Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adam Lanza Police items seized Finally released - Associating NRA with Lanza

The Police have just released today 3/28/13 the list of items found at Adam Lanza's house.

They list a few items but they then put the NRA information found in the article twice.

What they decided to do is try and 'hit' the NRA now and try and associate the NRA with nuts who commit mass murder, thus the NRA is an accomplis to it.   It is the psychology of putting the two together and try and get people to associate the two.  Now they are trying to associate the NRA with Adam so people will really hate the NRA and call them murderers. 


MARCH 28--A police search of school shooter Adam Lanza’s home turned up a cache of guns, knives, swords, and ammo, eight journals authored by the 20-year-old gunman, a National Rifle Association certificate issued to the mass murderer, and an NRA guide to the “basics of pistol shooting.”

Search warrant inventories released today detail the items seized from the Sandy Hook, Connecticut home Lanza shared with his mother Nancy. The searches were conducted following Lanza’s December 14 shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
 According to the inventories, police found these items in Lanza’s residence:
* Three photos “with images of what appears to be a deceased human covered with plastic and what appears to be blood.”
* A New York Times article about a “school shooting at Northern Illinois University.” In February 2008, a former NIU student shot five victims to death and injured 21 others inside a lecture hall before killing himself.
* An “NRA guide to the basics of pistol shooting.” Two books about Asperger’s syndrome were also taken from home of Lanza, who reportedly suffered from the developmental disorder. One of the books is a memoir by John Elder Robison about living with Asperger’s. After the Sandy Hook shooting, Robison wrote a Psychology Today article debunking the claim that Asperger’s can turn someone into a mass murderer.
The inventories contain no references to medications purportedly prescribed to Lanza.
* A “smashed computer hard drive” that was found on “top of a desk in what is believed to be Adam Lanza’s bedroom.”

I want you to notice something now on how the article reads in this part:

After shooting his mother Nancy to death in their Sandy Hook home, Lanza drove a 2010 Honda Civic to the Newtown school, where he used a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle to murder 20 children and six adults (before killing himself with a Glock handgun). Investigators recovered 154 spent .223-caliber shell casings inside the school.

Notice what I noticed?  They are saying "A" 2010 Honda Civic, they are not saying Nancy Lanza's vehicle for the first time.  We know it was not Nancy Lanza's car at the school, but a Chris Rodia is who the license plate showed it registered to!   So they gave up that part, but it is already burned into most people's head that Nancy Lanza owned the car. 


  1. Originally cops said that the rifle was found in Lanza's car. Prety silly to go to the car leave a rifle there and go inside to shoot himself

  2. Mexico's drug wars' beheadings, castrations and amputations with machetes, cane knives, kitchen knives, the hangings and burning people alive, prove that guns don't kill--people kill. The psycho will find a way.

  3. This all smacks of a setup.

    One, Adam or his handlers purposely joined the NRA to skew it.
    Or two, it was planted there.

    I do not trust anything from the MSM or Barry Saetoro and HIS handlers anymore. They are NOT to be trusted as a source of information, guidance or any type of leadership.

  4. Gee, it took the mofos this long of a time to BS a whole new story. Wow, they were looking so long for answers and all who was behind it was the NRA. Are ya KIDDING me??!!!

  5. whoever wrote this article is an idiot! the 2010 Honda Civic belonged to Nancy Lanza. Wow what a stupid tool! read the search warrants they even provide the vin number that car crap has been debunked for months now! what a total loser who ever wrote this blog!

    1. Really? hmmm.... sometimes others don't like truth and feel only a "loser or a conspiracy nut" would ever doubt the govt. or media and what they tell us. So thanks for the honor.