Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TEPCO in Press Conference "Situation at Fukushima is Bleak" No idea how to stop it.

UPDPATE- 8/10/13 - The water has now gone over the barrier and is freely leaking into the Pacific ocean and they can not stop it.

TEPCO finally admitted today (Japan time) that the situation at Fukushima is bleak and they have no idea how to contain and stop what is happening there.

Japan's tsunami-crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant is facing yet another emergency as highly radioactive groundwater appears to have risen above an underground barrier meant to contain it.The head of the country's Nuclear Regulatory Authority task force Shinji Kinjo told Reuters on Monday that the leak was an emergency, but he was worried the plant's operator, TEPCO, had no sense of how to deal with it.He went on to say the highly radioactive groundwater is likely seeping into the sea.In a recent news conference, TEPCO General manager Masayuki Ono said the situation was bleak.

"We understand th
at this discharge is beyond our control and we do not think the current situation is good."

They had lied in the beginning about the situation and I believe they are only partly giving what the whole situation is.

Last week they admitted the Pacific was becoming radiated to a major extent:

Just last week, TEPCO estimated a cumulative 20 to 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium may have leaked into the sea since the nuclear disaster some two-and-a-half years ago.

I have been watching the TEPCO camera  and can (you can right now too) see a glowing from Reactor 3 and I see smoke/fog coming from that area.

How can anyone still say Nuclear power is a "Clean" energy?  How can anyone say that it is a "Safe" energy?  Give me Coal!

What is interesting too is the Radiation Network site has dropped many monitors and in Japan there is only one that is active now.  In the U.S. monitors have been dropped all around the country, especially at Nuclear power facilities.   Check out the above link and you will see a lot less monitors now and go to Japan and you will see only one monitor on and that is all the way up North.

Why?  What are they hiding?

When I hear Gore, the UN and other elected officials calling for "Carbon taxes" to be put in place due to all the Earth killing carbon the "people" are releasing and blaming the world population for Earth's problems... I laugh.  It is NOT the people of the Earth that is making the world toxic, it is the governments and big business.  They have made our oceans toxic around the world, from the Gulf of Mexico with Corexit to Japan with radiation.   Our oceans are the life blood of our Earth and they are being killed.

The whole climate change problem is Bullshit too.... All they have to do is stop spraying the Earth with toxins via Chemtrails, stop HAARPING the Earth thus causing drought or more rain in certain areas.  In other words those in the government need to stop playing with mother nature and we wouldn't have the problems.  It is not the people causing the Earth's problems, it is those who want to control nature along with the people.

What can we do???

Literally it seems all we can do is Pray for the Earth and ask for a miracle at this point.


  1. Racist, anti-Semite, denier, conspiracy theorist.

    1. Uhhh..... ya lost me with all those accusations and I am completely confounded how you got there from this article. But hey, to each's own and somehow you interpreted it in an interesting way, needless to say.

  2. Jct: No idea how to stop it? How about using the Argentine Solution to provide maximum frunding for maximum manpower burying the threat? First? then we'll worry.

  3. Non-conformist, heretic, pagan, hippy, commie, pinko.

    After reading comment #1 I just couldn't resist.

    We must all just trust the establishment, have faith in "science", and kowtow to any and all authorities or we will surely be crushed.

  4. Since the atomic age opened up and all those thousands of above ground bomb tests scattered radiation in our atmosphere that takes millenia to dissipate there has been a concurrent effort to paint over the dangers and push blame onto everything and anything else, scapegoating in effect - and in fact, this has been most successful in the most virulent scapegoating to date, namely "blame tobacco" and thus throw the general public minds from blaming radiation. God and the Bible says there is nothing on this earth put here by God that is not good in nature, of it self, which nuclear power plants and bombs are not of nature, but of man built. But tobacco is of nature, yet it gets the scape-goating, thanks to clever use of man-made statistics, most of which are nonsense as far as the dreaded second hand smoke scare goes. So what's causing all the cancer, second hand smoke that's been banned and outlawed in public places, or the radiation in the atmosphere, which just keeps building now thanks to the Japan incident. And more importantly, after the scapegoating on tobacco runs into problems, as in universal smoking bans, then what scapegoat will the powers that be trot out next - to place the blame. It won't be nuclear energy and radiation, you can bet that much. And, whatever it is, just like with tobacco, everyone will "oh so believe" it too, in the mainstream general public, after enough successful decades of propaganda campaigns.

  5. Thank You for the insightful comment re the fukushuma catastrophe ! I wish we had more people brave enough to actually tell us the truth. The government or someone has really had a media blackout on this one.Whats the deal ?why couldn't the u.s. media tell us what was going on from the beginning ? are things worse thrn that now ? makes one wonder what they are hiding. keep up the good reporting on this issue Grate ful in South Dakota!!