opening up to the expanding consciousness.    Listen to what the media says, they always use some form of "truth", they use the word Apocalypse over and over.  I wrote about that last year.  Apocalypse means "Truth revealed and unveiled."  They have to use some truth so the word was perverted to be a fearful thing, without the real meaning being revealed.    This is actually the beginning of "doomsday" for those who try and control.   They are fighting for everything.  Just as the shooting 7 days before the 21st, it has put people's energy in fear, hatred, division, etc.


Our energies create our world collectively! 

The beginning of the awakeness began in the mid 2000s.  Think about when you began to wake up.... I know I awoke in 2008.  When I did awake and found truths of what our world on Earth is and what our government is and the control and prison planet along with the poisoning of the people through the air, food and water, I freaked out in the beginning.

I was fearful and listened to the most "doom and gloom" predictions, I had believed in the webbot project which was nothing but doom and gloom.  The webbot especially kept me fearful and expected everything to go down and fall apart with a new date that was just a couple of months away.  I finally became "aware and woke up" to what that is really about.   It is about manipulation of our feelings and energies to have them in fear constantly.   Since I wrote the article linked I have found out more and uncovered more, but I am not going to get into that, as it is not needed.  I am simply explaining my journey of awaking and being totally fearful to becoming "spiritually aware" of our world being about LOVE and needing to keep our energies focused that!   I began to understand that there are many out there that work for those who are grasping to keep control.  They use the worst predictions and people to keep those who are awake and have stronger energies due to their awareness in fear instead of using it for the awakening of mass consciousness to LOVE and JOY and Happiness!

Where they cause us to focus our attention we help them to create that reality that they want.  That is why the media, T.V.shows, movies and government work together to focus us on the negative.

This last week put me in a dark place due to the event of last Friday.  Was it real or was it created for fear and hate and worry?  I don't know the answer to that.. but I do know I am going to work on transcending it to LOVE and staying in that feeling.  

Think about it... they have created more movies about 2012 and want us to focus on something doom and gloom happening... they want it to happen.  They are trying to use the people in mass consciousness to have a December 21 2012 doom and gloom day.   Think and Feel LOVE - think and feel higher consciousness for us all!  

Those that try and control are very fearful of the crossing of our planet on December 21, 2012 because the energies that will constantly be streaming in are energies of super consciousness of awareness of understanding.

Everyday... another person is waking up.   They will most likely be in fear just as I was when I awoke and realized that nothing was what I thought it was. That we are controlled in every way using the media and the religions and fear to keep control of us.  This is to stop us from critical thinking for ourselves.  We are suppose to follow how to think, what to feel and where to focus from what they tell us.  They are the ones more and more in fear.

As I look back, even what I have written about... I realize I have been part of their little game.  I have written about fearful things... yet truthful things.  That is something I am still conflicted about.  Getting truth out... that is fearful.... yet I feel as truth is revealed (apocalypse happens) we grow... through understanding.

We are manipulated to think and believe "who we are" and never allowed to really know who we are.

They are taking greater measures to keep us in fear. 

This really is the best video to watch to really understand what is going on and what December 21 2012.  This gives all the truth and real information of what it is.   It is WELL worth the time watching this..   This brings up that Love and Understanding in rising up... this is the time to use the beautiful strong "daylight awakening" energies that will be streaming stronger and stronger once we are past the crossing of the equinox.  Also... think about this... the exact time is 11:11 am GMT that we will cross that plane.... WOW  Power number!  The universe is showing us the POWER of the day and the coming days....

Paradise is waiting... critical mass of feeling LOVE for self, others and even sending those who try and control Love!  This is LOVE for self in knowing you are a perfect soul living in a matrix world!  But that matrix can be unveiled as the critical mass of Love comes... be that 100th monkey!  Wake up, and understand what we really are. 

The more we LOVE the more Blessings happen to each of us and the world!

This is an important video that is a MUST WATCH for everyone... for understanding - Know what really is... LIVE IN LOVE! 




FYI - I had no idea what time it was when I pressed: publish for the article. When I came back to correct some wording I glanced at the time I published it. 11:01am. WOW... a power number..

WOW  -- one other thing about this article.   I just noticed it was my 888 article on the blog!  I had no idea where I was in the amount of postings, but for some reason when I just went to edit this one more time.... I saw it is my 888 article!   The continuing and never end... a new phase is beginning, an old phase is leaving.....the number of LOVE and GOD! 


  1. Look, people, you may or may not have "connected all the dots" yet. The people at the top of this "DEBT-&-DEATH" paradigm, as Chris Duane, so aptly calls it, think they OWN EVERYTHING. It started long before the so-called 'Federal' 'Reserve', even before KHAZAR MONEY-CHANGERS intermarried with European Royal Families. It can be traced back to Babylon. THEY THINK YOU DON'T MATTER, BECAUSE YOU AREN'T PART OF THEIR 1% CLUB. Get it? Don't try to tell them, OR THEIR BRAIN-WASHED "LIBERALS", that an ARMED POPULATION REDUCES GUN-RELATED CRIMES AND DEATHS! THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH - BECAUSE, THEY ARE MERELY PARROTS, "LIBERALS", WHO DO NOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES! THEY ARE REPEATERS, they repeat what they hear, from the 1%-owned MSM (Main Stream Media). Get it? Monsanto feeds it's own employees ORGANIC food, while spending close to $9 MILLION, to defeat CA PROP 37, to shove GMOs down every Americans throat, without labeling them! See where this is all going, folks? Ever heard of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS? YOU'D BETTER F#@$-ING WAKE THE F#@$ UP!

    What follows is useful info - print it - USE IT! Don't be a DUMB-ASS, eating GMOs, IF you're lucky, in a FEMA Camp!

    (Additionally, to the brands listed on the above poster, BOYCOTT these: Back to Nature - Kraft, French Meadows - Rich Products, Heinz - H.J. Heinz, Izze - Pepsico, DEAN Foods, GOYA Foods, Santa Cruz Organic - Smuckers, Simply Orange - Coca-Cola, SUNDAE - Abbott Nutrition, S&W - Faribault Foods, Treetop - Treetop (Juices), Unilever, Welch's)

    2) BOYCOTT the companies on the LEFT-HAND side of this poster, and support, purchase from, those on the RIGHT-HAND side!)

    3) Which mega-corporations have bought up which smaller organic food companies?

    1. Hi, First of all when you wrote this comment there is no way you could have watched the video in that time. That tells me you did not watch the video. Also you are parroting the game of those who try and control. The division and hatred of others they created liberal and conservative to keep people divided... their fear is for us to come togther.

      Yes most are still asleep to truth of many things you mentioned... but everyday another is waking up. We then ALL come together and we will no longer have those chains and prison planet of which we have now.

      The video really explains it and I have watched thousands of videos, this is the one that I have been looking for in understanding, in truth.

      December 21, we cross from the dark to the light.... the full explanation as never before is in the video. I can not stress enough how important it is...for all of our future together!

    2. Sherrie, Questioning All, I am trying to SPEED UP the Awakening! People MUST GET ANGRY, before they DO ~ ANYTHING!

      I awoke in around 2004, 2005.

      I've been trying to awaken everyone I know, ever since.

    3. By the way, the video, I just watched. Very excellent. I have forwarded it, to everyone I know. It just states what I've known for a few years, now, in a different way. Maybe it'll help someone, where some other approach did not.

    4. If we all sit around, thinking "happy" thoughts, will anything ever change for the better? I doubt it. Knowledge DOES NOT EQUAL POWER. IT MUST BE PUT INTO ACTION. APPLIED Knowledge is POWER!

    5. 20)What happened, in Russia, in 1917, when a predominantly "Jew"-ish "Bolshevist" (ie, SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST) government, comprised of an 82% "Jew"-ish Politburo took over?

      (Recall, that there are NUMEROUS, dual-Israeli-U.S.-ZIONIST-"Jew"-ish "citizens" in the U.S. government, that work on behalf of the International Cental Bankers & ISRAEL ! Israel, via AIPAC, controls U.S. Foreign and increasingly, DOMESTIC Policy (or, at least it has, since 1948, when Rothschild money created the modern state of Israel! Prior to 1948, it was ALWAYS, historically, called PALESTINE!)

      What did the "Jews" do, once they gained power in Russia?
      The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism & Freemasonry

      New World Order Pledged to "Jews": New York Times, Oct. 6, 1940

      Question: Should civilized humanity be at all concerned about the plight and sufferings of the Palestinians, or just the so-called "Jews"? Thankfully, the U.N. World Community stepped up to the plate, against International-Central-Banker-controlled-ZIONIST U.S. and Israel, on the issue of Palestinian Statehood!


  2. The International Central Bankers have two stated, primary goals for the 99%:

    1) Global debt-enslavement of humanity
    2) Global de-population, so they can own EVERYTHING!

    WAKE UP!

  3. Anyone can read about the dark deeds of the Elites and claim to be awakened. They can even adjust their lifestyles to strike back. But, the Elites are only half of the evil we face. The clones of the Elites called the Masses are the other half of the evil we face. They make up the several darkside colors and tribes who control the society....and play games. Together, and linked by the Occult connections,
    Freemasonry and the possessing satanic entity, they are destroying humanity, and the world. The truly AWAKE must be awake to both groups. They must adjust their lifestyles to both. Thus, the really awake are very very few! For more see my blog....FIGHTBACK AGAINST THE DARK SIDE //

    1. HOW, exactly, can we "fight" evil? Certainly not, by utilizing the same fear-based, divide-and-conquer evil tactics of the 1% !!!

      For those who simply do not have the time, to read widely enough, to gather the vital documentation, of the ACTUAL conspiracy - to "connect the dots", as it were - THERE IS MUCH THAT YOU CAN DO - to fight the NWO! (Most people, in the "alternative" media, are constantly talking "doom and gloom" - they, are literally - "doom and gloom" merchants - making money off people's fear. WHAT ABOUT SOLUTIONS? Few, if any, ever talk about SOLUTIONS. WHAT, exactly, can the average person DO - to empower him/herself - and liberate him or her-self - from the clutches of the documented evil 1%? (Read on!)


      The QUIET or SILENT Revolution

      "What Change?" (Dec. 5, 2008)

      Removing your money out of any TBTF (Too-Big-To-Fail) Bank is ONE thing that you can do. However, there are many, many other things that we can all do, too!

      Here are just a few:

      1) BOYCOTT – learn this concept well, and EMPLOY IT – against those enslaving you!
      2) THINK for yourself. TURN OFF the IDIOT-BOX (TV) OR THROW IT AWAY! READ! USE YOUR BRAIN MUSCLE! Read: The Falsification of History, by John Hamer (
      3) QUESTION all ‘authority’ (Big Business/Government, Big Religion, Big Media, etc. - it's all one giant corporate octopus!)
      4) Get out, and/or stay out, of DEBT!
      5) USE CASH AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Avoid using credit, debit, and customer loyalty cards, that track your every purchase, and compromise your privacy!
      6) Bank at a local credit union, or a small, local bank.
      7) VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS! (What do you support, with your time, energy, attention, and money?) (Buy true ORGANIC food, & products that are MADE IN USA!)
      8) Contact your Representatives on critical issues: such as "END THE FED!"
      9) Re-read the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It isn’t about hunting. It's about government tyranny, and protecting yourself (and family) FROM it.
      10)Buy (products) Made in U.S.A. Put AMERICANS back to work!
      11)Invest in precious metals, primarily SILVER (and gold) bullion
      12)Buy ORGANIC food! Support your local Organic Farmer, food store or Co-op! Support the true HEROES of organic food production (on the right side, of the following poster:
      13)Start your own garden using NON-GMO, non-hybrid seeds!
      14)Pray or meditate – REDUCE your stress! Stress weakens your immune system, and opens your body up to attack by bacteria, viruses. Hint: WE CAN - AND WILL, ULTIMATELY, DEFEAT THE NWO!
      15)Read a book, you know, an actual book! Open your mind! Read:
      The World Order, by Eustace Mullins (Or, Listen to Eustace Mullins interviews: (HINT: The International Central Bankers have hijacked our government, starting around 1913, and the passage of the so-called "Federal Reserve" Act).
      16)Exercise your brain muscle!
      17)Listen to soothing classical, jazz, ambient or other music you thoroughly enjoy!
      19)Take a high-quality daily multi-vitamin

    2. "The truly AWAKE must be awake to both groups. They must adjust their lifestyles to both."

      This is what I stated. Except for Organic food and Vitamins, you gave all the lifestyle adjustments against one group:the Elites. The bulk of the masses are dark side clones of the Elites....differing only in the wealth aspect. The masses control societies while the Elites control the macro-World. Both promote darkside agendas and leave no room for soul growth, or soul people.One cannot be anti-Elite while being part of the darkside society, destroying the world in just as nefarious ways. It is hypocrisy. If one is not awakened to the point of keeping one's hands completely clean.....what kind of awakening is it? Check out my blog for answers that are to long to give here!


    Prof. Jay Fikes, Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin -- "A Conversation about Mind Control"

    "The 20th Century was the HOLOCAUST of the gentile" (at 4:54 to 5:12 into the video. And, it just gets better from there...)

    1. The World is Waking Up to the New World Order

      Gnostic Media Joe Atwill interview - On Caesar's Messiah, John Allegro, and Mind Control

      Thank you, Sherrie Questioning All, for posting these vital video links - the TRUTH just is - we all need to seek it out - and claim is as our own - make it our own! WE ALL NEED TO ALIGN OURSELVES WITH THE TRUTH and the true FACTS. "And, the truth shall set you free!" Jan Irvin, among many others, in the "alternative" media, have vital information, and vital facts, that we need to assimilate, in our understanding of the world we live in. His website is: GNOSTIC MEDIA.