Monday, October 24, 2011

Kitco - Bill Murphy (GATA) vs. Jeff Christian (CPM Group) "Silver Manipulation" Debate. Kitco set up a subliminal message during the debate for people to "believe" Jeff Christian more.

Kitco's much touted "Silver Manipulation" Debate between Bill Murphy and Jeff Christian I noticed has a subliminal implication for who people should believe and for people to "doubt" Bill Murphy from the very beginning.

How, you may ask?

Look at the video below..... what do you immediately see?

You see their camera angle capturing Bill Murphy with Black drapes behind him.  You also see they set the camera up to capture Jeff Christian with the White Screen behind him.

This is subliminal messaging, in my opinion, I have no doubt they knew exactly what they were doing.

No matter what Bill Murphy said people came away with doubt in their mind, due to black being the background and black representing untruth, darkness and Jeff Christian saying "They make up the manipulation accusations of metals."  The black makes people doubt those manipulation claims.

Where as they put Jeff Christian all in White.  Which subliminally makes people "believe" what is said as White is Truth, honesty and Light.

Notice a perfect example of the subliminal message is the article on Zerohedge about the debate.
Here is one sentence, but read the article and you will see how the words of "darkness" are used many times about the manipulation of metals and the debate.  The writer used that due to the "black curtain" behind Bill Murphy and notice how below it says "a grain of truth", because blackness does not represent truth subliminally.

“For my money, though, I think there are at least two reasons why it would be foolish simply to deride or ignore Gata, “ Tett concluded.
Tett acknowledged that some of GATA’s points “have at least a grain of truth”.

So now that you are aware of this subliminal messaging (in my opinion) Kitco did, watch the debate with more of an opened mind and consciously know how it is set up for you to make your opinion of the debate and who was telling the truth and who was not. 

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  1. I completely agree. Saw the debate 2 days ago & wondered the same.
    Good Job
    Tom R.F