Thursday, March 10, 2011

NASA Not One Picture of X flare that Happened 3/9/11. What are they Hiding? Did a CME come off at the same time?

NASA hides information all the time!  Perfect example is they stopped all the photos of the X Flare that happened yesterday (3/9/11).  They have pictures right before it happened and then skipped to pictures 11 hours after it now.  What Bull Shit!  What are they hiding?

They are now not letting people know if a CME was released at the same time as the flare!  Why?

I can tell you NASA always hides information, they constantly photoshop the sun pictures.  All of us who watch the sun know that and we can see it.  They also stop the pictures when something is happening.  Many times they go to "Bake out" when people see an anomaly around the sun, all of a sudden all the information and pictures of the sun goes down throughout NASA's sites!

Don't believe me?

Go to this site - WOW - somehow the pictures stop at the 20:00 hour time (which the X flare happened at 23:23).

Go to this site - again pictures stop at 20:00 hours and then start again on 3/10/11 at 10:00

Also go to this site - all the data for Solar is skipped for the same time and any pictures showing the X Flare is again skipped WITH the Data in if a CME was released at the same time!

Here is the graph of the Flare - in the past 2 days we had 11 M Class Flares - multiple C Class Flares and the X Flare last night.

Be aware our magnetosphere is 25% weaker now and we are going to be getting hit hard for a few days now.  The best site to watch the flares on the magnetosphere  is this site - which is a Japanese site (that is why it is a good site)

So I have a question:  WHAT ARE YOU HIDING NASA?  Besides that how can anyone believe a single thing you release?

As I see it NASA never releases information of things people should possibly prepare for to protect themselves!  In fact they will do the opposite!  They try to keep people stupid and without information with real events.  Just like they have now taken the WISE telescope off line, just as they found a Brown Dwarf Star and Comet Elenin is coming.

Oh another government entity Hides public information all the time too!  That one is the USGS - the Earthquake site!  They will take off Earthquakes all the time and they do NOT report all the Earthquakes!  In fact there are many more Earthquakes happening at Yellowstone than they are putting on the Earthquake site. 

This proves even those Government organizations that are suppose to give people information constantly changes and hides information from the people! Is there one government organization that actually gives people the truth?  Yeah, I know very silly question!  Why would I expect honesty from the U.S. government?

Is this the Governments attitude about everything?  Is this the way they conduct the business of the U.S. in thinking "People Can't Handle the Truth"?


  1. alot of people tweets on broken phone today? makes me wonder why? CME?