Thursday, March 31, 2011

Video - What has happened to this country? Basketball hoops are Illegal to have now?

I am shocked at this video - the main part of the government police taking the basketball goals of a neighborhood due to them being illegal.

I am speechless over this, I really don't know what to think at how this is being allowed to happen.

Also I would like to know how much this cost the state to do such important work that day? $100000 - $200000 to take those basketball hoops? I would insist if I was a taxpayer there that any county money goes to real work and not Police State ridiculous work!

I am so outraged over this show of force by the police and dept of transportation in Delaware!

Besides that the police woman lied right to the man - saying he could keep the hoop, once they had it down she then said they were taking it and she never said he could keep it. I am sure all those who were taking the hoops especially that woman was enjoying themselves and the "power" they had over the people. That woman in the video is what makes the police vile in people's eyes - the out right lies and show of force for the fun of it, because they have "power".

Read the comments on the news site for Delaware. The people are definite sheeple as they are saying "The law is the law"! Why isn't anyone questioning why there is even a ridiculous law making basketball hoops by the street illegal? I guess it shows how well Fluoride works in the water. You will be shocked how people feel the police were in their rights of the excessive force, but no one says anything about that police woman out right lying!

At some point this kind of stuff will cause people to start going Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain - due to the most outrageous ridiculous police show of force. Are they going to just come into our homes soon without a warrant?

It is a sad day to be ashamed of the country you live in, but that day has been here for awhile. The U.S. invading other countries without provocation, killing their innocent citizens, torturing people, putting poison in the skies in the way of chemtrails which is why cancer is so rampant and using Haarp that does harm to the Earth and people makes me very ashamed to be a citizen of the U.S.. We are to blame ourselves through not being diligent in keeping aware of what our politicians were doing and not holding them responsible and allowing them to give the U.S. away to corporations and banks.

We do not live in a free country - it is all talk from the politicians, but the fact is if you try to assert what you think your rights are you will find you don't have those rights.

Also you will see by this article - the police are getting training on who is considered a terrorist in this country. If you voice your freedoms and constitution than you are a terrorist in the governments eyes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EPA is raising Radiation Standards for drinking water by 100000% - I Called EPA's Office and Spoke to an Engineer ...Unbelievable!

The EPA is about to raise the standards for radiation in drinking water by 100,000%!  Yeah, you are reading it correctly One Hundred Thousand Percent!  By their own standards at this time that means one in 4 people will get cancer.  Also they will do it as a guidance instead of a regulation so they will not need a public discourse or notification to the public to do so.

Of course the EPA is a government agency to protect the people corporations.

I decided to call the EPA head office in the state of Tennessee and ask them if they are testing the rain water now due to the Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Plant meltdown happening and considering the fact other states around Tennessee have been reporting radiation in their rain water.

I spoke to the head engineer of EPA in Nashville today 3/30/11.  I asked him if the Tennessee EPA is going to test the rain water.  He said the EPA will keep their standards of testing which is a once a year test.

I proceeded to ask, even though the EPA does this once a year, don't they think it should be done now since the Japanese nuclear meltdown?  What if the water was just tested on March the 10th does that mean they won't test it again until next year?  He said that is correct.

I pressed the subject and gave him a scenario of an event.... I said "What if the EPA had tested a stream that is a once a year event, two weeks ago.  Then a corporation had a contamination/environmental spill into it, would you still wait to test the stream until the next year or would you go out and test it right away to see if there are contaminates in it?"  He said "We would go out and test it for contaminates".   I then asked "isn't that the same thing that  is happening now with Japan, there is radiation fallout that is happening and don't they want to know if the rain has radiation in it?"

He kept with the government line that they will keep their normal EPA standards and test once a year for radiation contaminates in the rainwater.

He was not aware of the EPA raising the radiation standards of drinking water, I read him the article and then asked him for his email address and emailed it to him.  He also said he was not aware of radiation being found in the rain water in  Pa. and Ma., I told him he could find those articles online.  I also told him about Berkeley finding a huge amount of radiation in the water there. 

From the Berkeley information:
General discussion about radiation levels in California:  - UPDATE: a Berkeley lab's results from testing rainwater on March 23rd suggests that 1 liter of rain-harvested drinking water in Berkeley, Calif., would have an iodine-131 concentration of 542.7 picocuries and consuming one liter of this water would provide a radiation dose to the thyroid of an infant of 7.54 millirems.  About 132 liters of water contaminated at these levels would provide 1 Rem dose to the infant thyroid. (Per NRC NUREG 1.109 rev. 1 Oct. '77).  At these levels, a Bay Area adult would have to breath for 425 days to receive the same iodine-131 exposure as drinking 1 liter of rain-harvested drinking water.  Also, the cesium-137 levels in rain water for March 23-24 broke a new high record peak since analyses begin on March 17 at the Berkeley lab - it's now at 16 picoCuries of Cesium-137 per liter of rain-harvested water.  Boil down a liter of this rainwater, or ash in an oven a rain-soaked 'sticky' film filter, and it would measure on an advanced gamma counter 1,344 clicks per minute (CPM) *above* normal background levels  - that doesn't even include the beta or alpha particles, including the beta energies of the Iodine-131 and Cesium-137! The high levels of iodine-131 in Berkeley rainwater that initially alarmed Idealist are detailed in the following section.

He gave me labs to call to get the rain water tested if I wanted to.

I have called those labs but they send the water away and they did not seem the least bit interested in testing the water in the first place.

I am absolutely amazed that the EPA is taking the attitude they are with possible radiation fallout in our rain.  I talked to the person for about 10 minutes from the EPA - trying to get him to understand why the EPA should be testing the rain everywhere.   He stood by the government line of "Once a year is enough and our standards"!

It is up to all the individuals of this country to test our rain and to test our water and be diligent because the U.S. government obviously could not care less and will just raise the radiation standards as they need to and as the radiation goes up.

The article about the EPA raising the standards of radiation in our drinking water:

The EPA is preparing to dramatically increase permissible radioactive releases in drinking water, food and soil after “radiological incidents,” according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

What is termed a guidance that EPA is considering - as opposed to a regulation - does not require public airing before it’s decided upon.

EPA officials contacted today in the Atlanta and D.C. offices had no response on the issue as of 6 p.m.
The radiation guides called Protective Action Guides or PAGs are protocols for responding to radiological events ranging from nuclear power-plant accidents to dirty bombs.

Drinking water, for example, would have a huge increase in allowable public exposure to radioactivity, the group says, that would include:

A nearly 1000-fold increase in strontium-90
A 3000 to 100,000-fold hike for iodine-131
An almost 25,000 rise for nickel-63 

The new radiation guidance would also allow long-term cleanup standards thousands of times more lax than anything EPA has ever before accepted, permitting doses to the public that EPA itself estimates would cause a cancer in as much as every fourth person exposed, the group says.

These relaxed standards are opposed by public health professionals inside EPA, according to documents PEER said it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

PEER is a national alliance of local state and federal resource professionals

The Magnetic Field - Magnetosphere looks very bad and twisted. Pictures

The Japanese site is back up for the time being of the Magnetosphere.  All day today it has looked very bad.  We got hit very hard last night 3/29/11 and now the magentics are balled up.  Here are the pictures from last night while we were getting hit until now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The President of TEPCO - The owner of Japan's Fukushima Plant in Melt down has Vanished and so has the Prime Minister of Japan

Added 10:30am - Reactor 3 is breached

It seems the President of TEPCO, the owner of Japan's Nuclear Power plant Fukushima, that is melting down right now has not been seen since March 13th.  But he is not the only one, the Prime Minister of Japan has been missing in action also.

TEPCO company says he is running everything, but none of the employees have seen him and the people at where he lives have not seen him for 2 weeks either.

One thing I have been looking for the last week is for the Prime Minister to come out and make statements and have not seen him at all.  I wondered to myself if he had skipped the country.  This article confirms the Prime Minister has been missing from the scene also.

If the elite are skipping town and have evacuated then it seems to me the situation is much worse than what they have admitted to over the last two weeks.

The Mox Fuel Reactor 3 uses Plutonium as part of the fuel.  I wrote about how it is 2 million times worse than uranium.  What is unbelievable is the media nor the governments are actually informing people and educating them about Mox fuel.  But not just that, there are those whose job is to put out the lies and spin for the government in the media.  This person seems to be doing his job.  Lawrence Solomon has put out the most ridiculous article and the financial post has actually run it.  He is telling people "Plutonium is Good for you"  I believe this just shows how evil those at the top are by not being honest and educating people that  they are killing people of the world and killing the Earth. 

Portions of Article linked at the beginning about the disappearing act of TEPCO's President and the Prime Minister

TOKYO — In normal times, Masataka Shimizu lives in The Tower, a luxury high-rise in the same upscale Tokyo district as the U.S. Embassy. But he hasn’t been there for more than two weeks, according to a doorman.

Shimizu last appeared in public at a late-night news conference March 13, two days after the worst earthquake on record in Japan. The tsunami triggered by the quake, said Shimizu, dressed in a blue company uniform instead of his normal business suit, “exceeded our expectations.” 

Japan’s mainstream media have mostly gone easy on the Tepco boss, in contrast with the treatment meted out in America to BP boss Tony Hayward during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. But one online journal demanded that Shimizu be tried in a criminal court. Several bloggers called for the death penalty, though far more numerous are those who simply want him to break cover and appear in public. 

Prime Minister Naoto Kan has also voiced frustration at Tepco’s bunker mentality. Japanese newspapers reported that Kan visited Shimizu before dawn at the start of the crisis and later, upon learning that the company might withdraw its last workers from the smoldering nuclear plant, shouted, “What the hell is going on?” Since then, however, the prime minister himself has mostly dropped from view and officials have stopped criticizing Tepco.

From the Most Vile Article trying to tell people Plutonium is good for them!  This tells me all I need to know about this man - Lawrence Solomon, besides seeing what other articles he has written - he wrote how radiation is good for you and the Fukushima radiation is most probably benefiting people.   I believe Mr. Lawrence Solomon needs to get on a plane IMMEDIATELY and Go to Japan, I believe that man needs to go right at the voluntary evacuation area, I believe that man should drink all the water there and if he does not go there, I believe that man should at least have Tokyo's tap water sent to him to drink and bathe in.   For someone to put this kind of disinfo out is nothing but Evil.  If you are going to tell people to be happy about the fallout then you need to go right in the middle of it to benefit from it as you say it is good for you.

What Lawrence Solomon says about Plutonium, From the article:

Plutonium, one of the most feared radioactive substances on earth, may in fact enhance human health, according to unexpected new findings published in the journal, Health Physics.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Japan - Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel - Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl's Meltdown!

Update 4/16/11 - Fuel Rods melted in Reactors 1, 2 and 3 (Mox Fuel) and Plutonium now  being detected outside reactor area

3/28/11 - Mox Fuel Reactor 3 the Crane has fallen and damaged the Mox Fuel Rods - the Expert says there is NO deny that the Mox Fuel is leaking Radiation!  Video of him saying it!  

This is so sickening and yet NO government is talking about this the UN Nuclear Committee is not talking about this!  The Earth is being made toxic for 50000 years!  ALL nuclear energy plants should be SHUT DOWN!  It is not worth killing the people and Earth when there are other energy sources available!  Also all the brilliant governments have put nuclear power plants on Faults - there are 7 nuclear power plants along the New Madrid fault!  The Earth is now being destroyed due to corporate greed! 

3/28/11 - 2 Small Paragraphs say what is really happening without the authorities telling the truth!
Right here says Reactor 3 has melted down and is now in the soil! Will the govt and media now start talking about the MOX fuel meltdown and what the affect will be?  In other words 50000 years it will take for the land not to be toxic anymore.

URGENT: Plutonium detected in soil at Fukushima nuke plant: TEPCO

TOKYO, March 28, Kyodo
Plutonium has been detected in soil at five locations at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Monday.
The operator of the nuclear complex said that the plutonium is believed to have been discharged from nuclear fuel at the plant, which was damaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.


A high-level radiation leak detected Thursday at one of six troubled reactors at the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant indicates possible damage to the reactor's vessel, pipes or valves, the government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Friday.
Three workers at the No. 3 reactor's turbine building, connected to the reactor building, were exposed Thursday to water containing radioactive materials 10,000 times the normal level, with two of them taken to hospital due to possible radiation burns to their feet, the plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

3/21/11 - KYODO NEWS - HEADLINE THIS MORNING:  (this is the MOX Fuel)

URGENT: Grayish smoke seen billowing from Fukushima No. 3 reactor building

TOKYO, March 21, Kyodo
Grayish smoke was seen billowing from a building that houses the No. 3 reactor of the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station on Monday, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.
After the smoke was spotted at the southeast of the building around 3:55 p.m., TEPCO said it had temporarily evacuated its workers from the site as it assessed the situation.

That is radioactive particles of plutonium and uranium steaming out (MOX Fuel)

As of 3/16/11 9:20am est - I am completely Disgusted with the Governments and MSM for NOT talking about Reactor 3 and MOX Fuel!  They cut people off who start to mention it!  This is unacceptable!  They are committing  a crime against Humanity!     By not informing people they are not just dealing with a Uranium Fallout but a Plutonium Fallout which Potassium Iodide Pills do no good against!    I am IMPLORING the Media and the Governments of the World to Start informing all people about MOX Fuel Reactor 3!  If the media does not start providing information about MOX fuel Reactor 3 which has been compromised then the many who die from not taking precautions for a plutonium/uranium mix fallout will be on their hands!  

3/19/11 - The media is starting to talk about the MOX fuel but they are not going deeply into the subject only mentioning it briefly and saying plutonium is in it.

3/19/11 - A site to bookmark and keep up with "All things Nuclear"  about Japan - Scientist - full reports and explanation of the plants and what is occurring and the amount of nuclear material in each reactor.  

3/18/11 - Japan has now asked the U.S. for Help at the Nuclear Power Plant.   

3/18/11 - I have a post up about a comparison of Chernobyl two days after explosion to Japan's flyover yesterday.  

3/17/11 - 3:10pm est - CNN nuclear expert on right now.  MOX fuel was mentioned being in Reactor 3.  When the anchor asked him what would happen if the MOX fuel got out, he COMPLETELY AVOIDED ANSWERING THE QUESTION!  He began a description on how there are containment vessels and if the containment vessel stays in tact - no problems.  He NEVER Answered the question "What would happen if Reactor 3 completely melted down with MOX?"!   She let him get away with that too, instead of pressing him for an answer!

3/17/11 - It is claimed the U.S. government has seized all Potassium Iodide Pills from suppliers as the MSM is ridiculing people for purchasing them - full story is here. 


also click for this video and video of Commander of U.S. Military in Japan - Evacuating Bases there starting today.

Reactors 5 and 6 are now having problems.

3/16/11 4:54pm est - NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission says there is no more water in Reactor 4 and now nothing to stop a full meltdown!  This is the reactor with all the spent rods in it from all the other reactors.  So this is like all the other reactors rolled into one!  Japan officials are denying NRC's claim - but NRC is standing by their statement!  When this goes what will stop it from causing all the others to also go due to how big of a blast it will create.

From article:

In addition, plutonium is a particularly long-lived and toxic material. The half-life of plutonium-239 is 24,000 years, so if it escaped in smoke from a burning reactor and contaminated soil downwind, it would remain hazardous for tens of thousands of years.

 3/16/11 - 5:10pm est - CNN has said there is NO Water in Reactor 3 (MOX fuel) - So that one is in total meltdown also.  At least he did say it has Plutonium in it.

UPDATE 3/16/11 6:52pm est - 77% of Fuel Rods in Reactor 1 damaged and 33% of Reactor 2 damaged both believed to have partially melted down now.

Developing - 3/16/11 - 12:pm est - EU Energy Chief Says within hours a Catastrophic event will happen in Japan plus Russian Diplomats are being evacuated from Japan 
What do they know that we do not?
***Update 3/16/11 12:45pm est - EU Chief now backtracking saying "He meant it is his fear, something Catastrophic will happen within hours in Japan"***

UPDATE 3/16/11 - 5:47pm est - UN Calls Emergency Meeting with 35 Members regarding Japan's Nuclear Problem.


Click on pictures to view them larger
Reactor 3 and 4

Up close Reactor 4 - Shows Large hole in vessel


Added 3/15/11 - 9:46pm est  Reactor 2 Officially Breached - Reactor 4 Official Breached
On right now 3/15/11 10:22pm est - Live News Conference about Reactors 

Workers of the Nuclear Plant have been evacuated (they say the workers are now back)

3/15/11 10:19 pm est - Reactor 3 is on Fire - that is the Mox Fuel Reactor!

Reactor 3 (Mox fuel) after explosion - Reactor 1 at bottom - Reactor 2 inbetween which is said to be in full melt down.  What happens if 2 explodes completely- containment vessel and all?  Will that rupture Reactor 1 and 3's (Mox fuel) containment vessels? (edit - it seems it may have done just as I wondered, when the containment vessel of 2 blew)

 ADDED 3/15/11 10:45am est

ADDED 3/15/11 11:46am -Another Radiation Detection site 

3/15/11 11:54am est Radiation is now being detected at U.S. Military Bases outside Tokyo - Military Personnel are being told to stay indoors with windows closed!  Another link Direct from Navy Command about radiation at U.S. Military Bases

ADDED 3/15/11 - Global Jet Stream from March 13th to 21st

- Video of EXPLOSION OF REACTOR 3 (Mox Fuel) that happened on 3/14/11 11am  Japanese time (Mox Fuel) * watch this video and the one at the bottom of this article of Reactor #1 exploding on Saturday - to me this explosion is much bigger and more powerful than the other and there was a large flash at the beginning!
Since Reactor 2s explosion on 3/15/11 6am Japan time radiation levels in Tokyo are 23 Times normal

Air China has canceled all Flights to Japan. 

Lufthansa has canceled all flights to Tokyo Japan

KLM has canceled all flights to Tokyo Japan 

UPS is not accepting packages to Japan 

3/17/11 US Diplomats and US citizens being evacuated from Japan 

3/15/11 - Reactor 4 containment vessel has been breached - it is damaged and leaking radioactive material!

Added 3/16/11 2:25pm est - Video about Chernobyl at 4 min mark on Most Important!  At 5:30 mark - says if second explosion had happened then Europe would have been made Uninhabitable!  Japan's individual reactors are 100 x's more powerful than Chernobyl that is not even taking into account Reactor 3 (MOX fuel)

Added 3/16/11 7:08 pm est - A Reader sent me this information.
"The Case Against MOX fuel being used in Japanese Nuclear Plants"
From article:

If there is an accident at Fukushima I-3

Exposure doses for residents resulting from a diffusion of radioactivity caused by a severe accident at Fukushima I-3 were calculated by applying the same method used in the disaster assessment in 'WASH-1400', an accident analysis report produced by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

The plan to burn MOX fuel in light water reactors is called the plu-thermal program in Japan. In the core of a pluthermal reactor, there are ten times more actinides such as plutonium, americium, and curium than the core of a uranium reactor. Actinides cause serious internal exposure in human bodies and thus pose a very serious threat to human health.

The main results from the calculations are shown in table 1. In short, exposure doses resulting from an accident at a pluthermal reactor would be twice those produced by an accident at a uranium reactor. A given exposure dose would be received by residents over twice the distance. The overall affected area would be four times larger. When fatalities by cancer from an accident at a pluthermal reactor is calculated with an assumption that Tokyo was downwind, the number of cancer fatalities would increase from 0.4 million in the case of an accident at a uranium reactor to 10.6 million (See table 2). In view of such risks, MOX utilization is simply too dangerous

3/17/11 - NyTimes released an interactive map of where the Radiation Plume will go.

Original post commences about MOX fuel

I am so Astounded that the Japanese have as many Nuclear Power Plants that they have on the most seismic place in the world!  How they did not have 100 different back up plans is beyond me!  Why didn't they have their generators 50 feet in the air in case of tsunamis?  I have thought of tons of questions regarding it all!

I am sadden by the tragedy in the first place, now the Man made tragedy is unfolding that is a million times worse than the natural tragedy!

We all know some of Japan's nuclear power plants are in trouble and one exploded.

What is NOT Being released is the FUEL used in that plant!  I read about it and decided to research it!  
I am SHOCKED at what I found!  This power plant meltdown can be 2 MILLION times Worse than Chernobyl!  This could make the whole country of Japan uninhabitable, besides being carried around the world!

This is truly Sickening!  In fact it really makes you wonder WHY they did not have 100 safety precautions in place!  How dare they use MOX in a nuclear power plant in a place that is known for the biggest quakes and tsunamis!  Besides Japan putting their plants right along side the ocean! 

Read this whole post to understand the FULL ramifications of this Nuclear Plant Meltdown!  There is a Power Point Presentation the UN put together for MOX fuel I downloaded it - but there is not a link to go to for it.  I can't insert power point presentations here either.

Here is what I have found:

FUKUSHIMA (Kyodo) Tokyo Electric Power Co. on Saturday loaded a nuclear reactor in Fukushima Prefecture with MOX, a controversial fuel made with reprocessed plutonium and uranium oxides, as it prepares to become the leading power utility's first facility to go pluthermal.

Mixing it up: A MOX fuel rod on Saturday is loaded into a nuclear reactor in Fukushima Prefecture. KYODO PHOTO
The No. 3 reactor at Tepco's Fukushima No. 1 plant will be the nation's third pluthermal facility, but only the first to be refurbished since the plant was built 34 years ago.

Tokyo Electric plans to activate the reactor on Sept. 18 and let it start generating electricity on Sept. 23.  (2010)

***Recognize that plant name?   Yeah, it is the one that blew up****
about Mox use in nuclear plants
Green peace information about Mox going to Japan and their very strong concerns about it
A Tepco - Japanese professor about Mox/uranium
DOE - info on Mox and transportation of it

ADDED - 3/14/11 11:25am est - Nuclear Regulatory Fact Sheet on MOX fuel.
and Oak Ridge Labs getting the fuel rods to study - due to abnormal growth in fuel assemblies with them.
Japan's Mox Nuclear Plant Program

ADDED 3/15/11 - MOX Fuel is used at 2 other Japanese Nuclear Plants.
The joint study cites a number of safety precautions necessary in the fabrication of MOX fuel relative to uranium fuel. MOX fuel emits higher gamma radiation and much higher neutron radiation than uranium fuel. Therefore, a separate fresh fuel storage facility designed for MOX only fuel containers for on-site use, and transport equipment for fresh fuel may be necessary. Dust resulting from MOX fabrication is also a concern for worker safety because of the dangers of inhaling plutonium (see article on health effects of plutonium). 

MOX Spent Fuel
Plutonium is both used up and produced when MOX fuel is used in reactors. MOX spent fuel contains more plutonium than conventional spent fuel (that is, spent fuel resulting from loading an LWR with low enriched uranium fuel). Conventional spent fuel from LWRs typically contains about one percent plutonium when it is withdrawn from the reactor. The amount of residual plutonium in MOX spent fuel would depend on the initial plutonium loading (percent of plutonium in the fuel), the burn-up of the fuel, and the configuration in which the fuel is used.
For light water reactors using MOX fuel, the NAS calculates that residual plutonium in the spent fuel would range from 1.6 percent (for a 33% MOX core with 4% plutonium loading) to 4.9 percent (for a 100% MOX core with 6.8% plutonium loading). Ranges of 2.5 percent to 6.8 percent plutonium loading have been suggested. In the case of a CANDU reactor using a 100% MOX core, the percentage of plutonium in MOX spent fuel would be between 0.8 and 1.4 percent for MOX fuel containing 1.2 percent and 2.1 percent plutonium, respectively.12 

Repository disposal of MOX spent fuel is complicated not only by the higher plutonium content in MOX, but by the larger quantities of transuranic elements in the spent fuel as well. This results in MOX spent fuel being thermally hotter than conventional spent fuel. The presence of greater amounts of transuranic radionuclides like americium-241 also cause persistent higher spent fuel temperatures, and cause the decay of thermal power level to be slower. MOX spent fuel use may therefore require that a host of issues be revisited, such as design of transportation and disposal canisters, and design of on-site spent fuel storage casks. For instance, the higher temperatures may cause storage problems at reactors that have limited storage room in their spent fuel pools. The higher temperature may also result in a need for more repository space, unless a repository is designed to take hotter fuel and withstand higher temperatures. Greater repository space would result in proportionally higher repository disposal costs. In addition, if the amount of residual gallium in MOX spent fuel is too high, it may result in deterioration of the spent fuel cladding, create new issues in evaluating the suitability of a repository, and pose greater risk of groundwater contamination. There are some uncertainties as to the concentration of gallium that might adversely affect spent fuel integrity. The differences between spent MOX fuel and spent uranium fuel pose many complications for reprocessing as well.

excerts from this linked article - this is much more serious than a normal nuclear plant meltdown! 
#Danger of Losing Control of the Reactor Is Greater with MOX

Conventional LWRs are designed to decrease the reactivity when
the temperature rises. But when using Pu-239 as fuel, heating of
the core from an increase in reaction rate tends to increase the
reaction rate still further.  This is called the positive
temperature coefficient of reactivity, meaning there is a danger
of losing control of the reactor by accelerated chain reaction of

MOX spent fuel contains more fission products than uranium spent
fuel.  The important factor in managing spent fuel is the heat
generation caused by the highly radioactive fission products.
Since spent MOX fuel contains much more fission products, the
heat generation from MOX spent fuel is twice as high as that of
spent uranium fuel after 10 years and three times as high after
100 years.(14)
Plutonium does not exist in the natural environment, and is only
produced in nuclear reactors.  It is known as one of the most
toxic elements.  It emits high energy alpha radiation, and has
harmful biological effects.
Alpha radiation has a very short range but very intense
ionization power.  If exposed on the surface of the skin, the
skin works as a shield and will prevent its penetration into the
body, but all of its ionizing power will be focused on the small
spot, causing burns and killing the skin tissue.  If inhaled
into the body, the alpha particle will go in through the
respiratory tract, and enter the lung.  Due to its long
half-life, it will stay in the body permanently, emitting alpha
radiation, and killing the surrounding tissues by strong
ionization.  If plutonium is taken into the body in soluble form
(e.g. plutonium nitrate) through food chain, it will enter the
blood stream, and into the bones, liver and genital organs where
it will be enriched.  Alpha radiation leads to reactions in the
cells of living things.  It can cause damage to the nucleus and
DNA of the cell, in effect causing genetic damage in descendants,
particularly if germ cells are affected.(15)  
#Dangers of Resuspension in the Environment 

In the event of a contamination of the environment with
plutonium, the whirling up and inhalation of plutonium particles,
known as resuspension, plays an important role.  If there is a
road traffic, building work or cleaning work at the plutonium
contaminated site, plutonium can enter the body through the
respiratory tract.  Generally, the more whirled up, the greater
the dose intake per quantity of plutonium on the ground.  If
there is fire, and plutonium becomes airborne into fine aerosol
particles, plutonium contamination of the environment will extend
to a far larger scale, landing on ground, contaminating a vast
wider area. Plutonium remains effective over very long periods
affecting the health of the people and the environment.(16)  
#Accident Scenario When Burning MOX

Accidents involving overheating and meltdown are possible in any
nuclear reactors.  In such accidents, not only would readily
volatile noble gases, like iodine and caesium be released
to the environment, but a small portion of the actinides,
including plutonium and neptunium would be released.  As the
activity of the actinides is substantially higher in the case of
MOX, the consequences of such severe accidents become more

When MOX fuels are used, the probability of having such serious
accidents or trouble would increase due to the high content of
plutonium in the fuel.  Even if an accident is not a serious one,
it could become serious since even a small portion of the
inventory of actinides released to the environment could cause
significant radiological consequences.
#Accidents at Fabrication Plants

Accidents at MOX fuel fabrication plants have occurred.  In June,
1991, the storage bunker of the MOX fuel fabrication plant in
Hanau, Germany was contaminated with MOX.  It occurred after the
rupture of a foil for container packaging in the course of an
in-plant transportation process.  Five workers were exposed to
plutonium.  This accident was the main reason the fabrication
plant at Hanau was shut down.(19)

In November, 1992, a rod was broken through a handling error and
MOX dust released during the mounting of MOX fuel rods to fuel
assemblies in the fuel fabrication facility adjoining the MOX
facility in Dessel, Belgium.(20)

In event of such accidents, if the International Commission on
Radiological Protection (ICRP) recommendations for general public
exposure were adhered to, only about 1 mg of plutonium may be
released from a MOX facility to the environment.  As a
comparison, in uranium fabrication facility, 2kg (2,000,000mg)of
uranium could be released in the same radiation exposure. A 1 mg
release of plutonium from a processing process can easily happen
from various smaller incidents.(21)  

Must Watch video - Information about Plutonium in Nuclear Plants.

3/18/11 - This Video is from Chernobyl a fly over 2 days after it exploded - it shows white smoke coming from it. Seems to me that is what we are already seeing in Japan - the white smoke.


Added 3/16/11 - Zerohedge has a very good article detailing the Nuclear Plant in meltdown and all the spent rods stored and how many.  Excellent information to understand how much radiation and rods that are involved and ultimately how much radiation may be involved. 

One other bit of information - KI pills do no good against MOX - it is only good for Uranium radiation. Plutonium is not affected by the pills!

EDIT TO ADD 3/13/11 8:54pm - Link to information about Plutonium Contamination of Large Land Areas.
It stays in the soil 100% for one inch.  Even rain does not wash it away.   This link also give diagrams of distance to amount of contamination of that distance.

I will say in my own opinion ALL Nuclear Power plants anywhere near fault lines need to be SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY! That includes those that are right on the fault in California (what brilliant idiots decided on that place?) and all that are near the New Madrid Fault! Nuclear power plants ARE NOT Clean Energy! In fact they contaminate the Earth on a level that takes thousands of years to eradicate.

3/18/11 - WHO says no need to ban travel to and from Japan - radiation levels aren't that bad from people coming from there.   WHO is the LAST organization I would personally  trust regarding in Health information.

EDIT to ADD - 3/14/11 - 8:55pm est - I will be doing lots of research on how people can protect themselves from contamination.  I will say, those on the West Coast should go and get tarps ASAP, before they are sold out to make a small decontamination type building outside your house.  I will be putting something together to help inform people what to do for uranium and plutonium contamination.

ADDITION - 3/14/11 - 10:34pm est - Good Article to read with Map of Jet Stream and where the radiation will travel to.  PNW is in the direct line of fire of the fallout from Japan.

Updates that were at the top - are now here - they are situations and news as they happened.

on 3/15/11 6am Japan time- Reactor 2 exploded -

0n 3/14/ 11 Japan time- Video of EXPLOSION OF REACTOR 3 (Mox Fuel) that Just now happened on 3/14/11 at 11am  Japanese time (Mox Fuel) * watch this video and the one at the bottom of this article of Reactor #1 exploding on Saturday - to me this explosion is much bigger and more powerful than the other and there was a large flash at the beginning!

Question added 3/14/11 - They say they are pumping seawater into all the reactors to cool them.  The Japanese government nor MSM have mentioned where the seawater is being dumped afterward.  Is the toxic radiated water being circulated back into the ocean after going through all the reactors?

UPDATE - 3/14/11 12:12 AM - I was just listening to FOX news and they were talking to a Nuclear Expert as soon as he began saying Reactor 3 which had just exploded has different fuel and about to explain it, she totally cut him off and said there was no more time to talk to him.  Wow - they are trying to keep this information about MOX fuel from getting out! 

CONFIRMED - REACTOR 3 (Mox Fuel Reactor) Exploded 10:50pm est- On LIVE right now  - they are saying it is all still contained - possibly mass radiation from it though - (update) now they have changed that story and saying no radiation! Saying reactor is not damaged now and saying containment vessel still intact - same explosion as what happened with #1 - just the outer building!

 UPDATE -3/13/11 10:38PM EST - CNN JUST NOW SAID THERE WAS A BLAST AT REACTOR NUMBER 3  (the mox fuel reactor) - They are not sure of the whole situation and all they know is there has been a blast from it.

 UPDATE 3/13/11 10PM estNUMBER 3 REACTOR - rods may have been damaged  (this is the one with the MOX fuel).  
The official also said that Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501), the operator of the plant, has been able to release pressure in reactor No. 3 but that he's concerned that its fuel rods may be damaged.

Another UPDATE - Just out - From IAEA blog  about Reactor 3 (MOX fuel reactor) -

Unit 3 does not have off-site power supply nor backup diesel generators providing power to the plant. As the high pressure injection system and other attempts to cool the reactor core have failed, injection of water and boron into the reactor vessel has commenced. Water levels inside the reactor vessel increased steadily for a certain amount of time but readings indicating the water level inside the pressure vessel are no longer showing an increase. The reason behind this is unknown at this point in time. To relieve pressure, venting of the containment started on 13 March at 9:20AM local Japan time. Planning is underway to reduce the concentration of hydrogen inside the containment building. The containment building is intact at Unit 3.

Edit 3/14/11 9am est - I have a question.. they are saying there has not been radiation leaking and the containment vessels are intact with both reactors.  Then WHY   Those in a helicopter were contaminated found when they landed on the Ronald Reagan?   It is said the Ronald Reagan went through a radiation cloud also. Why isn't MSM asking that question?  How can the reactors be intact yet people are getting contaminated from radiation?  Can't they ask the most basic questions?  Don't they know people will on their own know someone is lying somewhere.  Lets see..... the Japanese about the reactors not melted down and no radiation leaking or the U.S. military and the soldiers who are now showing radiation contamination?  hhhmmm.... let me think about that.

another addition.. 9:26am est - I am flabbergasted CNN anchor says reactor exploded but NO Radiation Leaked!  How can they say that with a straight face?  When the U.S. military has been contaminated out in the ocean from radiation?  How can they easily lie like that, when it doesn't make sense? They are saying steam released had small amounts of radiation but they are not saying one word about MOX fuel in that steam.

Added - 3/14/11 12:20pm est - Link for Live Real Time Geiger Counter in Tokyo

Added 3/14/11 12:36am est - Kyodo news says partial melt down for Reactor 1 and 3 and now
Reactor 2  rods were fully exposed - there are fears of it exploding now.  This one may be a full meltdown.
Reactor 2 is not a MOX fuel reactor.

 This is what Japan's stores look like now. 3/15/11  Makes you think.... What would happen in the U.S. 
with a disaster?  Have you thought ahead? 

Trailer from The China Syndrome from 1979

Videos of Japan Tsunami March 11 2011 from ground level not shown on News or other places - Also Videos no food left in Tokyo

I have found some videos from the Tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 2011.  Many of these are from ground level.  The people that took them are very lucky to be alive.

I am posting these because we can not forget Japan and what they are going through.  It seems the media on a whole want people to focus on Libya and other situations going on.  But Japan needs to be kept in our thoughts and Prayers.

Some of these videos are heart stopping.  I have not seen these are other sites and wanted to put a few individual's videos in.

This man is very lucky to be alive. He was at the water's edge than ran - he stood in the tsunami waters then realized they were coming more. The last shot is of him on railroad tracks with the water coming up. I do not know how he survived and I assume when he finally turned off the camera it was to run for his life.

Also at the waters edge the whole time, right at the wall until the water took over. Again he is very lucky to be alive.

This person was at a boat yard and it shows many others on the boat ramp and on their boats. He has a few videos up - the first wave comes in and you can tell everyone thinks that may be it. You can see the water getting sucked back out as the videos go along. He does not have a video of the actual large tsunami hitting, but you can see it in the background of the last 2 videos. I don't understand why he was not yelling to all others on the ramp or their boats that a wall of water was coming.

You can see the tsunami in the background in these next two videos

In this one - the last one a man is oblivious it seems to what is going on as he walks to his boat and is about to get on it. Yet the tsunami wave is large in the background headed for shore.

The water goes all around their building and the trees crash and break the glass of where they are.

At waters edge then makes run for it in a car. I don't understand how so many were not heeding the tsunami sirens. You can see all the people walking and looking back at the tsunami coming up.

This man stayed on the street and you can see others who were driving in their cars as the tsunami comes down the street. This person stayed ground level until the water was at his feet and he would only move up as the water came up.

Here is a video where the first tsunami wave came in but when it went out it sucked all the other water with it and then the huge tsunami waves came in.

Tokyo 3/24/11 - still no food on the shelves - a Japanese guy takes us on a tour of grocery stores.

That means since March 11th they have not gotten food, here are videos that were taken the day after the quake and a couple of days after the quake showing all shelves being empty in Tokyo of food.

March 15th

March 14th

March 13th

March 12th

This shows everyone that in the event of a disaster not already having preparations in case of any disaster can leave you in a very bad situation. What is going to happen to the 30 million people in Tokyo now? Shipping companies and others are not going into Japan at this time due to radiation fears. Where are they going to get the food needed?

It seems the media has now begun ignoring the plight of the Japanese people and their most basic needs. They can not drink their water and there is no food on the shelves, what are they suppose to do?

We need to remember the Japanese people we need to keep them in our prayers and thoughts! This can happen anywhere. Has everyone prepared in the most basic way for any type disaster where you are?

What is going to happen when they don't have any food left? That is the most unimaginable thought in the 3rd richest society in the world but it seems to be a reality that is a real possibility.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fly By of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 3/27/11 - Also How Many Nuclear Power Plants are in Meltdown in Japan? Seems Onagawa Nuclear Plant may have Melted Down.

It seems there may be another Nuclear Power Plant in Japan that might have melted down that the authorities there are not mentioning. The Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant farther north in Japan may have melted down. But the authorities there are not mentioning it and the media is not even questioning it.

If you remember the first day after the quake and tsunami there was a mention of 3 different nuclear power plants that had problems in Japan. Since Fukushima was the one in the media with live coverage of explosions the other nuclear power plants have not been mentioned since.

There is an article today about Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant in North East Japan. It seems the day of the quake there was a huge fire there and it has not cooled.

In my opinion disclosure needs to be done of all the nuclear power plants that are in possible meltdown in Japan. This is not just a Japanese Country problem this affects the whole world. Where is the UN Nuclear committee with this? Why are they not holding Japanese officials to disclose all nuclear problems there? Is it because that would turn all the public's opinion against nuclear power? Is it actually due to nuclear power influences of money etc that is causing them to hide what is going on with various Nuclear power plants in Japan besides the Fukushima nuclear power plant?

All the people of the world have a right to know exactly how toxic the Earth is being made right now due to nuclear power plant meltdowns! The Earth is not just the "Elites place" it is ALL people's Earth! They don't have a right to hide what concerns everyone.

Article about Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant - dated 3/27/11

Onagawa nuclear plant on FIRE… Emergency Declared!

As Japan got shattered by the earth quake on last Friday scaled 8.9…it turned out to be the biggest fiery disaster for Japan. The latest update by the Japanese government reveled that there is a emergency declared in the state when Tohoku Electric Power Co’s (9506.T) broke out with fire in Onagawa nuclear power plant in the northeastern Japan following Friday’s major earthquake.

Japan’s news agency Kyodo conformed that the Japanese government had declared emergency at the nuclear power plant and the authorities have asked the nearby living population to stay calm.

It is said by the administrator of Tohoku Electric Power Co’s that the fire broke out during the earthquake and due to the failure of the cooling in the reactor. They said that “the process of cooling in the reactor is not going as planned” adding nuclear emergency situation in the state.

The five nuclear power plants were successfully shut down following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan. While talking to the official TV news channel NHK officials asked people to maintain their cool and stay calm. Soon this situation will be under control as said.

The situation is really pathetic after the Tsunami hit and the 8.9 rector’s earthquake in Japan…with the loss of several thousands o0f life and injuries the situation even got worse after the fire explosion in the nuclear power plant after failing of the cooling process in the reactor. Although it is said the reactor is safe from radiations but fire damaged a lot of them.

Video of flyover of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 3/27/11

One other news information - the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant workers were evacuated today the report is the radiation amount is 10 million times normal.  They have tried to back track on the 10 million number but they have not yet said the workers have returned.

Edit to add 3/28/11 - Greenpeace monitoring radiation in Japan - they say it is very high outside the evacuation zone, the Japanese government is saying "Don't trust the radiation numbers from Greenpeace". Direct link to Greenpeace's site with radiation information.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Video - Asking for a Miracle for Japan and My Story of an Amazing Miracle that happened to me!

I did a video asking for people to focus and ask for a Miracle for the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

I also tell my miracle story that happened to me in 1994 in Atlanta.

I had such an amazing miracle and should not be alive today.  What I did not express in the video is the fact I walked out of the hospital when they finished all the test.  I also did not express the fact I felt the angels hands protecting me as I was hit by the car.  That is the only explanation of why I could possibly be alive today but also in my not having a brain injury or anything that day.


I am asking everyone to come together in LOVE for each other the Earth and the Japanese people!  I BELIEVE through our focus of LOVE and prayer we can make a difference and a miracle can happen at the nuclear power plant!

We need to do this now!  I am asking everyone no matter what religion or what you believe or don't believe to still sit quietly and send Love and Light to Japan and imagine a miracle happening in stopping the nuclear power plant from melting down, exploding or releasing any more radioactivity!

We can do this but we need to do it together.  We need to stop letting others control our emotions and focus of our thoughts in division, hate, anger or any other negative emotion.  We can change our lives our world through honoring each other, honoring the Earth and through positive thoughts.

Look within yourself, we have come to a point in time on this Earth we are ALL needed!  We are needed to save our Earth through Love and asking for Miracles.  I am asking you  to believe!

I am a private person in many ways, but the time is now for each of us to open up and help try and save our Earth and each other.

Friday, March 25, 2011


UPDATE 3/25/11 - NY Times - Long Vertical Crack in Reactor 3 (Mox fuel)

New signs emerged on Friday that parts of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are so damaged and contaminated that it will be harder to bring the plant under control soon. …
Concerns about Reactor No. 3 have surfaced before. Japanese officials said nine days ago that the reactor vessel may have been damaged. …

A senior nuclear executive who insisted on anonymity but has broad contacts in Japan said that there was a long vertical crack running down the side of the reactor vessel itself. The crack runs down below the water level in the reactor and has been leaking fluids and gases, he said.
The severity of the radiation burns to the injured workers are consistent with contamination by water that had been in contact with damaged fuel rods, the executive said.

“There is a definite, definite crack in the vessel — it’s up and down and it’s large,” he said. “The problem with cracks is they do not get smaller.” …

I have written about the Mox Fuel Reactor 3, it is 2 million times worse than a regular uranium nuclear reactor.

Now the officials are saying it is breached and releasing radioactive material.

A high-level radiation leak detected Thursday at one of six troubled reactors at the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant indicates possible damage to the reactor's vessel, pipes or valves, the government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Friday.
Three workers at the No. 3 reactor's turbine building, connected to the reactor building, were exposed Thursday to water containing radioactive materials 10,000 times the normal level, with two of them taken to hospital due to possible radiation burns to their feet, the plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

I have to say I have been amazed (not in a good way) how all the news sites online have taken Japan off their front pages besides MSM cable news do not mention Japan anymore.  Yet it is something that will affect the whole world.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Flyover Comparisons of Chernobyl Two Days after Blast to Japan Fukushima Nuclear Plant Flyover

I have been looking at Chernobyl information to try and get a grasp on what is happening in Japan.  We know TEPCO and the Japanese government has not been up front with what is going on.

So in researching the Chernobyl nuclear accident to Japan's accident I found a video.

This video was a flyover of Chernobyl 2 days after it blew.  I had expected huge amounts of black smoke etc to be seen.  What I did see in this video is a small amount of white smoke coming from the core.  The reason why we can see the melting in the video is Chernobyl did not have a containment vessel so we can see directly in.

What is most striking to me is how similar Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant looks to Chernobyl from their flyover yesterday.  Small trailing white smoke from the reactors.

So now my question is has the meltdown already occurred and in progress and they are just not releasing there is a Chernobyl on Steroids that has begun?




Lets not forget the one Japan says they are most worried about now is Reactor 3, even though they don't say why. This is the MOX Fuel Reactor!

Pictures of Reactor 4 proving the containment vessel is gone.

You can see the platform in the next picture that goes over the rods in this picture of reactor 4.

Crane seen above in gaping hole of Reactor 4

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Video - Up Close Fly over of Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Shows Reactor 3 and 4 Containment Vessels open. Plus Commander of U.S. Military in Japan - Video Evacuating U.S. bases now

Up Close Fly over of Japan's  Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant showing both Reactor 3 and 4 containment vessels compromised.  Reactor 3 is the MOX Fuel Reactor.

U.S. Commander In Japan - Voluntary Evacuation of U.S. bases are beginning.
His order of evacuation begins at the 8 min mark

The Order as he says is:

Women and Children First
Non-Essential Personnel
Essential Personnel
and Last "ME"

Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President.

The majority of the country voted for you.  The majority of the country were so excited you won the right to be President of this great country.

There have been many campaign promises you have not lived up once your were elected.  Yes, many of us complain about that.

But this letter is not about what you have not lived up to during your Presidency.

This letter is a desperate plea to you.  I am pleading with you to please stay here in the United States and cancel your trip to Brazil.

I am asking that because we are at a point in history of which we have never experienced before.  People are distressed in all areas around our precious Earth.

Just a few of the most pivotal events happening right this moment and are the reason why we need absolute strength and leadership from you.

First here in the U.S. we are out of money.  The Federal government is about to shut down.  We are a country in economic distress and are trying to find our way out of a financial situation that needs leadership.

I will not get into all the bank fraud happening and the millions of people who are homeless now and many of those people are ones who voted for you.  They are now living in the streets.   There are so many issues/policies of the U.S. of which I will not go into as this letter is about Whole Earth events. 

The Middle East is unstable.  Almost every country there is having a revolution.  Citizens of many countries are being massacred for standing up and expressing their desire to be free from tyranny.  It is a complete mess there.  It is unknown who will win in the countries where there are uprisings but the ramifications from it will effect everyone in the world.

But right now the most distressing and emotional event happening that can literally wipe one country off the Earth is happening in Japan.

I am an emotional person so forgive me as I cry as I begin to write about Japan.

Japan is the most wonderful country with the most wonderful people.  The people are honorable the people are loving the people are trying to do what they can for each other and themselves yet they have nothing to do that with.  To give you an example of that, please read this letter from Sendai.  It will bring tears to your eyes and you will feel the strength of the people who are trying to survive in the most basic way right now.

The country of Japan is literally melting down.  They experienced a 9 quake then a tsunami and now their country may become uninhabitable due to man.  They could have come back from the quake and tsunami.  They are a resilient country and people.  But once the Nuclear power plant goes there will be no building back up.  The reactor which they are focusing the most on right now is the Mox fuel reactor 3.   This reactor has plutonium in it.  A half life of plutonium is 24000 years in soil.  In other words the Earth is about to be killed.

I have cried over this and I am not ashamed because I am one with the people of Japan and the Earth.  We are all one people when it comes to the Earth.

Yes, the people on the West Coast are in fear of Radiation fallout so people in your own country are in distress and are worried if they too will have to abandon their homes as the jet stream may bring a nuclear fallout which may make U.S. land toxic and dead.  Though many are saying it is silly, scientist have said it is fact.  Today the New York times released on interactive map showing the U.S. getting impacted by Japan's nuclear meltdown.

This is a point and time that has never been experienced before this is not a time to leave the Oval office due to how fluid everything is around the world! 

The United States is a compassionate country the citizens of the country which your are President of are in distress.

I have written the above, because I am begging you not to go to Brazil and South America this weekend.  PLEASE do not leave our country at this time!  PLEASE show your leadership!

I have a hard time expressing my feelings in words and am not the best writer so please forgive me as I wrote this to you from my heart and not my mind. 

PLEASE PLEASE Mr President......We need you right now to stay in this country we need your leadership at this exact time in history where the whole world is in a crisis!

I am Begging you with everything I have to please stay here PLEASE do not leave this country when you are needed by every single person on this Earth right now!  Literally the Earth is at stake.