Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where is the Out cry for this White Man/Tourist attacked by Blacks? The whole Trayvon Martin, media and White House B.S. is to start a race war, to keep the heat off them.

If there is one thing I understand the whole Trayvon Martin media and White House hype is all Bulls***.

Why has the media latched on to a black kid being killed by a White guy?  Why have they lied over and over again about it all.  NBC was caught lying and making the 911 tape seem "racist" from Zimmerman.

Considering there are innocent white people killed constantly and randomly by blacks, why jump on to this incident?  Here are some examples of whites being killed or attacked in just the last couple of days, from local media where it happened.  Where is the big cable and national media on these incidents?

A white man shot by a black man in Arizona at a Taco Bell.

White Tourist in Baltimore Maryland Attacked and stripped of all items by Blacks.

I will tell you what I think is happening and why the hype from the media. The government and media want to start a race war. How best to do it? Definitely not by showing where whites are killed by blacks all the time. But show an incident where a white person shot a black person. I am sure there are more whites killing blacks, but there are constantly whites killing whites, blacks killing blacks.  In other words, people are killing each other, but it is not a racist thing, until the media makes it so.

Why do that? Well, if you have been paying attention, Obama isn't doing so well in the public's eyes. Now, since he is black, how to get all the blacks on your side and make sure they come back and vote for you? Also, if you have been paying attention. We don't have the best employment happening, the economy is faltering (thought MSM talk heads say it is great), the housing is going down in price more, gas is going up, dollar value is going down. Corruption is throughout the government, the list goes on and on.

How best to get the heat off the government and get the people to turn on each other and keep them divided? Simple.... start a "race" war and a battle between the people. Deflect all the attention off those in government and what they have been doing.

It is a classic way of keeping people targeting each other and directing their anger at everything going on to each other and not to those who actually deserve the anger.

People are being perfect sheep with the whole media psyops of the Martin thing. I have ignored it completely, except now I am seeing violence and race wars starting out in various cities.

Please don't get caught up in the government and media bulls*** they are focusing on. They are making people hate each other so they can keep getting by with what they have been. People are angry, people are hurting and they are frustrated.

So, instead of an occupy movement happening of people joining together in unity, it it is fracturing due to one incident that is being hyped.

Stop the hate! We are all at different points of our growth, but no matter skin color, no matter religion, no matter country, we are all one within. We are kept from seeing that and we are kept divided, because our power together is much stronger than those who control the world. They know that, so all the situations and religions are to divide us all and make us hate each other.

It is time for the people of the world not be led like sheep to the slaughter of hate for one another. It is time for the people of the world to know that we are all within - ONE. It is time for the people of the world to focus on those who are evil and run the world through their evilness.

Understand who is poisoning all of us through Chemtrails, GMO foods, water, radiation, Corexit. Then who is enacting laws to make being free a crime?

Stop focusing on each other - Focus on those in the government who are puppets and focus on the media that are puppets and broadcast lies. Focus on who are running the puppets. Direct the energy for truth and love and not hate for each other. Direct energy to stop what is happening to where it should be directed.

Stop being a Sheep, Stop the hate for each other!


  1. "More whites killing blacks"???? Say what. You do not know crime statistics.
    Read John Derbyshire's column on blacks that got him fired from National Review today.
    I know you said that remark above so as not to appear racist. The real racist are the ones calling you that so there is nothing to fear and you didn't have to take a "parting" shot.

    1. You read it wrong or I did not write it completely correct.

      What I was saying is there are Whites that kill Whites too. Not that there are more whites killing whites.

      The point is the media and government are starting a race war on purpose they are doing it so people will hurt each other and not them.

  2. You said it correctly from the way I read it. As far as the media and Trayvon they also blurred the video so as to not show Zimmerman's head injury of the massive gash in the back of his head. The media is responsible for this racist mentality they have manipulated and spewed on a National level, giving the racists Sharpton and Jackson center stage. And yes it was to promote hatred and division and distraction as usual.

    When people wake up to the PROGRAMMING of television, maybe just maybe things will change.

  3. umm, because most of the time that somebody is shot & killed, whether black or white, there is an arrest. Zimmerman was released and thats why everyone was upset. Duh, you arent very bright.

    1. Really now? Is that why NBC, changed the 911 call to make it seem like Zimmerman was racist? Is that why they have made it into a race thing? Is that why they have tried to hide that Zimmerman was attacked and his injuries? I guess, my not being "too bright" means I am asking all the wrong questions, in your opinion. Well, dang..... I guess I should be just saying "Baa Baa" and go along with it all.

    2. Zimmerman was handcuffed and taken to the police station. They were going to charge him with manslaughter and the un-manipulated facts backed up his statements, so it was changed. The only eye witness on a 911 call, said the guy in red was on the bottom, crying out for help, and on a partial police report the officer stated, he personally had not questioned Zimmerman, but overheard him say he was yelling for help and no one came.

      This clearly was a tragic loss of a 17 year old's life. But when the media uses 4 to 5 year old pictures of both Trayvon and Zimmerman, then manipulates the 911 call and the video from the police station to falsely create facts from fiction. Oh yeah, and get the Governor of Florida involved to look at the Law to quickly see if it needs changed, before the truth comes out. (possible gun control, which we know is on the agenda) There were so many media distortions such as Zimmerman kept following him, after being told he did not need to do that, which he replied OK, that is not a fact in evidence. Zimmerman stated Trayvon ran away, so why didn't Trayvon go to where he was staying, it was close. It appears he came back to confront Zimmerman for watching him. Don't let the distorted media and the goon celebritys who weighed in on this campaign without investigating the facts fool you. There obviously was an agenda here. I also question everything these days and research it myself. It was a tragic outcome, but not a racial issue. Duh... who really isn't too bright?

      Cudos to you Sherrie, you are correct.

  4. 2 more white people murdered by blacks in Spokane Washington just this past week. The hate continues.