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WHOA - HUGE Development - Problem for MERS! Many Foreclosures Not Signed by Authorized Person..... Can Someone Say "Class Action" in the Future?

WHOA - This can be Huge for who Knows how many have been Foreclosed on, by MERS in the past.

One Woman - Signing off on All the Foreclosures - WELL - It Seems she did NOT have that Right/Authority to Sign Off the Foreclosures! SO - All those Foreclosures - Should be Invalidated - YEP..... Goes Back YEARS!

ACTION ALERT – Linda Green of Docx (et al?) Did NOT Have Signing Authority on Behalf of MERS

Prepared by and return to:
Shapiro & Fishman LLP
Got that? “Linda Green, Vice President who at the time did not have signing authority on behalf of (MERS)
WOW! (Assignment Below)
Linda Green
Lender Processing Services
Shapiro & Fishman
Action Date: August 26, 2010
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
On August 11, 2010, the Florida foreclosure mill law firm of Shapiro & Fishman (S&F) filed a “corrective” mortgage assignment (copy available in the “Pleadings” section herein). According to S & F, this “corrective” assignment was necessary because previous assignments filed by S & F were signed by Linda Green “who at that time did not have signing authority on behalf of MERS.” The day before, on August 10, 2010, the Florida Attorney General’s office issued a press release identifying S & F as one of the Florida law firms under investigation for unfair & deceptive trade practices involving improper documentation used to speed foreclosure proceedings. When Linda Green signed the prior assignments as a MERS officer, she was actually employed by Lender Processing Services in its Alpharetta, Georgia offices. Lender Processing Services decides which law firms get assigned foreclosure cases by the banks in hundreds of thousands of cases. Lender Processing Services hires the law firms and provides these firms with the documents they might need – using its own employees to sign the documents – without authority from MERS. The “corrective” assignment was signed by Kathy Smith and Joseph Kaminski who were identified as Assistant Secretaries of MERS, as nominee for American Brokers Conduit ( a company in bankruptcy since 2007). Smith & Kaminski are not actually employed by MERS or by American Brokers Conduit – so S&H may need another “corrective assignment.” The original assignment was dated October 17, 2008 – over two weeks AFTER the Lis Pendens was filed, but the “corrective” assignment attempts to solve the obvious lack of standing by a provision that states that the actual delivery of the documents took place on an unspecified date “and that such delivery of documents had occurred before default and before the filing to the lis pendens…” Courts and homeowners can expect a few more corrections from Shapiro & Fishman.
Lynn Szymoniak
Fraud Digest
Everyone remember Linda Green?
And Docx?
Here are some reminders if you don’t…

Docx Fabrications & Forgeries – Comparing Signatures & Titles on Mortgage Documents


LINK – Too Many Jobs – Linda Green, Tywanna Thomas, Korell Harp and Shelly Scheffey


LINK – Beyond Bogus – Docx Assignment of Mortgage – Bogus Assignee for Intervening Asmts


LINK – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Docx Assignment of Mortgage – Bogus Assignee for Intervening Asmts ALL OVER THE PUBLIC RECORDS!


LINK – The Whole Country is BOGUS – Fabricated Mortgage Assignments All Over the Country

Well, it looks like that Linda Green DID NOT HAVE AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER ASSETS!
How much you want to bet that NO ONE at Docx had AUTHORITY TO TRANSFER ASSETS!
Hell, how much you want to bet that most of these so called “Vice Presidents” had any authority!
Are all of the foreclosures VOID due to fraud?
This is going to get most interesting…

Florida - MORE Ways Homeowners Are Winning Their Houses Against MERS!

Just came out - Another Way Homeowners are Winning Their Houses Against MERS and the Fraud!

Please Read the Whole Article at the Link above - but here is a portion:

When it comes to fighting foreclosures, homeowners and their lawyers may have found a new strategy to score courtroom victories.

Defense lawyers across the state are increasingly attacking the validity of affidavits that owners of notes must file with the courts as part of the foreclosure process.

Attorneys like Dustin Zacks, of the firm Ice Legal in West Palm Beach, are successfully arguing that plaintiffs — usually a trust that owns the note or the servicer of the note — are violating court rules by filing affidavits with no records attached to support their foreclosure suits. The records include details of the loan, borrower fees and payment history.

The Florida Rules of Civil Procedure (Rule 1.510) states that “sworn or certified copies” of all records referred to in the affidavit must be attached as evidence in the foreclosure case.

The rule helps ensure that homeowners’ due process rights aren’t violated — namely that the lender has to prove it is entitled to press its claim.

U.S. Treasury Admits - Home Modification Program Was Strictly To Help the BANKS - NOT the Homeowners!

Very long article - but worth the read
Small Portions:

The Treasury Department's plan to help struggling homeowners has been failing miserably for months. The program is poorly designed, has been poorly implemented  and only a tiny percentage of borrowers eligible for help have actually received any meaningful assistance. The initiative lowers monthly payments for borrowers, but fails to reduce their overall debt burden, often increasing that burden, funneling money to banks that borrowers could have saved by simply renting a different home. But according to recent startling admissions from top Treasury officials, the mortgage plan was actually not really about helping borrowers at all Instead it was simply one element of a broader effort to pump money into big banks and shield them from losses on bad loans. That's right: Treasury openly admitted that its only serious program purporting to help ordinary citizens was actually a cynical move to help Wall Street megabanks
The program was successful in the sense that it kept the patient alive until it had begun to heal. And the patient of this metaphor was not a struggling homeowner, but the financial system, a.k.a. the banks. Policymakers openly judged HAMP to be a qualified success because it helped banks muddle through what might have been a fatal shock. I believe these policymakers conflate, in full sincerity, incumbent financial institutions with "the system," "the economy," and "ordinary Americans
Borrowers who choose not to pay their mortgages don't even have to feel guilty about it.  Refusing to pay is actually modestly good for the economy, since instead of wasting their money on bank payments, borrowers have more cash to spend at other businesses, creating demand and encouraging job growth. By contrast, top-level Treasury officials who have enriched bankers on the backs of troubled borrowers should be looking for other lines of work.
If anything - this kind of information should Make MORE PEOPLE STAND UP! Against these ........ *(&&^%$$$)*&^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I personally Desire to Take the Banks DOWN!!! I will KEEP Standing UP and asking Others to Stand UP - against the Injustice of the People as a Whole being Bankrupted by the Banks in a systematic Manner!

Monday, August 23, 2010

1 in 7 houses in Foreclosure - Obama's Mortgage Modification Plan - Bombed - Banks would NOT Modify 48% of Mortgages!

Here we are, where 1 in 7 houses in 2010 have or are in Foreclosure!  Banks would not modify 48% of the mortgages of people who applied for it.

I know of people with good jobs that asked for the modification and paid their mortgage on time every month, but the banks would not modify the loan.  There is no advantage to the banks modifying loans, but they went along with it all, pretending they would due to the Trillions they have received from ALL of US!

In fact there is small print on the modification applications, that said if the banks decided not to modify the loan, they then had a right to foreclose without notice.  Normally people have to have 4 weeks notice of their houses being foreclosed on by the bank.  Many people have had knocks at their doors, being told their house was sold that morning in foreclosure!  Those people had been paying their temporary modification loan amounts, but the banks had decided not make it permanent, so they foreclosed without notice.

The Federal Reserve which is a PRIVATE BANK - it is NOT a Government entity - YET it takes our taxes and obligates all of us in the U.S. to debt!  In obligating us to debt it feels like doing, it has hidden how much it has given the banks, it works under secrecy.  A reporter with Bloomberg sued the Federal Reserve in 2008, for them to release who they had given money to.  The Federal Reserve lost the suit and appealed.  **side note - the reporter who sued, has since met an untimely death***  the Appellate court has refused to overturn the other judges decision, saying the Federal Reserve HAD to release all the information of who they gave money to and in what amounts.  Now, it seems the Federal Reserve is taking it all the way to the Supreme Court.  I won't hold my breath with their verdict, we all know the Supreme Court is bought and sold, they are not about Justice any more.  They do the bidding of Big business now and mostly side with Big Businesses.

Back to the banks and housing...... seems MSM will be blaming any "recession" that is coming back on housing prices and home sales.  In July existing home sales dropped 12% from June ***(revised figures - Down 27.2% in July)*** - the largest drop in sales over a month since 1979 (Carter in office and interest rates at 19%).   They won't mention how the banks have screwed people or committed fraud, or how the Federal Reserve has printed money and given it to the banks and their friends.  They won't mention how the U.S. government has wasted Trillions on Wars, that were based on lies.  They won't mention that if the government had given the people the money directly (about one million dollars per household) we would not have any problems at all.  People would have purchased houses, cars and luxury items and less money would have been given away.  We would have a thriving economy and people would have started businesses and employed many.  We would have little unemployment and people would be spending lots in all areas of the economy.

Instead we have a government that is falsifying and manipulating the markets and commodities and they are buying the treasuries themselves, secretly, so no one will know that the rest of the world has a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the United States anymore.

The government is also creating every kind of oppressive law possible.  Even going as far as people not being able to have their own gardens.  The government wants complete control of everything the people do and eat.  Of course those in charge of our food at the FDA and Agricultural Dept. are All previous Monsanto executives.  They of course will make sure Monsanto controls all the food and seeds of the United States.  If you have not seen "Food Inc" the documentary - It is a Must SEE!  But it will get you sick in how Monsanto controls the farms of the U.S. through intimidation and taking the land away from farmers by suing them.

How is it, we have allowed our nation to go so far down hill?  Oh, the Fluoride in the water basically keeps people calm and not standing up to how the government is over stepping their bounds.  We are no longer a Free Nation, and if anyone still thinks we are, then they have not been paying attention to what is really going on.  We are a nation of manipulation and are intent on controlling the resources of the world in what ever manner it needs to be done.

At what point will people look at the Fraud being committed by the banks and the government and say enough is enough?  When will people Stand Up and Say:  "I AM MAD AS HELL AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE"?

I am not talking about a violent revolt - I am talking about an Intellectual Revolt, including showing the Main Stream Media as they really are!  They are propaganda Tools for the government and the elite.  They shape those who watches, the opinions they want the people to have and what way they want the people to think.

I am asking for all Those with MERS Mortgages to STAND UP and contact Lawyers in your area, start calling around and ask if they will being willing to do a Class Action Lawsuit in your state Against MERS!  I am asking for everyone to look at their Mortgage and see if it is a MERS mortgage and if it is STAND UP to Show the FRAUD the Banks have committed with MERS!  Look at some of the links I have provided on my MERS post.

Spread the information about MERS!  Look at the Updates - Lets work together - Lets Expose the Fraud of the Banks and this Government, by allowing the Banks to do what they have done.  The people have suffered and being kicked in the face by the banks and government, there has not been one law passed that has actually helped the People - only big businesses and the banks since 2008.  They have pretended to try and help the people, but just as the modification program has been a HUGE FAIL - it has Hurt more people than it has helped!

I won't even get into the Lies and cover up that the government is doing for BP down in the Gulf!  That is another whole subject.  But many are going to die from the Government lies, if they eat the seafood from the Gulf!  I don't understand how the Government gave up our sovereignty to a Corporation.  They have allowed BP to control the military and police in the Gulf, they have allowed BP to control the media information of the Gulf, they have allowed BP to control what testing is done on the water.  They have allowed BP to try and buy all the Universities science departments throughout the U.S. - so they could control the science information of the Gulf.  Obama LIED - He did NOT Swim in the Gulf - he was in a lake off the Gulf with his daughter in the ONE picture the White House released of his vacation down there.  If he had actually swam in the Gulf... don't you think they would have allowed the media to actually witness it?  There is NO way he would put a foot in the water or allow his daughter to touch the Gulf water!

The Gulf situation is for another day.... Right now, I am appealing to Everyone to get the information out about MERS to everyone they know.  Lets start something Big, that can not be ignored and the media will have to acknowledge all the suits against the Banks, as of now, they have completely ignored what is happening around the U.S. and judges ruling against MERS.

Utah Judge Stopped ALL Bank of America (through MERS) Foreclosures in Utah - June!

A Utah judge stopped ALL Bank of America (it uses MERS) Foreclosures in June of This year!


(St. George, UT) June 5, 2010 – A court order issued by Fifth District Court Judge James L. Shumate May 22, 2010 in St. George, Utah has stopped all foreclosure proceedings in the State of Utah by Bank of America Corporation, ; Recontrust Company, N.A; Home Loans Servicing, LP; Bank of America, FSB; The Court Order if allowed to become permanent will force Bank of America and other mortgage companies with home loans in Utah to adhere to the Utah laws requiring lenders to register in the state and have offices where home owners can negotiate face-to-face with their lenders as the state lawmakers intended

 The Judge felt so strong about the case before him, he issued the preliminary injunction order without a hearing halting the foreclosure process.

London Metals Exchange Raided by Smart Investors and Emptied of Gold?

Seems there may be evidence of the London Metals Exchange being raided and emptied of Gold.  For a couple of months the numbers out of the Metals exchange have not made sense.  Many experts have been commenting on it over and over.  Also, remember BIS admitted to swapping gold in July.  But one thing that has been for sure... from GATA, to Harvey Organ - they all have been saying the same thing..... the numbers of inventory and what is going out have not matched and all of it, has stopped making sense.

This article could be the explanation of what has occurred.  Very smart investors working together with unlimited amount of money, in a sophisticated way, raided the vaults of the London Metals market in July and may have emptied it. 

If this is the case, then will the manipulation FINALLY Be Broken in the very near future?

TPTB, have been able to keep the manipulation going much longer than many had expected.... but is it Finally about to be over?  Lets Hope So!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Class Action Suit Against MERS for All Homeowners Who Have Already Been Foreclosed on In New York State!

A Class Action Lawsuit has been Filed in New York State for All Homeowners who have been Foreclosed on in the Past - Against MERS!

The action seeks to return tens of thousands of foreclosed homes to their owners or the values thereof and hundreds of millions in punitive damages against Baum, MERSCORP and HSBC.

The attorney who filed the suit is:

On August 17, 2010, attorney Susan Chana Lask filed a Federal Class Action Complaint on behalf of tens of thousands of New York State homeowners who lost their homes to an alleged foreclosure fraud orchestrated for years by a New York “foreclosure mill” attorney and major mortgage companies

Contact information:


244 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2369 New York, New York 10001, (New York Co.)


212-358-5762; 917-533-7880

About her:

New York Lawyer Susan Chana Lask earned the title "high-powered" attorney! SCL uses over 21 years of respected State and Federal legal experience as a successful civil and criminal litigator and appellate attorney winning complex divorces, legal malpractice and civil rights cases nationwide. You get aggressive, personal attention, with legal strategies that work. She is admitted to the United States Supreme Court, practices in the New York Court of Appeals and Federal District and Circuit Court of Appeals,an arbitrator holding trials for the New York City Civil Court, appointed by New York State as a surrogate judge and is a media legal commentator. SCL's cases are featured worldwide on CNN, CourtTV, NewsWeek, The New York Times, radio and more. Read SCL's bio, appellate briefs, litigation documents, & free legal information. Discover inside legal tips in her Criminal Defense E-Book

Class Action Suit in Florida Against MERS Lawyers and MERS

This is some information about a Class Action Suit against MERS lawyers and MERS.  Florida is a Judicial Foreclosure state, yet they are really leading the pack against MERS in many ways!

Portion from Information:

The whole purpose of MERS is to allow “servicers” to pretend as if they are someone else: the “owners” of the mortgage, or the real parties in interest. In fact they are not. The standard MERS/Stern complaint contains a lie about this very subject. While the title of the standard complaint makes reference to “lost loan documents,” in the body of the standard complaint, the Defendant Firm alleges that the plaintiff is the “owner and holder” of the note and mortgage. Both cannot be true unless the words used are given new meanings.

With the oversight of Defendant Merscorp and its unknown principals, the MERS artifice and enterprise evolved into an “ultra-fictitious” entity, which can also be understood as a “meta-corporation.” To perpetuate the scheme, MERS was and is used in a way so that to the average consumer, or even legal professional, can never determine who or what was or is ultimately receiving the benefits of any mortgage payments. The conspirators set about to confuse everyone as to who owned what. They created a truly effective smokescreen which has left the public and most of the judiciary operating “in the dark” through the present time.
The more information gets out, the more people will Fight Foreclosures Against MERS!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Videos About MERS! Stop Foreclosures - Information - 62 Million Homeowners Foreclosure Proof

Don't know why I have such problems with youtube, but the first video cut off, in uploading - so there is a part 2 - each about 4 mins long.

Friday, August 20, 2010

California Ruling - MERS no precedent to Foreclose!! Article 62 Million Homeowners may be Off Hook for Mortgage!!!!

A new article on Seeking Alpha website is asking Could 62 Million Be Off the Hook due to MERS mortgage?

Another ruling against MERS in a California court - saying they have no basis for foreclosing on property!

This is exciting, that judges are continuing to rule against MERS and the information is getting out more and more about MERS having no standing against mortgages, due to there not being an "ownership of the mortgage" verified.

Here is previous information about MERS, I had put together and has almost every link, you need to look up information and Why MERS is Fraud!


From this site:

California is following in the footsteps of Tennessee. Recent Sup. Ct. rulings held that MERS is not the holder in due course (real party in interest) of any property and never was. This can have devastating repercussions for the mortgage industry, not just MERS, because there is no valid chain of title. People who are being foreclosed upon, or have been foreclosed upon, now have an equitable remedy. These people should now be able to win in court and have their mortgage nightmares settled. Some people are able to keep their homes, as banks fear losing far more in class-action suits. Now California is getting in on the action and suing MERS for filing false records in every county in the state since MERS began over 10 years ago. Carrying a possible fine of $5-$10K a pop, this could amount to millions and possibly billions of dollars in penalties against MERS. This is money the counties desperately need. This could mean that anyone with a mortgage may have it immediately settled and the true owner will get the title free and clear due to fraud, which has no statute of limitation. Lawful owners will have recourse to sue for fraudulent foreclosure. Let's see what happens.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One of the Most Important Documentaries Ever! FOOD INC. Genetically Modified Food/Meat - What we ARE Eating!

This is one of the most important documentaries anyone could ever watch!!

This is What we are putting into our bodies - this is what Monsanto has Done to our Food Supply and Big Corporations!  Monsanto is embedded in the  Government in Every way!  They are protected all the way to the Supreme Court!  Justice Clarence Thomas was a Monsanto lawyer!  Now Obama has installed all those in charge of our foods - Monsanto Executives!

This Information has to get out More!  It is Important to see what you are eating and how the Government is allowing us to be poisoned!

There are 11 segments to this movie - each are only about 8 minutes long - PLEASE WATCH!!

I am inserting the first segment only... Please go to youtube to see the rest.

Then send the information along to others - link the video - EDUCATE PEOPLE!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Commercial Fishermen - Seafood is NOT safe - Also U.S. Govt and BP - transferring Liability to Fishermen for any Toxic Seafood put on Market!

Just when you think the U.S. Government can't get any Lower along with BP - they manage to submerge themselves More!

How did the Government become such Tools for Big Oil?  How did it get this way?   How did the government stop becoming what is best for the people and only what is best for Big Business?

Video of Commercial Fishermen, saying seafood is NOT safe from the Gulf and how the Government and BP wants the fishermen to sign waivers saying the fishermen are the responsible party for any seafood that is toxic that goes on the market.  The FDA is saying it is safe..... they are ONLY doing a smell test - no real testing is being done for toxins etc.  The fishermen want toxic testing done.

Also, BP has not been paying the fishermen as they said they would.