Sunday, January 12, 2014

Agenda 21 has started in Wyoming. EPA/Dept. of Justice/Dept. of Interior (Obama administration) took a Whole Town, Riverton Wyoming through the "Clean Air Act" - 10971 population.

The EPA, Department of Justice and Department of Interior, took it upon themselves to turn over a whole town and everyone's property to an Indian Nation. They did this without telling the mayor or anyone in the town. The mayor was shocked to find out the Federal government simply gave away the town.

This town is in Wyoming, it is Riverton.

The EPA turned over the town through the "Clean Air Act".   They gave it to the Wind River Indian Reservation.   They gave over 1 million acres to the Tribe nation.

Understand they can do this.  That is why your land is not really yours!  You pay taxes on it - You don't actually own the land, you are only using it from the Federal government.  That is why if you don't pay taxes then they can take it!

This IS Agenda 21.  The federal government can come in and take whole towns, cities, properties etc from the people.  Obama wrote an executive order that allows for seizure of property and all assets in 2012. 

If this happened in Riverton, where the Obama administration simply went in and took over a town, don't believe they won't do it elsewhere.

They are obviously testing in a smaller town in Wyoming at this time, but will they go on to bigger towns?  Will they take over due to the "Clean Air Act" or some other 'Federal law/Presidential Executive Order'?

  • Portions from article:

  • The EPA declared that Riverton was part of the Wind River Indian Reservation after granting a “Treatment as a State” application from the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes. The tribes submit such applications to get funding for air quality monitoring under the Clean Air Act. However, this seemingly innocuous application ended up undoing the tribal boundaries set by a 1905 congressional act.

  • The EPA granted the tribes’ claim that the Wind River reservation extended over one million acres of land beyond what the 1905 Congressional Act established. 
    The worry by state officials is that turning Riverton, a town of over 10,000 people, over to the tribes will come with a slew of tax and law enforcement complications.

  • What are the people of Riverton going to do?  They don't own the property they are on anymore due to the Federal government taking it away.  

  • Will they allow this... or will Riverton Wyoming be the first town to 'go to war' against the government and their over reaching bounds?  

  • Is the Federal government doing a 'test' in Wyoming and will be continuing their Agenda '21' in bigger towns?  

  • This is why owning property is only a make believe  in the United States.  No one owns the property they live on, the Federal government owns it.  People simply 'rent' the property and pay debt on the property. 

  • The Federal Government is eyeing whole areas in New Mexico right now to take from the people due to "Energy resources".  

  • This is why the United States is not really 'Land of the Free' it is 'Land of the Federal Government' and they will take as they please.  

  • It is up to us all, to change our consciousness and embrace the power we each have.  This power is understanding we do not have to allow our rights to be pulled out from under us.   

  • I really wish, someone would come and buy my house, so I can be 'Free'.  


    1. Both sides of this (the Native Americans and the present/past property owners) should be compensated by the entity that stole the property (govern-ment and bankers - as they are one entity) in the first place and then foisted it off on the unsuspecting people that have paid that entity (govern-ment and bankers) for generations in the mis-guided belief that they were purchasing it.

      In stealing the property, both the first time and now this time, the entity (govern-ment and bankers) exposes a little-known aspect of their ponzi scheme (home ownership), which is that only the top entity (1% of 1%) actually owns anything.... and it's up for debate whether they truly do or if it's the Vatican or the Q of E - or some other unknown-to-us entity that believes they own the world and have subjugated us in that belief with the whole 'tenants' clause in all deeds. meh! Stay united, people! Look closely and through the veil of subterfuge. The above entity did NOT return this property to the Native Americans because it was the right thing to do (which is unfortunate because it was stolen from them). The entity (corporate U.S.) should be called upon to make all parties whole.

    2. An act of the legislative body surely cannot be undone by an agency of the executive, there should have been done through another act of the legislative body.

    3. The USA went bankrupt in 1933 and the bankruptcy trustee is the secretary of the treasury.

    4. Good very good.....even the evil NWO Nazis are better than the tumor on humanity (USA) that is now destined for extinction....
      We will weep for you.....oh the feelings passed.

    5. If the people of Wyoming are this pusillanimous they deserve it! Wyoming must have a corrupt legislature who sit in circle and smoke peyote. The Native Americans have fought for their rights as best they could against the same repressive government that now does as it pleases anywhere in the world. The whole world is now a reservation and people still do not get it. They are brain dead and spiritually dead. Native American prophecy comes true, they know this is bullshit and nothing will change. Divide and conquer! Create chaos blah blah blah. Satan rules.

    6. We own nothing. Creator owns everything. We only borrow it while we're here. We play these little "I own-rent" games while we're here to amuse ourselves. It means nothing unless those are practiced justly and righteously, mindful of that HIGHER Truth that we're all here to learn, which include the laws of JUSTICE and MERCY we need to guide us to build an ever advancing true civilization here on earth, one that mirrors the Kingdom of Heaven. That is our purpose for being here. The rest is all busy-work.

    7. IF this is true this is shocking! All Americans should REFUSE to pay taxes because we do not want our money going to our enemies, illegal immigrants, payoffs or ideas that we do not agree to.

      We have no elected officials anymore. Just mafia entities addicted and drunk on power.

    8. They only have authority over you by way of all the adhesion contracts you have signed up for. By way of the birth certificate you became an employee of the government. The government is not a government but a for profit corporation. You are an agent of the government. You're parents signed you over in exchange for benefits. Resign your employment from the government and they have no authority. Look up "the birth certificate" on youtube. Give them back all the licensing agreements which bind you. There is no law that you need a license for anything. You have a God given right to drive, hunt, fish, everything. They can't take them away unless you sign them away. Once you've resigned you are no longer "subject" to their courts, their police, nothing!!!!!!!! They shoot and taze people because you agreed to it. You are a ward and they are their to take care of you. RESIGN!!!!