Monday, May 17, 2010

Latest Picture of Gulf Oil

Here is the latest picture of the Gulf Oil.

There is so much that is not actually being disclosed in my opinion. But one thing I would like to know, is Why won't BP let scientist look at the oil themselves coming from the pipes, also what right do that have to stop others? Especially since they did not even have a permit for drilling And a foreign company was drilling within 200 miles of the U.S. coast, which isn't suppose to be allowed. So why aren't executives from BP being arrested for drilling without a permit. Honestly, I have had a very bad feeling about this from the beginning. Besides losing our oceans from this, as it goes around the ocean's conveyor belt. I have wondered and worried about the methane gas being released also in the water.

I have questioned if it could actually explode? After doing some research I have found it could. If the water exploded (lightening hitting etc) that could cause a tsunami of oil to hit the Gulf Coast areas bring oil way inland, besides causing other events, including Earth quakes, even on the New Madrid.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Govt. Keeping Huge Amount of Chemtrails Over Oil in Gulf!

I have been watching the Gulf Oil Volcano. First it has taken me this long, to even be able to post about it. It has upset me so badly. I have researched all I can on it.

I watch it via the Modis site and Flash Earth and I have noticed now, the Govt. is keeping HEAVY CHEMTRAILS over the area. They are trying to Cover up how bad it is, in my opinion!

Here are pictures from 5/14/10

Even with the Heavy Chemtrailing - I was able to get somewhat close and you can see how bad the oil is here!

Here is a HONEST Video of the area - this was taken on the 7th of May - WARNING - YOU MAY GET SICK OVER THIS VIDEO!

Now, the fact is - this Oil Volcano can affect and KILL ALL THE OCEANS OF THE WORLD! On the 3rd of May it was reported by a news agency to be within 24 hours of getting into the Conveyor Belt of the Oceans. Since then there has been SILENCE Regarding that fact. So we all have to assume it has gotten into the Conveyor Belt.

Map of the World's Oceans Conveyor Belt:

The Honest information is the Oceans provide Oxygen to our Earth, this oil volcano is not just about the Oceans and Sea Life - which is completely sickening on it's own in dying! It is also about man's survival on this Earth!

I found this post - I am not someone who frequents this forum, but have gone recently due to actually very good information regarding the Oil Volcano in the Gulf. This person puts together a Very good post about it and what it REALLY means to us all on this Earth.

There is so much more to say about this, but I have been so depressed over it and knowing this is a SERIOUS TEOTWAWKI EVENT!